Comments on: No matter what Putin says — Russian people have no appetite for war Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: Titov1 Fri, 27 Jun 2014 14:36:07 +0000 In the end, and despite the lapses of Eng. grammar and syntax progressively rendering his “message” more and more obscure as he accelerates toward a Big Finish, commenter No. 2 — “wink”? “wirk”? — really earned his 40 rubles, I’d say. You think this is easy? Without a single reference to either the general thrust of the authors’ reasoning or the specifics of what they recommend, Our Guy Winky trotted out an entire shopping list of petulant and unconnected accusations that *might* suggest to a very naive jr. high school audience that the Great Satan “argument” deserves a “fair hearing” too! Hey, this is a democracy — you tell ’em, Winkster. (But keep going to the English classes: better grammar = higher credibility!)  /archive/2013/10/russias-online-comment -propaganda-army/280432/

By: Arrahant Thu, 26 Jun 2014 10:40:47 +0000 As a person living in northwestern Europe I’m very glad it hasn’t come to full blown confrontation. Western and Eastern companies and people must be able to mutually profit from each others presence.

However, it’s hard for me to understand why separatists in the Ukraine picked up arms against their own government. Aren’t there better ways to prevent your government from getting into bed with the EU? If the proportion of people against this move is large enough, shouldn’t it be easy to block such a move in parliament when it gets to a vote?
Secondly, although the EU absorbs tremendous amounts of money from its member states, membership also provides plenty of good things. Visiting, trading, and being in another member state as an EU citizen is a lot like visiting another province of your own country. You pay with the same money, the borders are open, you can work in other members states, trade with people from other member states, buy stuff from shops in other member states freely (online and offline, no extra import costs), 3g internet connection on your smartphone, and so forth. Not to mention living a relatively peaceful existence with access to health care for everybody, a right to an education, freedom of speech, blah blah blah. I mean, it’s so peaceful that about half of all the people in my country don’t even care to vote every 4 years anymore!! I feel lucky to be of this generation and to be born in north western Europe.

As humanity we should focus on discovering the warp drive, not waste energy on our relatively arbitrary “differences”.

By: wirk Thu, 26 Jun 2014 08:12:59 +0000 This article is typical example of propaganda hiding the crux of the problem with Russia. The crux of the matter is the hidden agenda of the US ultimate strategy goal which is breakup of Russia as a federation of ethnic and regional republics. While this can not be achieved by force like in the case of Serbia/Kosovo there is gradual “soft” approach by a) containment of Russia, b) building strategic positions around it, c) buildup of network agents of impact by promoting with huge funding “ideals of human rights and democracy” and finally d) enticing ethnic unrests within Russia. One look at a map shows that ideal strategic positions for this goal are Georgia and Ukraine. This is why $5 billions were invested in the Ukraine over 20 years for “promoting democracy” and we are talking only about official money. This resulted in creating sizable population of agents of impact enabling the US to select the rulers in Kiev after the coup. Similar events were earlier observed in Georgia.

We may be certain Putin has on his desk tons of intelligence materials about this agenda of the US. This is why he reacts decisively to save the position of Russia. One can see that Putin managed to temporarily weaken and delay the US position in Georgia.
Ukraine is the developing case where the US would not like to repeat Georgia. This is action along the famous “F*ck the EU” of Victoria Nuland. No effort will be saved to bring the population of souther-eastern regions of Ukrainie under control. Obviously there is no talk about human rights and democracy for people there. These people do not want to break up their ties with Russia and above all they do not want to be strategic playfield against Russia. But this does not matter, they have to subordinate, leave or die due to the strategists paranoia.

By: bluepanther Wed, 25 Jun 2014 17:53:00 +0000 “the West would be well advised to keep doors of communication open to Russians . The most effective means is to keep cooperative efforts and exchanges alive in science, culture and education. Public diplomacy outreach needs to be increased but conducted with sensitivity to Russians’ distinct narrative.”

The doors have never been more open! Especially to the Russian elite who buy property in the West, educate their children there (Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has a daughter at Columbia University), keep their bank accounts there but then turn around and insult western societies for their multiculturism, their decadence, their gay rights, their (often mild and tentative) support for Russia’s neighbors who are victims of aggression (how dare you interfere in our “area of influence”), etc. The Russian elite enjoys western prosperity and freedom while restricting the development of civil society in their country, obstructing the work of progressive NGOs by labeling them “foreign agents.” It’s very much like the tsarist era when Russian aristocrats would swan around European spas and casinos while having their serfs beaten on their estates at home. Now that is a “distinct narrative.”