Comments on: Foreign investment in France thrives despite gripes — for now Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: brianpforbes Mon, 21 Oct 2013 08:24:33 +0000 Adam Smith – nicely stated, a very concise summary of where we stand. I just don’t see where all of this ends; the people of the developed world are being further crushed by the day, but there is no revolution, even as world governments continue to position themselves more closely with global corporations.

By: AdamSmith Sun, 20 Oct 2013 19:31:16 +0000 France has the same problem America has: All the items on the store shelves in France say “Made somewhere else”.

THE QUESTION: How can France keep its workers employed when everything consumed there is made somewhere else?

To this crucial question, the wealthy class and the corporate-plutocrat-globalist responds with “Errr”, or “Ummm,” or with “Don’t worry, it will all work out in the end!”

This current globalist-induced situation is preposterous. Any reasonable person can see that the people of France fared much, much better when the country protected its manufacturing base with a strong protective tariff.

Do the workers of France want to receive the same hourly pay as the workers of China, India and Mexico? That is where globalism (removal of protective tariffs) takes you. The great leveling, where the people of India (population 1.17 Billion) and the people of France will receive the same pay rate. That means the Indian worker must see his pay rate go up and the French worker must see his pay rate go down, down and more down.

The ONLY solution is to bring back the French PROTECTIVE TARIFF, and to place the names of the wealthy globalist-corporate types currently preying on the French people by carrying out vast lobbying campaigns in support of globalism, in a list for criminal indictment.

France can only be saved by a 20% protective tariff on all imported goods. This will immediately cause new French manufacturing companies to spring up like grass after a rain.

By: CDN_Rebel Sun, 20 Oct 2013 16:51:55 +0000 Clearly the above commenters have never LIVED in France. Foreign investement doesn’t mean much – c’mon, what’s $59B in a $3.5T economy? That it gets so much press is American press push from an American think tank. BUT the French economic situation is really awful. Unemployment is extremely high, as is govt dependence. Most people have ZERO job security and instead get very short term contracts for 28hrs per week (so as to game benefit and tax codes). That Hollande has been driving the country to beggary with big talk and little action is no surprise, and his election was a direct protest to Sarkozy the man, not Sarkozy the president.

By: AdamSmith Sun, 20 Oct 2013 13:55:29 +0000 Well said @BidnisMan, @brianforbes, @OUTPOST2012!

It seems to me that a 20% protective tariff is the only beneficial way to preserve the French people, or the American people.

Here is why.

The evolution of biological life on Earth is along a line of increasing biological organization, shaped by a struggle for survival.

Social organization — whether in a bee hive, ant bed, or human city — is simply a higher level of that same biological organization.

In human social evolution, which is now clearly accelerating exponentially, the multinational corporation, upon the removal of trade tariffs, has become the most rapidly evolving super-organism on Earth.

Unfortunately for employees, the multinational corporation that evolves most quickly and most efficiently is one where capital is husbanded and workers are usable/disposable.

Yes, it is a biological fact of life that in Earth’s new highest super-organism, the multi-national corporation, capital (profit for owners) must be husbanded above all, if it is to survive in the brutal, unforgiving struggle that is business.

That means capital (profit for owners) must be husbanded above everything — above workers, above notions of fairness, above notions of patriotism, above notions of legality, above notions of empathy.

This amazing new species, the internet-empowered multinational corporation, broken loose from its former chains of protective tariffs, is truly a spectacle to watch as it evolves so quickly, by the day, by the hour.

Today is October 20, 2013, and it has evolved further in the past hour, all over the world.

What will it look like a month from now, this dazzling species, the internet powered multi-national corporation? What? Is it sprouting feathers now? Or are those perhaps little new-forming claws of some kind? Or maybe some kind of tentacle?

We are all in for quite a ride! Hold on tightly.

By: OUTPOST2012.NET Fri, 18 Oct 2013 18:50:32 +0000 France remains the global leader of the social progress.
It is simple to downgrade the country to the Guilded Age.
What is hard: to look out into the future.
What’s done in France; what is being done in France – is the way where the human society is supposed to go.
Yes, these are hard times.
However, taking the austerity course leads to nowhere.
France rocks!

By: brianpforbes Fri, 18 Oct 2013 02:15:15 +0000 We need more countries to follow France’s example, and begin the pushback against corporations’ collective deathgrip. BidnisMan is absolutely right – corporations continue their campaign of converting the US’s 99% into serfs, and will do the same to other countries if left unchecked.

By: BidnisMan Thu, 17 Oct 2013 20:52:58 +0000 A one sided opinion piece – foreign investment is only a small part of the world we live in. France seems to be currently favoring the equality part of liberty-equality-fraternity at the moment. The US on the other hand is right in the middle of the an inequality pandemic which is getting worse. No wonder the two can’t see eye to eye – the Americans demand docile slaves while the French treasure their liberty above the slave wages on offer.