Comments on: IRS at 100: How income taxation built the middle class Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: Burcx Fri, 10 Jan 2014 03:46:26 +0000 Just a short comment.

If we are to make it fair why not Cut the effective taxes of the middle class to 0-5 percent? Why is it that the lower and middle classes miss out on these obvious benefits to the largest banks or multi-national corporations? Have you seen their PROFITS lately? It seems that low taxes and low regulation does create Some ENORMOUS wealth.

The other post have already covered the selling out of the lower classes of this country. We seem to also have a lack of motivation to even get out and say we’re mad or improve out lives. We’re slacking in my opinion. At least you know in the last 15-30 years we havent totally ruined our “Exceptionalism” cough cough.

We’re all disgusted with it really.

By: JohnHolmes65 Tue, 03 Dec 2013 07:35:21 +0000 The destruction of the American middle-class has its roots in two macro events. The first was the Sinicization of manufacture(aka destroying the labor unions and working wages by moving manufacturing to communist China) and the second was the systematic dismantling of financial controls.

The first had obvious effects, like destroying the manufacturing base -particularly in vital high-tech fundamentals- that was the core strength of the USA, and preventing growth in real wages. The second performed the task of preventing stagnant wages and loss of steady employment from biting into consumption- by parlaying presumed future earnings or presumed home equity into spendable cash in the present- which would have been the natural consequence. We went from where a line of credit or a credit card was an indication of strong financial standing to where the financial institutions were issuing credit cards to household pets, extending lines of credit to people on welfare and giving home mortgages to people who didn’t earn enough to pay the property taxes. Thus vast new fortunes were made on the backs of vast new public indebtedness in a scheme so grand that it could not but have been deliberate.

The US had a very manageable debt at the start of these two macro events(around 1972), and a generally balanced international trade. In the 40 years since, which coincides with massive increases in the wealth of the extremely rich, public and private debt have rocketed up, and the trade imbalance would have bankrupted a less *influential* country. It has been a carefully choreographed play- which deserves a great deal more space than a comment on an online article- set in motion by the stateless super-rich. I am perpetually amazed that so very few people are able to see what should be quite obvious.

For the USA to return to economic pre-eminence, we need to pull up the drawbridge before it is too late(despite the fallacious claims that there is no going back), and put the interests of the American people ahead of the stateless super-rich. That means doing a quid-pro-quo on countries which block or hinder market access for our goods and services; it means not allowing our tax money to be used to set up overseas businesses which do not bring money back to our coffers or which outsource our jobs(refer the global market reactions to continuation of QE); it means drastic overhaul of financial regulations to reduce the risk to customers; it means using our money to develop our economic and social well-being, not that of China or India or Brazil or the stateless super-rich.

By: HamsterHerder Mon, 07 Oct 2013 09:41:50 +0000 Classic Rooters slop-inion journalism:

Find two old socialists, get ’em sloppy drunk, and pay ’em each $50 to sing that Old-Time Progressive Religion.

What an embarrassing line of reasoning…

By: tmc Sun, 06 Oct 2013 02:41:39 +0000 I had though Reuters was not a n extremist web site. This article seem to have brought them out though out both sides.
Every nation in history has paid tax somehow. No one ever likes it. Claiming it built the middle class is foolish. Many, many factors were involved for the American society to grow and shape the way it did. But saying a 90% tax on the wealthy is fair is also foolish.
In fact it’s just spiteful. The US has had a pretty fair tax system for quite some time now. It has been dodged and manipulated and that must stop too.

By: jsmason Fri, 04 Oct 2013 23:03:30 +0000 Cutting back on roads, bridges, and public works, degrades the country you live in. Having defective public health degrades the human capital–and human potential–that creates the culture we live in. We need clean, safe airports; roads; road signs; schools–you name it–public expenses aren’t handouts for the indolent, they’re house and garden expenses for all of us Americans who live here. Mitt said it best–his ilk doesn’t really care about the United States.

By: 2Borknot2B Fri, 04 Oct 2013 19:48:25 +0000 Excellent. Love.

By: charliethompto Fri, 04 Oct 2013 17:49:55 +0000 Our tax policies had nothing to do with the growth of the US middle class. The greatest growth came after WW2, and this is due entirely to our winning the war and not having a devastated infrastructure. The rest of the industrialized world was smashed during the war, leaving the US as the sloe provider of goods. As Europe rebuilt, our advantage dissipated to the point that manufacturing in our country was forced to shrink dramatically.

By: Flash1022 Fri, 04 Oct 2013 01:11:00 +0000 @COindependent.

There is no doubt that had we not passed those tax reductions and paid for our wars we would not have the debt problems we have today.

A 90% nominal tax rate down to 32% effective tax rate is questionable, but better than a 30% nominal tax rate down to 0 effective tax rate and receiving subsidies.

By: brotherkenny4 Thu, 03 Oct 2013 19:59:23 +0000 Yes, move away if you don’t like it. No? Of course, because no other nation bows to the wealthy like us. I invite the Koch brothers to get the hell out. They will find that their are plenty of other places where they can torture the poor. They won’t leave unfortunately because there is no better place for them. Billions of dollars and they hate us all. What happy people.

By: Bellagio551 Thu, 03 Oct 2013 19:01:04 +0000 “… How income taxation built the middle class”

Bwahahahaha! This stupid commentary was written by a couple of Marxist tree-hugging progressives. Pure Marxist ideology that says… you make too much so therefore government is going to steal it from you, (via income tax) calling it fair-share, and then give it to someone else who didn’t earn it by way of big new government staffed entitlement & administration agencies. This is called re-distribution, Marxism.

The Income tax sustains HUGE government welfare programs that are politically motivated to cause dependency on government and insure a perpetual voting block for entitlement and welfare aimed 100% at dependent and subsidized voters, mostly Democrats.

Since the income tax, government has increased 1000 fold! All fueled by the revenue extorted from the wealthy by the progressive income tax and the agency that collects it, IRS.

“Economists like Emmanuel Saez, the University of California, Berkeley scholar who rates as the leading authority on high incomes, points out that this refusal to revisit stiff top marginal rates makes no sense. Top tax rates today could double, Saez and his colleagues say, without jeopardizing our economic health.”


This clown is a scholar and leading authority??? For who or what? The Communists?
Sure it makes no sense to a progressive, a COMMUNIST scum-bag like Saez!

Hey Saez!! WHY are you in my country puking out your Marxist crap! Get out! You’re in the wrong country, jacka$$! Move to Venezuela, Cuba or North Korea where they do it YOUR way! Keep your Marxist BS out of our universities and this country!

The income tax is a Marxist mechanism to centralize, re-distribute wealth & property, and to empower government as master above its servants & serfs…. the slave-laborer.

According to Marxism… NO ONE is allowed to accumulate its wealth and property above the ruling class, the communists (aka: Progressives).

It’s none of Governments dam business how much a private individual or enterprise accumulates or makes! Government exists at the discretion of the states and its people! Government progressives (Communists, Liberals, Dems, Marxists) are the only ANTI-AMERICAN ideology who believe they should be masters of our nations wealth and economy… to control its banks, earnings, and property accumulation. These clowns are tyrants who want to play God & King over all property, the economy and individuals!

It’s all about THEIR jobs and POWER. And to hold and control this power progressives NEED the IRS and the progressive income tax. It empowers them to provide vote-buying welfare checks, subsidies and anti-economic growth policies (wealth control), regulation & taxes instead of encouraging private sector job creation by de-regulation, lowering taxes and shrinking government. But heaven for bid that the progressives will shrink government and get people off the government welfare-wagon because they will loose power! They know it and that’s why the progressives wont lift a finger for the private sector because the more dependency the more power they have over the voters to keep em voting for “free-stuff”(subsidies, grants, welfare) and bigger government bureaucracy to administer the free stuff. Self-dependency breed’s conservatism and resentment of government sponsored entitlement and free stuff! That’s why progressives HATE conservatism because it teaches self-reliance and hard-work. It will end the progressives if the voters are not kept dependent in some way on Government and brainwashed into believing rich people and greed is bad and that their money and property should be confiscated (taxed) and passed out to those who didn’t earn it!

The sole mechanism the progressives have is the PROGRESSIVE INCOME TAX to carry out this private sector rape and extortion of wealth to enable their welfare vote-buying and continued class war!

This is why the progressives will fight tooth-and-nail to keep the progressive income tax.

But some day the progressives will run out of other peoples money that fuels and buys their power… the economy will collapse and Communism will be the revolution… all deliberately planned and the agenda of the progressives.

Without the income tax the progressives are powerless and dead as a political party and being able to turn us into a oligarchy Communist Utopia State!