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Not sure why you lashed out at me but if you had read my comments you would see that I am against wasting money if there is no positive potential return.

By: roixix Tue, 15 Jul 2014 11:06:46 +0000 Overpopulation is the root cause of every single major problem that humanity is experiencing together today – bar none. Even moreso in the coming future because of the lack of ethical leadership willing to confront the promoters of such an insideous human ignorance. Corporations, religions, and most shockingly, the corrupted leadership itself.
Overpopulation drives overwhelming fossil fuel demand.
Fuel for electricity, transportation, heating, cooking, fertilizers for basic food production, the production of plastics, clothing, and chemicals. Generating the direct cause of our vast human environmental pollution and a now understood-to-be irreversible global climate change.
Overpopulation is responsible for malnutrition, disease outbreak, stagnating unemployment, and the grinding poverty that is now everywhere – even in the wealthy United States.
Central America’s only problem is having too many people fighting over a shrinking resource supply. The Catholic Church is largely responsible and should re-formulate its archaic family planning advice.
Resource exploitation the foundation of all economics and is required for any kind of good life on this planet by all civilizations. Any honest solution attemping to improve the life of a nation must begin by addressing human overpopulation reduction and the resource pie mathematics.
In our globalized economy the UN could “credit” genetic parents $1 million for producing their first child and then charge them $1 million for every addition offspring. That “incentive” would solve the overpopulation problem in two generations – 50 years time. Irresponsible parents do owe humanity for their excess exploitation of Earth’s shared resource supply and should pay for that selfish luxury of overpopulation.

By: ciceroalamo Tue, 15 Jul 2014 10:11:35 +0000 I live in a town that has been overrun by Mexicans for many years now. I, a WHITE AMERICAN, am treated like a second class citizen and many of the services in my town are now tailored for Spanish speaking people and no one else. That means citizenship classes too. It is like they refuse to acknowledge that the EASTERN HEMIPHERE and its people even exist and the WHITE and BLACK AMERICAN exist solely to raise funds for them.

By: Leftcoastrocky Tue, 15 Jul 2014 03:07:11 +0000 “Two of the Earth’s deadliest cities now are in Honduras. Regionally, Central America has surpassed war-torn sub-Saharan Africa as the globe’s homicide capital.”

By: dd606 Mon, 14 Jul 2014 17:11:28 +0000 “The crisis on the border could have been avoided, however, by a few critical changes in U.S. legislation. Providing legal residency for undocumented migrants and allowing them to travel between the United States and their home country, for example, could substantially reduce the future prospect of waves of children coming to the border to be reunited with their parents.”


Ha! More liberal fantasy-land nonsense. Here’s how it really works… You give them temporary documentation, let them in, then you never see them again… until they’re caught inside the US, or caught trying to sneak back in again, after visiting home.

The problems in these countries leading people to try and come here, didn’t start last week. These people are coming here, because they’re being told that the current gov is all for letting them in and staying. Until they’re shown that is far from true, they will keep coming.

We can’t even get involved in a country that formed the base for half the world’s worst terrorists, without people accusing us of being some sort of collective Satan. But we’re going to get involved in multiple nations to the south, and remove drug cartels and corruption, that have existed for generations? Good luck with that. Reagan knew this day would come… He tried to change things down there. It didn’t work. People have to want to change themselves, but they’re never going to do that if they’re given the easy out.

By: brotherkenny4 Mon, 14 Jul 2014 17:05:25 +0000 Let’s do what we did in the 80s and what actually caused the crime and poverty in these countries. We’ll get the CIA to sell drugs to kids in the inner city USA and guns to Iran and the middle east and use the money to fund and train terrorist death squads to go down to these countries and kill anyone who might be doing good. Bdy2010: Was that money in the 80s a good expenditure? Did we kill enough people back then to create the good economy you want and the money you desire more than anything else.

By: HarryTC Mon, 14 Jul 2014 15:18:21 +0000 Fix things further South? I hear that a lot, read that a lot. But the facts remain, where does the American taxpayer get the cask to pay the taxes to provide the “dreams” to hundreds of millions of people around the world? We don’t have the money to send our own children to college, yet some people we know are getting thousands of dollars in grant money for them to go to college! The taxes were around 56% of our income in years past! but with the Obama Regimes new taxes that are now coming to bear, we may not be able to afford gas or rent!
Obama so loved the poor he and his Democratic Socialists created millions more.

By: Bdy2010 Mon, 14 Jul 2014 15:13:14 +0000 “unlawful migration”

Please stop with the creative wording. Call it what it is: illegal immigration. Calling it unlawful migration is a cheap attempt to make it sound less offensive.

“Yet if the United States had decided to make an investment of some $3 billion to $4 billion in Central America’s economy and security five years ago or so, it might not have to shell out a similar amount today to deal with a crisis on its border”

Likewise if we had made the investment and taken the time to secure the border five years ago this wouldn’t be an issue. We could have also spent the money on our own kids and country five years ago. Enough is enough. These countries need to resolve their issues not rely on handouts from Uncle Sugar.

Same goes for kids coming into this country on a visa to attend college. They need to pay out of country tuition fees that help pay for US Citizens to attend college. Foreign students should only get slots after the U.S. Citizens have taken all the slots they require.

We have handed out billions to other nations including South America. What did we get out of all the money spent in Columbia? Is the cocaine cheaper for all the athletes and movie stars? Did we get a return on investment?

It is time that we look at all of our expenditures as any business would. Expenditures must be linked to an expected return on the investment. Which means we see a profit in the end. No profit, no future funds. Period. We can not continue to borrow against or kids futures in order to pay for other nations problems. I’m not saying we can’t help but these nations have to want to help themselves. Otherwise we are just wasting money best spent elsewhere.