Comments on: On the road to parity, where is the real debate? Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: OneOfTheSheep Fri, 19 Oct 2012 16:05:24 +0000 What no one is being honest about is that workers’ pay is related to what they “bring to the table” for their employers. I had an employee that was intelligent, excellent in working with people, who always worked hard and efficiently when she was there.

But she told me “up front” that she needed her class scheduling for “film school” to take precedence over anything else, not unlike unscheduled child sicknesses, etc. that reduce the value of having such women in the business work force.

The person who “opens the doors” or “fires the furnace Sunday morning in church can’t just not show up. The burden of providing a competent replacement is theirs when “family matters” intrude into the work day.

I, the owner, was “her backup” for several years, until it became necessary to reduce my number of employees. The person I kept could do what was needed on a regular, reliable and predictable basis “well enough”. Men seem to better understand the necessary priority in business of dependability IN ADDITION to intelligence, competency and a willingness to “work like your job depends on it” because it does.

The “whole package” is worth “more money”. But so is that rare female who delivers it over the time she sells herself full time into the “work force”. Those who take advantage of serious people need to wind up on the end of discrimination suits.

But not those who would place the burdens of parenthood, an independent choice some “juggle” well and others not at all (“just suck it up, OK? My kids come first!), on small businesses. Been there, done that. They CAN’T “have it all” unless they own the place.

Top pay always goes to those who have their professional priorities and their personal priorities “in sync” with the needs of where their pay check comes from. On successful Alaskan fishing boats, when you’re in “the fish”, you FISH. You take breaks later and eat”on the job” or the boats that work harder will go home with more fish in the hold than you do.

It’s not about “rights”. It’s about pride in a job well done; and the rewards that some combination of ability, dedication, perseverance and productivity make possible in an ever more competitive world.

By: jcfl Fri, 19 Oct 2012 12:01:56 +0000 the Paycheck Fairness Act was held up in the senate simply because the gop guaranteed the 60 votes would not be possible. another version during the bush2 years also didn’t get far under gop rule, and shrub vowed to veto it if it was passed. so much for gop economic parity. romney can talk all day about whatever, but the fact is the gop has no intention of addressing this issue, or any issue not pandering to the wealthy or big business. they have proven this over and over – actions speak louder than words.