Comments on: America is not broke Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: uphill Tue, 09 Dec 2014 06:57:41 +0000 The sins, if you will, of the Republican party are many, and serious. Yet the massive partisan finger-pointing among the commenters is disturbing, if typical. You all need to accept that massive corruption and silly, transparent lies not only plague, but absolutely characterize BOTH the democratic and Republican parties. The job of virtually all politicians (JOB ONE, if you will), is ELECTION…JOb two is REELECTION. All is subordinate to that. Politicians are a professional class, and almost all of them seek to stay thusly employed until they retire on our dime with the sweetest benefits.
Both parties are simply in love with mass immigration to replace American workers…Democrats add the “humanitarian” aspect to it all as a sugar-coating, but ignore the massive devastation to all levels of LABOR they pretend to work so, so hard for. And they ignore the inescapable and intense environmental impact of a population that has grown from a zero-growth 200 million in the early 1970s, to the exploding, accelerating 319 million we have at this moment in 2014…with easily 75% of that growth from immigration and their offspring. These things are simply NOT addressed, so intense is their dissonance. They can not be confronted.
And Democrats take the big, big bucks from businesses that take the legals and illegals to work for peanuts, and the H1-B visa workers (about 100,000 a year, who will take a job that an American previously held at 80k or 60k, and work it for 50k or 35 k). Yes, Democrat’s hands are just as dirty as the Republican’s over these issues. The difference is that Neocon Republicans stand for NOTHING but money and power, while the Democratic power elite and the whole party either espouse totally conflicting ideas, and sweep the impossibility of their split agendas under the rug, or else simply LIE and PRETEND to care about poor Latin Americans…whilst gathering all the tax revenues they can to help fund the rest of the money these poor people need to feed themselves after working two or three part time under the table jobs. Democrats help ensure the kids of these poor exploited Latin American workers get not only lunch, but BREAKFAST at public schools, (and many will scoff at this, but I see it in a school in MY neighborhood, and there’s a big sign encouraging people to come on in), these two free meals a day for the immigrant kids extend through the SUMMER. It’s true. That’s a left-leaning program, but big business makes BIG money to come in and shovel out the starch and protein for these poor kids. American taxpayers pay the bill, the Democrats wear their humanity badge proudly, and get campaign support from the big food service companies that cater to schools and prisons, etc. That’s LIES AT WORK, folks, and DEMOCRATS LIE AS MUCH AS REPUBLICANS in the gutting of the US economy. (MAKE NO MISTAKE), I do not support Republicans either. The reason I can confidently say these things, is I don’t seek news that confirms my world view…I seek raw data and facts, then research their sources, before solidifying my political opinions and voting behaviors. Most of you need a dose of reality. It’s much more rigorous a course to take, than hanging out with the same old ideas that make your world view seem good, correct, right, correct. You really have to dump both parties. None of them represent any of us.

By: uphill Tue, 09 Dec 2014 06:31:08 +0000 The US population has risen from a stable 200 million in the early to an exploding 319-plus million at the time of this posting. We have for many years, seen an influx of about ONE MILLION legal immigrants per year, and about ONE MILION illegal immigrants, though many go back and forth from Latin America. Did the United states actually NEED tens of millions of foreign laborers when it had decided to have flat growth, just as the Immigration act of 1965 kicked in?
And how on earth are Americans supposed to compete with the deeply entrenched HB-1 Visa program, which brings in between 60 thousand and one-hundred thousand college degreed and graduate-level professionals from poor countries like India to fill jobs given them PURELY because they will work for 50% to 70% of a degreed American professional, a scientist, a nurse, a doctor, an engineer?
Now, the US government, BOTH PARTIES, have been whole-heartedly behind all this needless immigration, from the exploited poor to the exploited middle class immigrants, simply for the MONEY and backing they get from all the businesses that lobby to keep immigration of all sorts flowing, faster and faster. Easily 75% of the USA’s population growth since the 1980s is from immigrants and their kids, and grandkids. We have all sorts of chain immigration. A person born here to illegal parents, is automatically a citizen, then their parents can become citizens, and bring their extended families.
Now, unless all these people come as independently wealthy, they must work. So where did 20 to 30 million previously American jobs go, with the outright blessing of American business and BOTH parties, and almost every single politician with any power? To the immigrants. And they get exploited (not my point or concern), but it’s the ONLY reason they are invited, or tacitly invited (through the blatant non-enforcement of basicc immigration law and even the most simple border control.
Yes, this country is broke, broken down badly.
And on top of that, as the immense environmental cost of 100 years of heavy industry brought steel, electronics, chemical and other industries to off shore, there went hundreds of thousands of core jobs, the backbone of our economy, immediately followed by millions of other jobs that sold donuts, pants, pencils and doorknobs to all those folks who no longer had money to eat breakfast out, buy new clothes, get more school supplies, or renovate a broken bathroom door…have the authors of this article simply forgotten the absolute obliteration of the American economy and the utter destruction of it’s labor?
Yet that wasn’t enough…as technology began to replace heavy industry (which admittedly HAS to be cleaned up to be sustainable, and at great cost), things like call centers (REMEMBER CALL CENTERS THAT USED TO BE IN THE USA?) became terribly vital. Of course within a decade of this shift in employment, these jobs began to be outsourced, off-shored, by the thousands, then the hundreds of thousands, maybe millions.
Now, about 66% of Americans have no career, and no steady, secure work that even pays their bills and gives them any chance of saving money, even for illness or retirement, much less, a home or a new car.
OK, this article may be about semantics, or the idea that the wealth is just unavailable, but the fact is, and two-thirds of Americans would immediately and heartily agree…AMERICA AND AMERICANS ARE DEAD BROKE, AND THINGS HAVE GOTTEN WORSE IN VERY REAL TERMS (not cooking books and spinning / manipulating abstract economic concepts ) EVERY SINGLE YEAR SINCE ABOUT 2006, ESPECIALLY SINCE 2008.

Underemployed, unemployed, flat -out given up…that’s the overwhelming reality for American labor. Replaced at home, undercut, pushed aside, sold out to overseas dirt cheap labor, and transparently patronized by Democrats and Republicans alike.

At 1/6th my income and 90% less net worth than I had in 2008, I ought to know. At age 50, with a graduate degree, I am worthless in the present economy.
I speak from experience. The reason I’m so broke, is nobody I used to serve, has any money for my expert services. And I can not simply go out and replace my old career with a ready-made corporate job, not even a 2 thousand dollar a month (gross) job. With three decades of great work experience, a Master’s Degree, enough health, and youthful appearance to easily pass for a very fit 40 year old, I am WORTHLESS to corporate America. And so are thirty year-olds, who are still trying to figure out if they will complete their hideously over-priced graduate degrees, or cut their losses now, and defer their loans yet longer, unable to compete with an H1-B visa worker, who is brought here to do the job for FAR less, and is at the mercy of the business that sponsors them.
No, America is not broke.
What planet are the authors of this article from?

By: commentorr Sun, 14 Sep 2014 21:31:34 +0000 America is not broke? Yea right. Then explain why I have not been able to find a job after putting in hundreds of applications.

By: Steverealist Sat, 05 Apr 2014 16:53:56 +0000 The US is indeed broke. While looking at the federal deficit and debt is important, it is more important to consider all credit market debt, currently sitting north of 350% of GDP. To this add the enormous trade deficit: once those dollars leave the country they can no longer be taxed. Before rampant globalization the government could levy lower tax rates on many more transactions as the butcher paid the baker paid the cobbler . . . in a manner where the entire closed loop benefited and grew. Nowadays the money goes from paycheck to BigBox to HQ to China while the goods flow from China to a US landfill on short product-life cycles and the need to be “current”. The government needs to take a big swipe at the money any chance it gets because that money disappears from US shores quickly. Add to this leaking bucket our aging infrastructure replete with its shag carpeting, black and peach tile, and big hair. We need better than 15 million barrels per day of oil just to get to work to move pixels around a screen, hardly productive activities. Half of that oil is imported at $100+ each barrel, adding to the trade deficit, adding to the debt, but giving no more utility that the $20 oil of ten years ago. So here we are, a nation of debt slaves, beholden to our financiers, and for what? Everyone knows the hand that gives is stronger than the hand that receives. Joe Citizen knows this and is not surprised as more and more laws that favor the extenders of credit at his expense are passed to keep the gravy train rolling and to protect those very elite from Joe Citizen himself. To think massive debts, erosion of freedoms, growth of the police/surveillance state, excessive waste/pollution, diminishing natural resources, and the general malaise that permeates Main Street nowadays are not all intimately related, one causing effect of the other feeding back to the original causes in a death spiral of financial and economic weakness is pure folly, with debt as the centerpiece.

By: willid3 Sat, 05 Apr 2014 16:50:00 +0000 is the US going broke? no. unless you think that back when the built the interstates, with a smaller population, and a lot less wealthy country was also going broke, when it built those interstates. now we have many show seem to think we can’t afford to even maintain them. seems like we have more wimps than leaders. and too many want to play politics to what they want as opposed to do any thing for the majority of Americans. and how many dont owe more on their houses than they make in any year? can you say all of them with mortgages, or why would they have taken out a loan to get the house? and did any body know that a lot of Fed’s deficit is owed to it self?

By: TwoUnderPar Sat, 05 Apr 2014 15:05:20 +0000 America is not broke because we have our own non-convertible, sovereign fiat currency. The US can/does make its own money and has complete control over said money. This article is good…. but it needs to go one step further and actually explain what a “deficit” and “debt” REALLY means in the context of a sovereign currency issuer. Our main concerns are merely the blowing of bubble due to serious misallocation and inflation.

By: UkilledKenny Fri, 04 Apr 2014 01:10:10 +0000 Here is a dumb idea:
We make it mandatory that ALL GOV programs stop filling vacant job positions.
Effective Immediately.
Fill that position with an “inspector/ Investigator” of sorts.
Pay them a bonus to root out the bad.
I’m guessing it won’t take more than 10% of the total headcount in each department/ agency/ activity to find the waste.
The problem would fix itself.

It’s the abuse of these social programs that pisses me off.
Not the programs themselves.

By: CommanderOtto Thu, 03 Apr 2014 18:12:26 +0000 the debt of the united states is wayyy too high… I don’t understand how that can be denied. But, I do agree with the author that extreme political groups are aiming to destroy Social Security and Medicare (which is not the solution). I am sure those individuals claiming that Social Security “should be eliminated”, have too much money for their retirement…. or maybe they are not thinking about their future. I want to see those people when they are 75 years old when they have a heart attack after receiving a medical bill worth thousands of dollars for a previous false alarm heart attack and a 1 hour visit to the hospital. Basically every country in the world has a safety net of some kind for the elderly. It’s ridiculous that one of the best countries is wanting to go backwards in this matter.

By: costag1 Thu, 03 Apr 2014 17:39:24 +0000 what an irresponsible article. This country owes 17 trillion dollars. The taxes each year account for about 3 trillion dollars. This is like someone making 100k a year and having a mortgage of 600k. Unsustainable. And we keep adding about a half trillion a year. If this is not broke I am scared to ask what is!!

By: Realinfo4u Thu, 03 Apr 2014 14:59:10 +0000 Paul Ryan and his buddies can go starve instead of getting paid by US Taxpayers money to crap on hard working under paid Americans.The only reason we have people needing food and health assistance is because of greedy people like Paul Ryan and the Koch Brothers paying lobbyists and news organizations to spread their lies and bad information while keeping wages low.They wish to have US wages as low or lower than China so they can have more luxury homes and stack up paper in banks or bars of gold at home to look at while people around them starve.They know nothing about fair living wages since they have always got more than that all their lives.People trashing the working class need no place in America and should go live in Russia with Putin and his Mobster oligarch’s because they act just like them.Real religious people DO NOT STARVE their neighbors. These so called conservatives are beggars at the feet of the richest in USA that think they are so intelligent,they don’t raise wages for many that could use extra money buying more products and having less people on Govt assistance.
They know for most part they can not strip food and medical assistance but it is good talking points to people that are not really religious but are greedy self serving closet bigots.They are playing to the far right and brain dead zombie followers that watch Faux News and believe every word.
Help thy neighbor and you help yourself and community.Don’t sink to the level of these Snake politicians that don’t know that cutting taxes for the richest is the largest mistake that has driven up US deficit.There has never been an never will be Trickle down Economics.You don’t see the Billionaire Koch brothers lobbying for higher wages for those under them,just the opposite. The people at the top for most part think of what they need most every day,not what those around them need.Catholic’s are a community of givers,not takers like the Billionaire CEO’s of many US companies.