To celebrate the Fourth of July, don’t go see this movie

July 2, 2014

Independence Day fireworks light the sky over the U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, in Washington

The week of July Fourth seems an odd time to release a film that questions the patriotism of the president of the United States, but that is precisely what right-wing idol Dinesh D’Souza sets out to do in his new film America: Imagine the World Without Her.

I wouldn’t ordinarily dignify such nonsense with a column, but America the movie exemplifies everything that’s wrong about the American political conversation these days, rich with examples from both left and right.

You get to meet a Sioux activist who wants to blow up Mount Rushmore, and a Chicano activist who talks about the golden morning when the United States will no longer exist. A former professor says that under certain unspecified conditions it might be just fine to drop a nuclear bomb on the United States.

The evil empire? “You’re sitting in it,” says the professor.

D’Souza lays out all of the worst charges against America, from slavery to the genocidal confiscation of Indian lands, from the way the American brand of predatory colonialism has stolen the world’s resources to the way American-style free-market capitalism robs from the poor and gives to the rich.

He then knocks down these charges one by one, with arguments almost as foul as the real and alleged crimes.

Slavery? It’s been around for centuries, says D’Souza, and there were even black slaveholders who sided with the Confederacy.

Genocide? Fewer Indians were killed by settlers than died of disease.

Predatory colonialism? Where? We let Iraqis keep their oil, and we didn’t “steal anything” from Vietnam. (Unless I missed it somewhere, South America is not mentioned.)

Then D’Souza swings around to his main target, President Barack Obama, whom he portrays as a believer in this radical-left narrative of American shame, in “America the Inexcusable.” As a result, says D’Souza, Obama is engaged in a conspiracy to bring the U.S. to its knees.

D’Souza has made the same case several times before — in three books and an anti-Obama “documentary” that came out during the 2012 campaign — and by doing so he has made a name for himself. At a recent convention of Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition, where Michelle Bachmann and most of the major Republican contenders for president in 2016 spoke, it was D’Souza who got the standing ovation.

D’Souza finds the root of Obama’s treason in an armchair psychoanalysis of the president’s early history.

“All politics is driven by deep motives,” he told the Faith and Freedom audience, “and the deep motives here are envy, resentment, revenge, hatred, self-hatred.” In America, as in his previous works, he traces these “very low and degraded emotions” to the anti-colonialism of Obama’s absent father and to Obama’s guilty association with such political dartboard figures as Saul Alinsky and Bill Ayers.

Maybe the most outrageous bit of propagandist hooey in America (there is a lot of competition) comes after a clip from the 2009 inauguration in which Obama calls us “to begin again the work of remaking America.”

“To remake America,” D’Souza says, slowly and ominously, “you have to unmake the America that’s here now.”

Then, over footage of poor old ravaged Detroit, D’Souza accuses Obama of having enacted a policy of “economic redistribution never before imagined, aimed at returning centuries of stolen goods” — as if the president who bailed out GM and Chrysler was actually responsible for soaking Detroit dry in order to give it all away.

Conservative commentator and best-selling author, Dinesh D'Souza exits the Manhattan Federal Courthouse after pleading guilty in New YorkNear the end of the film (spoiler alert) D’Souza deals with his own legal predicament. Six weeks ago, he pleaded guilty in federal court to making illegal campaign contributions in 2012 through third parties, including the woman to whom he was engaged, though he was married at the time.

At this point in the narrative D’Souza inserts a clip in which Fox News’ Sean Hannity calls D’Souza “the latest victim to be targeted by the Obama White House,” which allows him to avoid saying it himself.

What he does say is pretty close, though: “I made a mistake … But we don’t want to live in a society where Lady Justice has one eye open and winks at her friends and casts the evil eye at her adversaries. Where will they stop?”

He will be free to make the charge of selective prosecution more directly after his sentencing on Sept. 23.

Let’s be honest: America isn’t perfect or purely good. It’s a nation in progress, not a religious figure. All we can hope for is to make it, as the preamble says, “a more perfect union.”

As we do that, we have no excuse for a political conversation more rancorous than the one at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, when despite their deep division over slavery — about the most contentious issue imaginable — our ancestors managed to agree on a Constitution that became a model for the world.

That spirit of pragmatic compromise has faded almost to invisibility, as the example of America and the political stalemate in Washington attest.

At the Faith and Freedom forum, D’Souza said he decided to release America this week “because I want to reach beyond the political audience. I want people to say, ‘Hey Honey it’s the Fourth of July, let’s go see America.’”

Instead, let’s declare our independence from such partisan venom. I can think of no better way to celebrate this Fourth of July.


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PHOTOS: Independence Day fireworks light the sky over the U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial (from L-R) in Washington, July 4, 2013. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Conservative commentator and best-selling author, Dinesh D’Souza exits the Manhattan Federal Courthouse after pleading guilty in New York, May 20, 2014. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson


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“That spirit of pragmatic compromise has faded almost to invisibility, as the example of America and the political stalemate in Washington attest.”

Instructing your readers to avoid exposing themselves to potentially opposing political opinion does not help this situation, rather it promotes it.

Posted by Yashmak | Report as abusive

That’s all great, but would you be just as disgusted, if it was a Michael Moore movie, where he WAS claiming we “stole” Iraq’s oil? Or would that just be ‘food for thought’? Propaganda is propaganda… Not when it just comes from one side.

Posted by dd606 | Report as abusive

Sounds like there could be some interesting nuggets of information in an otherwise very bad, biased film. There are also a lot of junk documentaries from the Left, vilifying America and free enterprise with the same style of misinformation and demagoguery.

Check out Eric Hoffer’s book, “The True Believer”. Very illuminating discussion of political mass movements. He’d have a lot to say about what kind of people make these bad films and what kind of people watch and believe them.

Posted by DPM1 | Report as abusive

I think that the book perfectly describes many on the left today. Take Bill Ayers for example, an obama “mentor”. so its not that far of a stretch. and he did run on a platform of “fundamentally changing” this great nation. whats up with that?

so maybe pointing specifically to obama isnt quite right, but pointing instead to those who influenced him and those that buy into it today is perfectly legitimate.

Regarding “our ancestors managed to agree on a Constitution that became a model for the world”, obama seems to run around it whenever he can.

As for our “Constitutional scholar” president, I must say I wonder about a guy that thinks we have 56, no 57 states, and refers repeatedly to our “Constitutional Democracy” and not what we actually have, a Constitutional Republic.

No wonder his academic records were sealed.

Posted by Loucleve | Report as abusive

I just love that there has to be at least one poster (Loucleve) that essentially proves the point of this article. People who think that Bill Ayers is somehow influential, or a high profile member of the left. People who take comments like “fundamentally change” and immediately assume that means that they must hate America and everything to do with it.

Oh, and the 56 states gaffe was explained literally as he said it. There are PLENTY of real problems with this country, and even more with this president. But people like Loucleve prove that legitimate issues are not going to be given relevancy or legitimacy. Why should they, when you can simply lie, distort, and throw ad hominem around.

Posted by AdamWest1313 | Report as abusive

@dd606, American and Eurpean companies DID steal Iraq’s oil. And then they sold it to the Chinese, pocketed the cash and left you with the bill for the war. You voted for that, bushies. Twice :)

Posted by AlkalineState | Report as abusive

dd606 is exactly right.

Where is the indignation when comparable media is released by the left or is the author ‘preferentially blind?’ Righting this country to more again align with the ideals put forth in our founding documents will take a Herculean effort, not the ‘bend over and take it’ response that liberals have come to expect from conservatives.

I do sincerely believe that BO does hate America. That he intends to diminish this country as punishment for past crimes and to create a bi-modal population of an elite, rich ruling class and a dependent class.

I do not require any media convincing me of this – I observe and experience it firsthand. Compromise requires extension from both sides!

Posted by kevin2oh | Report as abusive

Hmmm… Should I sacrifice my time and cash going to see someone make bombastic, shrill, and outrageous assertions in an effort to enrich himself? Tough call.

Posted by SayNoMore | Report as abusive

If one is looking for propagandist hooey you need not go further than this article.

Posted by Akumaleva | Report as abusive

“I do sincerely believe that BO does hate America. That he intends to diminish this country as punishment for past crimes and to create a bi-modal population of an elite, rich ruling class and a dependent class”

Well, then he better haul a$$ – clock’s tickin’ and he hasn’t gotten very far with that yet.

“Compromise requires extension from both sides!”

Ok – do the folks on the hard right not know that, for some years now, we’ve had the ability to record both sound and video – and refer back to it later? I won’t bother with the links and quotes that many others put up so often, but the fact is – your guys made it clear that they weren’t going to work with this President at all, ever. And proceeded to (not) do exactly that. I’m amazed the President was as patient as he was – would YOU tolerate such blatant stonewalling, not to mention personal disrespect?

PEOPLE may have short memories – but an mp4 is forever…

Posted by TheWhiteLine | Report as abusive

I recently watched Lincoln. I recognize that the dialog is fiction, but the truth is in the acts. I’m even more convinced that politics today is more civil and yielding that it was back in the day. We get day to day news of discord and disagreement, yet that doesn’t even compare to the divisions that existed in our past, which remained largely unpublicized because we lacked the 24-hour news cycle. Seriously, I wonder what people 150 years ago would have thought if they had the communications channels we have today. Go and watch the movie; there is no way you can say that it is more constructive than what we have today.

Posted by Curmudgeon | Report as abusive

I think Curmudgeon’s point that political dialogue during the Civil War was awful too kind of makes the point I tried to make, that we have no issue as contentious as slavery to excuse such poisonously partisan dialogue.

Posted by jimgaines1 | Report as abusive

Sounds like a joke of a movie, but I always considered Dinesh D’Souza a joke anyway.

Posted by qdoug | Report as abusive

Well if the movie is anything like what I saw on Foxnews tonight with Kellie, Bill Ayers, and D’Souza it should be a good viewpoint. I didn’t realize how much this Bill Ayers was involved in per his own admission in wanting and actually harming our country. And that he actually had President Obama in his living room as a guest at a fundraiser for Obama in 1995. I wonder how President Obama even got to know this Bill Ayers so hopefully this movie sheds some light on it. Will be sure to take my 16 year old son to see it.

Posted by ArizonaDesert | Report as abusive

We elect a president, which implies there will be a winning party, and a losing party. The losers assume something needs improvement. The winners infer the opposite. The next day we should return to the commonality of being Americans. The unity that ‘cements’ the country together is being undone, and not to our betterment

Posted by auger | Report as abusive

Great, Reuters just made the case for Dinesh D’Souza’s movie! What a move and a what a stupid argument against a movie. For once Reuters got it right :)

Posted by js2012 | Report as abusive

Unfortunately, I fully expect that the majority of the media critics out there (because the majority are out spoken liberals) will be viciously harsh whether overtly or subtly about this movie. I can see all the reviews like this one saying things like its racist, xenophobic, jingoistic, idiotic, or just plain hateful. So if someone is interested in watching I just hope they know the ideology of most of the media’s critics out there.

Posted by mrbledsoe53 | Report as abusive

“Let’s be honest: America isn’t perfect or purely good. It’s a nation in progress, not a religious figure. All we can hope for is to make it, as the preamble says, “a more perfect union.”

Your perfectly correct. Yet if you can’t see the road we are headed down, we will never come even close to a more perfect union. The only union the government is interested in is the one they want to make and that is with an iron fist of control. Its not a right wing rant or a left wing rant. Its plain fact. When I see things like government giving away military war machines to our police departments, it only says one thing. Fascist government. Is that what you mean by more perfect union? Or are you just following along blindly as the constitution is finally made void and we the people have become they the corporation? Its already that way now where corporations buy policy and if you can’t see it well your either very naive or very ignorant, not too sure which but I leave that to you . Its amazing that this guy is guilty of illegal contributions yet corporate money pumped into our system is never seen as a conflict of interest. Lets be honest as you say. When a fossil fuel corporation can lobby millions of dollars and then be given immunity to the clean water act with no worry. Are you going to sit there and tell me that this is a moral and ethical contribution? Yet one man is nailed to the wall for his interests? Guess he should have incorporated himself first. Thats just one example in the long list of corruption in our government today. Yet you totally poo hoo them as if they were just raving of a right wing lunatic. I would say your a liberal left communist that would love nothing better than a socialist country. Remember even if that happens there are still the rich stepping on the poor getting rich off their labors. The Fourth represents a couple of things some of which I don’t really think your in touch with. It represents our independance from a dominant dictatorship over its people. Taxation with out representation. It represents freedom to worship and freedom to think. All of which are clearly present in the constitution. It represents Revolution against an oppressor and our will to fight for such ideals. None of which you seem to be for. All you represent is compromise and submission to our oppressor now! Well there’s a lot of people in this country that are fed up with it. Yet you condemn them as lunatics and extremists. They are in good company with men like George Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, etc etc. Now those are people to celebrate. Are they right wing extremists???? Let me point out one more thing. You are anything but honest with your self nor to the good people of this country that can plainly see and want an end to the corrupt powers that be. Does that mean revolution? It did when we had enough of England’s tyranny!!!!

Posted by BOBROB | Report as abusive

Ahhhhh I see how it is. After all I wrote I have to wait for approval. Well what can you expect from left wing extremist that only want comments they approve and sensor. you like to shout loud your views yet censor those that oppose you. Much like our government today!! Don’t TREAD ON ME!!! Communists!

Posted by BOBROB | Report as abusive

Now I am going to see this movie! Thanks for the heads up. I can’t think of any better way than to be more informed about the criminal activity in our government today. A day that reminds us of a time when we were once under tyranny and had enough and stood up and fought for our ideals and liberty. One in which Jim here seems to think is un American now days only to be called a right wing extremist. If upholding and defending our freedoms is extreme then maybe you should go to Cuba or some other socialist country Jim!

Posted by BOBROB | Report as abusive

Everyone enjoy the 4th, Enjoy the fireworks and Try to ignore the conspiracy theorists that try and change your personal beliefs.

Posted by Goodtimesyall | Report as abusive

“fear mongering sensationalist”

That says it all right there.

Posted by ColbertStewart | Report as abusive

On the other hand, D’Souza is pretty damn smart – he knows how to make some fast cash.

Posted by ColbertStewart | Report as abusive

Thanks for the review. I will be sure to see this movie now!

Posted by moonhill | Report as abusive

Having read Mr Gaines ‘opinion” piece this is Definately a movie I want to see.

Posted by Redford | Report as abusive

Well, I was on the fence about seeing this movie…but thanks to this article and the comments below, I will make sure that I go to see this movie TONIGHT! Thanks for the amazing piece, Jim and Reuters!

Posted by stev0ftw | Report as abusive

“fear mongering sensationalist”… For someone who HAS seen the movie already I’ll just say it was the first movie I’ve ever been to where a standing ovation was given to the movie at the end. Yeah….”fear mongering sensationalism” (sarc). Obama is a shameful President who no longer deserves to be rendered a handshake much less a salute by America…….and the polls show that America agrees.

Posted by xnihilofan | Report as abusive

As a former liberal, it is always amusing to read the indignation by the columnists who think they know better by the virtue of their journalistic experience. I note Jim’s past work as an editor of TIME which is a left-wing propaganda, as are almost all media.

Jim’s attack with the urge to exercise censorship by advising not seeing the movie must parlay to the Streisand effect — it impels the readers to see the movie, which becomes a box office success, infuriating the liberal apologists (more like communist sympathizer, called fellow traveler in lingo) further.

Here’s hoping the film, for whatever it’s worth, will supersede the awful leftist propaganda film Fahrenheit 9/11 in box office intake for a feature documentary.

Jim, after reading your hysterical column, as an independent leaning conservative, I made up my mind to see the movie to judge for what it’s worth, whether I agree with D’Souza’s view (in contrast to, say, Michael Moore, being moralistic, pushy and manipulative in Bowling For Columbine) or not.

Your admonishing the readers not to see the movie ultimately backfire to the comical effect, because, indeed, “liberals” are afraid of having their agenda of maligning, deconstructing and balkanizing America exposed, through their panic-induced polemic, including calling the filmmaker a “convicted felon” even though their messiah idol Barack Obama and his cabinet members (former and current) have committed far worse crimes for which they have not been indicted yet, including breach of the oath of office, conspiracy and treason.

Obama did more to wake up the people as to who he truly is, trying to destabilize and destruct America through retrogressive executive action, more so than the past (mostly awful) presidents.

Posted by StupidReuters | Report as abusive

Wide variety of partisan positions here, so I will avoid previously staked out positions.

The movie is not going to be a big seller at too many multiplex’es, and, (this is justa guess), won’t stack up revenue wise if it doesn’t feature a good car chase, a super hero, (NOT Dick Cheney), a Transformer or several topless beach babes. Look for it in the wee hours on FOX.

Posted by harrydampsnatch | Report as abusive

And here I thought D’Souza had passed on. I suppose that’s what he’s worried about.

Posted by maximillianwyse | Report as abusive

For somebody that enjoys freedom of the press in your chosen career. Truly amazes me when you wish to silence others opinion. Shame on you!

Posted by Ghostmaker | Report as abusive

GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Take your Children they need to learn the TRUTH. Guess this guy is upset that ole Ward Churchhill saying it would be justifiable to Nuke America is out in the open for ALL to see. The nasty Regressives do not want Americans to see the hate America diatribe vomiting out of the mouths of the lefties. MUST SEE.

Posted by MJM14 | Report as abusive

Just saw D’souza’s movie.

Worth seeing even if some of his points not fully developed. (He does show a website to view for more info)

Any thinking person should consider viewing this movie and then researching for themselves the serious claims D’souza makes…

For instance, google “Alinsky Playboy 1972 Interview”. And compare to the film’s take on Alinsky…who was a hero of Hillary Rodham Clinton. If she becomes Pres. Alinsky was her hero apparently…

Posted by learn2think | Report as abusive

You convinced me – if a Godless leftist moron like you doesn’t like this movie, it must be pro-America. I’m taking friends. Lots of friends.

Posted by SVanNeuter | Report as abusive

Thanks, Gaines, you’ve made me want to see the movie even more.

Posted by tehrdbl | Report as abusive

“Genocide? Fewer Indians were killed by settlers than died of disease.” And where did this “disease” come from? Small Pox laden blankets brought by the colonials as a form of genocide against my people.

Posted by Onewhoknows | Report as abusive

it’s because of people like you….those who want to stifle free speech, that i’m rounding up all the neighborhood kids to take them to a screening today.

just to let you know that i was only going by myself until i read your blog….now I’m buying about 15 tickets

have a great 4th

Posted by travlr009 | Report as abusive

I was looking forward to seeing this film. I’ll definitely go watch it this weekend, thanks to your ignorant commentary.

Posted by IrateNate | Report as abusive

Okay – you’ve had your bully pulpit, Jim. Now I’ll exercise my God-given freedom, go see this movie and make up my own mind. Whether I like this film or not, I hope the filmmaker makes a TON of money so he can continue to produce more movies. I encourage healthy debate and hearing different viewpoints – not close-mindedness like you.

Posted by daretuitt | Report as abusive

This op-ed piece by Mr. Gaines is a typical left wing effort to stifle opposing viewpoints to the main stream press’s all court press against conservative commentators and opposition to the left’s hegemony in this country. Having read this tripe article by Gaines, I will definitely see the film this weekend, and enjoy the fact that we can still see and hear conservative voices in this politically correct madhouse called Obama’s America.

Posted by petersl | Report as abusive

I wish the same ideologues on the left would show a little fairness. How is it Dinesh’s movie is too frightening a thing to watch yet the same skittish voices push a hateful book like “The PEople’s History of The United States by marxist Harvard professor Howard Zinn? You people have no balance, no design for honesty. The only thing that matters is the agenda. freaks.

Posted by RadioKenPittman | Report as abusive

I just saw “AMERICA” and, as an ordinary American I say go see this movie.

If you only see one film this year, it should be this one.

Why people in the media want us to hate ourselves and the good that we and our predecessors have done for the world is a question they will have to answer.

Why do people like the author want us to be ashamed of the way our combination of the rule of law and free enterprise works to lift tens of millions out of poverty? Why is it that China and India are adopting it with great results while we embrace the proven failure of socialism that enslaves people and destroys opportunity?

See America and answer those questions for yourself.

Posted by HaveYouNoShame | Report as abusive

peters1: The conservative mind never fails to disappoint. While you’re busy praising communism (your earlier comments on Russia and China), the United States’ economic engine is shifting into high gear without coercion by the central government. THIS is Obama’s America, not the propagandizing smear campaign being propagated by folks like D’Souza. You simply can’t have a socialist President bent on destroying America AND have Wall Street recording record highs, US companies experiencing record profits, unemployment at 6.1%, and avoiding any new, major military conflicts. Clearly, CLEARLY, Obama would have extended and escalated the recession that the Bush Administration left him. It would have been too easy for Obama to keep an ailing economy down, if that was really his aim. And he would have kept us fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, burning up precious tax dollars and sacrificing American lives like the Bush Administration did. But he’s not doing any of that, which is why Obama was elected to a second term by a majority. The idea that Obama’s goal is to hurt America because he hates it, or worse, is carrying out some purported anti-colonial sentiments of his absent father is thinking ripe for idiots. If you do believe that, then certainly your belief is based on facts, is it not? So perhaps you can supply us with a few quote from Obama where he’s expressing his hatred for America. And you have to do better than D’Souza himself does: “to begin again the work of remaking America.” This is the kind of thing that every President has said in one form or another. It’s about leading us forward into a better future, a future that won’t get better automatically. It takes effort, a reworking of formulas that are no longer serving us well. Does anyone really want to argue that the United States doesn’t need change? We do, but nothing in Obama’s words or deeds suggest what D’Souza is claiming, that Obama goal is to bring America to its knees. Reality tells a much different story.

The only thing that can bring America to its knees is to continue dividing us, as D’Souza’s rightwing propaganda documentary is attempting to do. To make a movie that argues that my President, the guy I supported in two elections, is secretly working to destroy my country is about as divisive as it gets, all in an effort to make money.

Think how black Americans are experiencing this. We have 43 white male Presidents. We elect our first black President and suddenly we find ourselves with a President who conservatives claim is evil, hates America and aims to destroy American, and might even be the anti-Christ (About a quarter of all US conservatives believe Obama might be the antichrist.) He’s the only President in our history who was called a liar during the State of the Union Address, and in front of the entire world. All these charges without any credible evidence to back them up. How are black Americans supposed to take this? How are any decent, informed Americans supposed to take this? THAT is what divides America.

We have to be able to open our eyes and see reality for what it is and not allow ourselves to be dragged down into the world of political propaganda and self-loathing. Obama is a good man; there’s nothing to suggest otherwise. Disagree with Obama’s policies. You don’t have to like the man. But stop with the lies designed to besmirch the man’s character. It’s beneath us.

Posted by carnivalchaos | Report as abusive

Hollywood gave Michael Moore an Oscar for claiming that Bush invaded Iraq for the oil. The movie was the worst kind of slander and it took months before any one acknowledged that the movie was filled with lies, misstatements, and false innuendo. (Remember the claim that Gore won the Florida recount, or the claim that there was no 1-800 number? Well it was true, there was no 1-800 number, it was a 1-877 number – still a toll free number. Those are the kind of lies that filled Moore’s film.) As soon as the Reuters author apologizes for his lack of balance and objectivity, I’ll listen to him. Until then, I’ll consider him to be just another in the legion of Pravda-type writers for Obama.

Posted by Greystoke | Report as abusive

Hollywood gave Michael Moore an Oscar for claiming that Bush invaded Iraq for the oil. The movie was the worst kind of slander and it took months before any one acknowledged that the movie was filled with lies, misstatements, and false innuendo. (Remember the claim that Gore won the Florida recount, or the claim that there was no 1-800 number? Well it was true, there was no 1-800 number, it was a 1-877 number – still a toll free number. Those are the kind of lies that filled Moore’s film.) As soon as the Reuters author apologizes for his lack of balance and objectivity, I’ll listen to him. Until then, I’ll consider him to be just another in the legion of Pravda-type writers for Obama.

Posted by Greystoke | Report as abusive

minimally Mr. Gaines’ column is in the opinion section. Try reading the James Rocchi (Reuters) “review” of the film “America”. The fact that Reuters is permitting a thinly veiled op-ed to be published as a film critique is astonishing. Second only to “don’t see this movie” lead in to this op-ed.
Opinions are just that, opinions. Telling anyone not to see a film is astonishing as well. I would think that valid differing opinions would encourage valid, informed conversation. Instead, Mr. Gaines would prefer perhaps another suffocating “documentary” from the Left’s head documentarian/propagandist Michael Moore.
Like most free-thinking Americans, I will go see this movie just because Mr. Gaines thinks he has the right to tell me not to.

Posted by karenf519 | Report as abusive

If the film is SO bad, absurd and ridiculous wouldn’t Mr. Gaines want us to see it in order to further discredit Mr. D’Souza? This whole article reads like a gutless lefty is scared to death that you might be exposed to some inconvenient truths. Don’t think for yourself, let me, Jim Gaines tell you what to think of the movie before you even see it, OK?

Thanks but no thanks, Jim. See ‘ya in November!! 8-)

Posted by Lovebandit | Report as abusive

Greystoke: The problem with your argument is that it overlooks the architects of the Iraq invasion’s own claims that invading Iraq is justified to protect world oil sources. arth-insight/2014/mar/20/iraq-war-oil-re sources-energy-peak-scarcity-economy

You may be able to argue that it wasn’t JUST about oil, but you’re just plain wrong to argue that oil wasn’t a major reason. There’s just too much evidence to counter that position. Moore certainly embellisher and engages in sensationalism, but he presents strong evidence to back his cases. D’Souza has no evidence that Obama is driven by his father’s ghost and is trying to bring America to its knees.

One can’t help but wonder how the rightwing double standard bearers would react if Obama started a war that cost Americans trillions and thousands of lives of US soldiers while Obama or Biden made themselves millions of dollars by awarding a “no bid” contract to a company they were CEO of and owned millions in shares of stock, like Cheney and Halliburton. And, of course, all the lies used to cozen the nation into that unnecessary war. Heck, Republicans were talking about impeaching Obama because his first report on Benghazi was seen as inaccurate. (The man behind the Benghazi attack who was recently captured stated that the reason was the film that disrespected Allah, which was the Obama Administration’s original claim.) So if the Republicans held 9 separate investigations into Benghazi for making an initial statement that was thought to be wrong, and later proven correct, imagine what the Republicans would have done to Obama had he committed “errors” that Bush committed during the run-up to the Iraq invasion and the war itself. So why the gross double standard? Why do we tolerate this rightwing double standard?

Posted by carnivalchaos | Report as abusive

LOL. Streisand Syndrome much? And maybe YOU should watch it before you “review” it. Journalism is dead.

Posted by Cowcharge | Report as abusive

Dinesh D’Souza was born in India.

India is a country famous for corruption and victimization of women.

Immigrants like Dinesh D’Souza are not needed in America.

Dinesh D’Souza, why are you striving to reform America? Your homeland INDIA is the country that needs your attention and efforts.

Posted by AdamSmith | Report as abusive

George Washington was not an immigrant.

None of the Founding Fathers of America were immigrants.

Abraham Lincoln was not an immigrant.

Ronald Reagan was not an immigrant.

If Dinesh D’Souza has such strong patriotic notions then why is he not back in the land of his birth, India, trying to make India a better place?

Posted by AdamSmith | Report as abusive

This “film” is made for Fox news viewers, to help their hot dog digestion. Why is Reuters wasting space on it?

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By the way, if you want to catch a fun film – The Beatles: A Hard Days night! A remastered version in HD 5.1 stereo on its 50th anniversary at a theater near you this 4th of July weekend (Google it). It is about when America was “invaded” by real ideas, instead of this Dinesh dude who is in it to make money from the dumb and the ignorant so-called tea party types!

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For real Americans, here is a free 4th of July film which DD should watch … it is about him, but he does not know it: P0

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“I wouldn’t ordinarily dignify such nonsense with a column, but America the movie exemplifies everything that’s wrong about the American political conversation these days, rich with examples from both left and right.”

Obligatory false equivalency. Check.

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This is a “MUST SEE” movie if one has any care at all about what is happening in our country. Obviously there are some who are too young to know what is being lost. Having “credentials” has little to do with measuring the depth of one’s patriotism and love of America. I saw this movie today and was glad I did. There was little I could dispute save that Dinesh proclaims that the Civil War was about slavery as opposed to being a war over economics which brought in the slavery aspect at a later time. He also pointed out that there were MANY forms of slavery, ie: indentured servants from Ireland, and England. Also there were the Chinese coolies who worked on the other words…white people were ALSO “slaves” just not necessarily called that. Watch the movie “Matwan” if you can find it. I found the movie to be eloquently truthful and supported by well researched FACTS. It is all there to see for those who are willing to open their eyes. Some who posted comments denegrating certain parts obviously missed “the rest of the story” or didn’t see the movie at all. Everyone in the theater stood up and clapped at the end. I don’t know if they were black, white, Hispanic, German or Jew. To me they were ALL American. They were all there to see an answer, or some hope for our future. So before you come out with some negative some research, look up some history, look up some of the people who were mentioned in the movie and look at their background. If the light doesn’t come on somewhere in should probably catch the next bus

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“He’s the only President in our history who was called a liar during the State of the Union Address, and in front of the entire world.” yeah, except for the wee inconvenient truth that he WAS lying. Liar of the Year award recipient as a matter of fact.

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stambo2001: As usual, you’re wrong. Actually, it’s you who’s lying. Try keeping to this simple standard. If you’re going to make a charge about Obama, or anything else for that matter, verify it.

First of all, stambo, there is NO excuse for Joe Wilson’s outburst. None. Presidents lie all the time. All politicians do. But you don’t compromise our nation’s credibility by calling the President a liar during a speech that people the world over are watching. The Republicans just don’t know how to act. They behave boorishly, ill-bred, ignorant. It shows an utter disregard for the United States and simply puts the rightwing’s increasingly uncivil behavior on display for all the world to see. This is why the world over dislikes America’s conservatives.

That said, what makes Joe Wilson’s outburst particularly disturbing is that he was wrong. Obama wasn’t lying. Do you even know what Joe Wilson was referring to? Here is the statement Obama made that Wilson called a lie: “the reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally.” The following is from Politifact.Com:

“We found that Democratic plans did nothing to change the way illegal immigrants are currently treated in the health care system. So we rated Wilson’s outburst as False.” Do I also need to define for you what “false” means? statements/2009/sep/09/joe-wilson/joe-wi lson-south-carolina-said-obama-lied-he-d idnt/

FactCheck.Org came to the same obvious conclusion:

“The president is correct: The House bill contains a section (Sec. 246) titled “NO FEDERAL PAYMENT FOR UNDOCUMENTED ALIENS,” which states: “Nothing in this subtitle shall allow Federal payments for affordability credits on behalf of individuals who are not lawfully present in the United States.” health-care-speech/

Therefore, stambo, you and Joe Wilson are the liars.

The usual response from people like you is to make another flimsy excuse, leaving it up to someone like me to, once again, explain how that, too, is wrong. Spin this any way you want, but the bottom line is that illegal immigrants do not get government subsidies for health insurance, which is what Obama said that Joe Wilson wrongfully called a lie. I’m so sick of people like you attacking this country, its President, and its people.

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To carnivalchaos: Your rejoinder to my post is revealing. Nowhere in your reply do you acknowledge the right of an opposing viewpoint to your own, to express the misgivings to the current occupant of the White House, and his oppressive effort to marginalize the loyal opposition. D’Souza’s film is part of the effort to tell the other side of the story, the side of the narrative never allowed to see the light of day when MSNBC, CBS, et al.

Further, if you think that Obama is the architect of a financial “recovery” in this country, you are sadly mistaken. The Fed has been pumping the economy with freshly printed digital currency, which has ballooned the Fed’s balance sheet and regardless of the fairy tales that Keynesian economists spin, it will be next to impossible to unwind the Fed’s balance sheet without a major economic calamity. This is true, even if there is temporary relief in sight by increasing the number of part time, poor paying jobs which the gov’t statistics like to point to in lulling many of our citizens into a false sense of security.

And as far as your unbelievable pollyanna attitude toward Benghazi, you are apparently believing the video narrative, spun by Hillary, Obama and others, irrespective of where the truth lies. The coverup is unraveling, and Obama’s storybook narrative will be shown to be the pack of lies that it has always been.

And, don’t forget the “phony scandals” identified by Obama, i.e., the VA hospital debacle in which hundred of veterans are denied even substandard care, the IRS/Lois Lerner/John Koskinen imbroglio, and the others too numerous to recount in this limited space. So go ahead, keep believing in your hero’s halo, enjoy playing the race card in order to dodge all criticism of this hopelessly incompetent, lawless president and fall back on the old crutch of blaming Bush and Cheney for all of the world’d ills. Your faith in this president is totally pathetic.

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it appears that jim gaines might be left of center judging from his article. i wonder what he thinks of michael moore?

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That’s perfect, peters1. All of these charges without a trace of proof. And so the problem presents itself in all it’s naked glory. I realize there’s nothing I can share with you that would make you at least question your hatred of Obama. I could present you with a 1,000 page dossier detailing the President’s innocence on all the charges you’ve pinned on him and you’d still refuse to reconsider. Your hatred for him has per-determined where you stand on all issues concerning this President, that the part he played was bad, even criminal. This is your opinion on matters that haven’t even occurred yet. It’s automatic. All you know is that Obama is bad and has evil motives.

I can’t think of another historical parallel to compare it to. You’re being neither fair nor judicious toward a man who is President of your country. You should at least insist on proof before choosing to believe things about your President. There is no “other side of the story.” D’Souza is just another in a long line of unscrupulous fear mongers capitalizing on the hatred and paranoia that have bowled over white conservatives in this country like a bad plague. Obama’s a socialist; Obama’s a Muslim; Obama faked his birth certificate; Obama is really from Kenya; Obama had “In God We Trust” removed from the Presidential dollar coins; Obama spent $200 million a day of tax payers’ money during his trip to India; Obama went to Afghanistan and snubbed the troops; Obama traveled around the world apologizing for America; Obama put death panels in the Affordable Care Act; Obamacare gives illegal immigrants free healthcare; Obama intentionally lied about Benghazi; Obama is the reason for the government’s poor response to Katrina; Obama might be the antichrist. At some point, peters1, an intelligent person would stop and ask themselves, what’s with all the lies? An intelligent person, regardless of their opinion of Obama, would have to suspect that there is something seriously malicious going on here that can’t be blamed on Obama. An intelligent person would start to question any more extreme charges leveled at this President. Not necessarily dismiss allegations made about Obama, but recognize that there are people who are intentionally misleading people about Obama and are resorting to some vicious propaganda to accomplish it. And maybe, just maybe, you would question that next allegation, that it might just be another lie, like all the others, and start to demand proof. He is, after all, your President. Whether you can do that or not depends on your intelligence and your personal integrity.

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1. There’s a massive difference between “hey let’s go hijack their oil wells and score some cash” and “we need to prevent Iran/Iraq from obliterating the Middle East, creating WW3 and total global chaos”. But maybe that’s in one of the chapters left out of the American left’s geopolitical curriculum, along with other bits like “don’t maintain embassies in active warzones” and “don’t tell the enemy exactly when and where they won’t find your military forces”.

2. If President Obama doesn’t hate America, why does he spend his overseas time kissing foreign butts and denigrating the country and its achievements? I don’t see Cameron, Putin, Merkel, Jinping etc. running all over the world begging forgiveness for their existence. Dubya was a lame President but at least the world feared him almost as much as Putin.

3. This movie sounds boring as hell, honestly. I certainly have better things to do than spend two hours being told what to think by some guy whose claim to fame is being involved in politics, and I suspect the target audience does too. But gg for announcing a previously unknown vanity film to the general public, I suppose. Now excuse me while I go build some battle droids with the godlike power of my mind…

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After reading this article, I will attend a showing of the movie this afternoon in Danvers MA.

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Right on, CppThis. What’s up with this President and his apology trips around the world? But what’s most disturbing about that, what is truly frightening is Obama’s ability to keep everyone on the planet from reporting on his “denigrating” of this country. That’s what really freaks me out. It’s like he’s got this magical power that controls all reporting so that no one anywhere has a record of his “begging forgiveness” for America. What could be a bigger scoop for al Jazeera, the Russian press, or FOX News than to report the leader of the free world, the first black President, the President of the USA traveling to foreign shores to apologize for America? Yet, in all my searching I can’t find one example, even though, as you point out, we KNOW he’s doing it. Do you think he might have the power to control our minds? Maybe he IS the antichrist. Scar-y.

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I counted five prostrations: colonialism, Iraq x2, nuclear weapons, wealth, gender equality (I loled). Pretty sure I missed at least one, and I didn’t count the mountain of half-sorries (“you guys did questionable things, but we did too and we can all be better than that”) as I’m feeling generious and am more flexible when it comes to calling out examples of foreign barbarism. But perhaps the NYT, that bastion of conservative obstructionism, edited the speech and all the Youtube clips were similarly a product of the vast right wing conspiracy. ce/remarks-president-obama-strasbourg-to wn-hall

The “arrogance” quip is old hat there’s also a couple of choice shots at the Senate (Kyoto vote, Iraq again) and US geopolitics in general (blah blah globalization). But hey, maybe this is also a fabrication put out there by…his own press office?

Then of course there’s the mountains of BS effused by Ms. Rice and other State bureaucrats on all things Islamic in nature, but I did rather narrowly accuse the bossman himself so we’ll stick to that for now.

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Dang, that whole, long boring speech and no apology for America. I feel like I’ve been snookered. Unless… maybe Obama used his magic powers and had that part of the speech removed from all copies. You think?

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For the record, Cinemascore gave “America an A+ rating. They do not do this often (approx 2x a year). The story here is from the Blaze, but you can find the same story on other sites:

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Posted by carnivalchaos, this best and most accurate, IE reality, posted.

Interesting, an Indian-American, espousing racist attitudes against the first African-American President. I as an Irish-American wonder would you call Roger Ailes Whale-Boy-American? Or Murdock Un-American, or Limbaugh Ignorant-American?

Dinesh D’Souza is a racist NeoClown, as is all FOX, Brietbart, the real tragedy is he worked for the National Review, Buckley’s serious Conservative outfit. He and the other NeoClowns killed it, now it is another Lee Atwater (Southern Strategy) inspired, JBS supported destructive un-American PR outfit.

Calling his PR project America, adding insult to injury.

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Thanks to those awful conservatives and that evil America, you have the right to spew your opinion. You are welcome.

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You know it is the mark of the intellectually weak to try to silence opposing view points instead of debating them. I also find it quite hilarious, that the so called, “enlightened left” are so incensed by a film with an opposing view point, they have to devolve into the gutter of personal attacks, and hyperbole. They even have to bring up the dreaded fox news.

Sorry Jim, Americans do not like to be told what to do by an elitist journalist. Perhaps your style of journalism would be more appropriate in fine left-wing countries like North Korea, or Cuba.

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Simply BECAUSE Jim Gaines said “Do NOT see this movie” – we DID.

Highly recommend you go see it if you have any interest at all in the future of our country.

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As much as I respect your opinion, I think you telling people NOT to see this film is a huge mistake. While we agree that it is a conservative argument on the problems in America and an argument for why Obama and Clinton need to be removed from politics, I don’t find it so heavy-handed as to not at least ask questions or reference/research the material provided. (That last part is why I’d recommend viewing it online as opposed to in the theatres – it really would have been nice to be pausing and looking up his arguments for validity and understanding.) While the arguments against Obama and Hillary were a tad heavy-handed, the history lessons, his handling with people who opposed his views, and the overall argument he presents were well done, EVEN IF you disagree with it. If I were to argue a real complaint, it would be the sappy “America! RAH!” ending with the music video in the credits – a tad too much overkill for my tastes. Beyond that, although I think it’d be better to watch from home, I think it’s a good conversation piece worth watching.

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A Bunch of Partisan Lefties complaining about “partisanship” and complaining about “bias” now that’s funny and sad. But the Doublethink is hilariously missed by your devoted leftists.
These leftist are exactly the problem, not the solution.

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GREAT MOVIE! This is a must see for all Americans. Time to set some of this propaganda straight. Are we really leaving this country better than we found it? Are we really better off today than we were before 08? Are we really more respected around the world with liberal policies? Are you REALLY able to keep your plan if you like it? How much will it take before enough is enough? When the left can use the IRS for political purposes so can the right. Educate yourselves and vote responsibly.

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It is quite evident from the comments of the movie’s gullible supporters that Mr. Gains was spot on in his assesment of “partisan venom”.

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