Comments on: Why it’s all about Ohio Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: nmwander Wed, 23 Oct 2013 20:10:34 +0000 Retrospective from 23 Oct 2013….almost a year after Mr. Klotkin posted this article here.
I have read and applied the observations of both Mr. Klotkin and Mr. Garreau to the developing story of the United States of America. Much of my opinion is shaped by their careful and thoughtful writing.
And now I add my own opinions to the subject.
Last years national presidential election was predetermined by another factor that is not discussed here. It is not so much that Ohio influenced the choice of president… is more accurate to say “Ohio’s URBAN AREAs influenced the choice of presidents”.
In national elections, state-wide majorities decide who gets how many electoral votes, and the Party that controls the Urban Areas, controls the elections.
In the present day, the Democrat Party has iron-fisted control on every single urban area in the USA. Thus the Democrat party will win every state-wide election in every Urban dominated State. the Democrats only lose state-wide elections in states that remain rural majority…..those in the South and the Midwest!

The Republicans abandonned the urban voters as the Bush Dynasty ascended to power…….Geo Bush was the first republican to LOSE California….and every single repub candidate since 1996 has also lost California. southern California once the stronghold of Repubs, is now becoming a power center for the Democrats….
Romney failed to grasp the importance of this development.
He did nothing to improve his lot in any state west of the Mississippi!
Even when Romney finally did show up in Ohio, he was off target and went to the Democrat Union strongholds in Cleveland and Columbus…..all but avoided Cincinnati and Dayton which were suffering from the economy(percieved as Pres Obama’s fault).
I contend that the nation is not nearly divided by region as conventional wisdom maintains, but is actually involved in a major change in economic models pitting Urban versus Rural.
At present, the Democrat Party with a 200 yr tradition of controlling urban politics is the master of this duel.

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