Comments on: When political compromise is suspect Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: SayHey Mon, 07 Jan 2013 22:15:41 +0000 This largely is the challenge of multiculturalism – the recent election shows dramatic division by ethnicity. Whether that challenge can be met will tell the tale.

By: BidnisMan Mon, 07 Jan 2013 14:18:08 +0000 If you think the voters of US are lethargic and mindless you should see the country I live in. Here the people riot in the streets often and repeatedly but then go back to polls and vote in the same corrupt monkeys who are making their life hell. It is both bizzare and a tragedy of human race that we cannot pick a leadership who has our interests at heart.

By: tmc Mon, 07 Jan 2013 12:24:46 +0000 Darn good post there OOTS.
Term limits for congress are the absolute first requirement. Immediately followed by campaign finance reform. Then we can start changing the government with, as the Beatles said, Evolution instead of Revolution.

By: usagadfly Mon, 07 Jan 2013 11:24:57 +0000 Since when has self-determination been a negative thing? Perhaps since people stopped doing what the powerful want.

Compromise is one thing among “friends” and quite another among foes. Make no mistake, ever since America decided that “diversity” was a positive goal, as opposed to assimilation, we have been making ourselves into a country divided in many, many ways. Every diverse political entity ever known to man has been rife with conflict. Why is it at all reasonable to expect the USA to be any different? It is not.

By: OneOfTheSheep Mon, 07 Jan 2013 09:54:56 +0000 “Columbia University political scientist Donald P. Green says that people choose their political party the same way they choose their friends. They aren’t picking among policies. They are joining a social group — they are finding the people they would like their sons or daughters to marry.”

He’s right. And “we, the people” are wrong. Wrong because the solution to the woes our nation faces today aren’t going too be resolved by “people”. Why? Look around you. Do you see any change in “our” current static political dysfunction? I don’t.

Are you hearing the voice of ANYONE with credible answers? I don’t. You get too many people and no leaders with answers and you have a mob. That’s not working well in Syria today, is it?

Isn’t it pretty obvious that we can’t just keep doin’ what we’re doin’ and expect different results? Isn’t it pretty obvious that is we want different results, that we’re going to change what we are doing (and NOT doing)?

Unfortunately we’re not going to get any help from professional politicians. Their agenda is primarily to keep getting re-elected. AS long as they can do NOTHING and still get re-elected, that’s the safe thing for them to do. Lobbyists like things just as they are because they control much of the “mother’s milk” of re-election, the money of special interests. The influence they thus buy is transferred from American citizens who have not complained.

The “bottom line” is that no one is looking out for America as a country or the Americans who supposedly “own the place”. If we don’t do something pretty radical pretty quick this country is going to quickly become another failure in a long list of those in history who have simply ceased to “matter”, a shing “city on a hill” that can’t pay it’s own rent.

American voters are going to have to start actually thinking for themselves again instead of socially regurgitating a “party platform”. The party doesn’t exist that precisely matches the many different opinions and belief, many conflicting, each of us actually. It is differing individual interests and hopes and desires that give life it’s infinite texture and richness. We don’t all seek the same mate or the same food, or enjoy the same movie; so why are we so bashful about expressing specific expectations and establishing specific limitations on a government well on it’s way to becoming master of all that we have or ever will?

We’re EACH going to have to think about what WE want government to do instead of letting politicians and bureaucrats tell US (and send us their bill). Each increase in America’s debt ceiling tells us LOUD AND CLEAR that the present “system” isn’t working. Since BOTH parties agree it’s unsustainable, that’s a start.

We need a majority consensus as to the NEEDS our government will be responsible for. Sunset everything else. America can afford everything it NEEDS. But no country has ever had the wealth to afford everything it’s “people”, many of whom are NOT citizens, WANT. Isn’t that obvious? But our politicians have sold us on the idea that “all things are possible” NOW! Ain’t so!

The separation of wants from needs is not a political process. It’s a process that begins with acceptance that we can’t do everything we might like to. We MUST somehow separate out that which MUST be done. We MUST then prioritize available funding so that available funding is budgeted to keep America the best place to be born and live a good life only as far as it goes. America must again learn to live within it’s means.

This is a very simple process, once we accept America’s limits. The many decisions that MUST eventually define an “agreed common policy” among ALL Americans must be made with due considerations of right, wrong, and common sense; with due deference to what is possible and what is impossible.

As individuals and as a country we have come to expect perfection today. Can’t happen, folks. Maybe someday, but twe’re not there yet. But that’s no reason not to work toward that goal a day and some dollars on “layaway”. That’s what our parents and their parents and all of our forefathers did. That’s what has brought the average American a life unthinkably better than theirs was. We can continue steady progress into the future.

We need to better realize just how far we have come in just the last fifty years, as compared to thousands oof years before; and how fast our current rate of technical progress and collective knowledge is propelling our society more and more rapidly into an uncharted future. It’s time to stop, talk, and agree where we’re going ratheer than keep the “pedal to the metal” hanging on with our fingers crossed that all will work out.

The Chinese “word” for “crisis” is two characters. One means “danger” and the other, “opportunity”. Some things never change. So let’s open our eyes and minds, look ahead and try to regain control of our “runaway train” and steer it to a sustainable and ever better future.

As they said over and over again in WW II” “We can do it”!