Eyewitness Views: From hope to horror in Tiananmen Square

May 29, 2014

Eyewitness View: From hope to horror in Tiananmen Square

On Changan Avenue, a small crowd confronts the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in Tiananmen Square after the army stormed the square and the surrounding area the night before. This is near the location a day later where "Tank Man" confronted and momentarily halted a column of the army's tanks leaving the square. (Alan Chin)June 4, 1989. In Chinese the reference is usually made with just the numbers “Six Four,” like in English, “9/11.” As the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen ...

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It was a failed CIA project.

Posted by mwab | Report as abusive

what a missed opportunity for all the peoples of china…even for those, of the govt, in power…nothing would have prevented you from running, in popular and public elections…if you did a good job, probably you would have been elected…but, if you were corrupt, or inept, you would have been voted out…if you cared about your country, as im sure you profess to do..then why would you not want this result?…why did you kill at Tiananmen?…what were u soo afraid of, that you needed to slaughter your own people?…

Posted by sabrefencer | Report as abusive

Oh yes.
I remember this.
The American inspired coup that failed.

Posted by summarex | Report as abusive

This was a cruel massacre. 5000 young persons, students died.
Instability in the country of the size of China would cost at least 5000 000 dead out of hunger only in 1990. (low estimation on the basis of 10+ previous periods of instability in the 2000+ years of Chinese history).
Probably dozens of milions in the following years.
In the country so large, with so thin food supply chain, you have to take decisions inhumane from our point of view.
5000 000 > 5000
Thus they had to thaw the protest and kill them.

Posted by Wantunbiasednew | Report as abusive

there is no solid evidence of 5000 young person died. only rumors again and again.

Posted by Alex-jiang | Report as abusive

It was the same in the US in Chicago, 1968, and Kent State. 1972. This, another American propaganda article, obviously downplays the domestic scene, and focuses on China, the next “evil empire” after Russia.

Posted by expat75 | Report as abusive

Asked my Chinese friends who are now at their 40 to 50, and was young people back in 1989, I found them now have a much complex feeling of the 1989 Tiananman. Most of them admit that there has not been and will not be any one able to provide China and its people a quick and simple solution to its social advancement and human rights improvement.

You could see how complex situations this country were facing and still facing now.

Many people who have experienced that year of 1989 in China, now agree that it is hard to say whether it is a wrong or correct step taken by the authority. Anyway, this country prevented itsef from another series of civil wars (as happened in early 1900s) and avoided maybe millions of killing by such kinds of instabilities. However, they might all agree that it was a huge tragidy that should be avioded but seems to be unavoidable.

Anyway, China is still not another Ukran nor Thailand, which is not a too bad news for us and for its own people.

Posted by JoeAlpha100 | Report as abusive

You cross the Party you pay the price, simple as that. Artist, student, ‘journalist’, no matter who you are – toe the line or else.

Posted by TomInShanghai | Report as abusive

Happy Whacking Day, don’t let the facts get in the way:

http://www.japantimes.co.jp/opinion/2011  /07/01/commentary/black-info-and-media- gullibility-creation-of-the-tiananmen-my th/

http://www.cjr.org/behind_the_news/the_m yth_of_tiananmen.php?page=all

Posted by ChasLSeattle | Report as abusive