In Iraq, U.S. is spending millions to blow up captured American war machines

By Jason Fields
August 18, 2014


Last week was a weird one for American military hardware.

In the United States, Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles (MRAPs), AR-15s and camouflage body armor all made an appearance on the streets of a suburb in the heartland, helping to give a tense situation the push needed to turn into a week of riots. American citizens in Ferguson, Missouri, feeling they were being occupied by a foreign army, rather than their friendly neighborhood cop on the beat.

Riot police stand guard as demonstrators protest the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

MRAPs didn’t get a better rap overseas, either. In what’s still being called Iraq — at least for the sake of convenience — the U.S. Air Force has resumed bombing missions in the northern part of the “country.” The aim of the missions is stated as being the defense of a minority group known as the Yazidis, who practice a religion unique to themselves and are under threat by the Islamic State, a jihadi group that controls a large chunk of territory in Syria and Iraq.

The extremist cadre Islamic State — which has declared itself to be the new caliphate, representing God’s will on earth — has had an incredible string of military successes over the last few months. They’ve taken a lot of territory. They’ve slaughtered a lot of people, including civilians. They’ve imposed what they say is Islamic law — though many Islamic scholars would beg to disagree.

And Islamic State’s  captured an enormous amount of U.S. weaponry, originally intended for the rebuilt Iraqi Army. You know — the one that collapsed in terror in front of the Islamic State, back when they were just ISIL? The ones who dropped their uniforms, and rifles and ran away?

They left behind the bigger equipment, too, including M1 Abrams tanks (about $6 million each), 52 M198 Howitzer cannons ($527,337), and MRAPs (about $1 million) similar to the ones in use in Ferguson.

Now, U.S. warplanes are flying sorties, at a cost somewhere between $22,000 to 30,000 per hour for the F-16s, to drop bombs that cost at least $20,000 each, to destroy this captured equipment.

That means if an F-16 were to take off from Incirclik Air Force Base in Turkey and fly two hours to Erbil, Iraq, and successfully drop both of its bombs on one target each, it costs the United States somewhere between $84,000 to $104,000 for the sortie and destroys a minimum of $1 million and a maximum of $12 million in U.S.-made equipment.

Of course we’re not alone in facing this kind of problem.

The Russians and Ukrainians are also facing off with tanks and guns and bombs and planes and uniforms all made in the same factories. They were the same country a mere 23 years ago. And even after they weren’t any more, they maintained close military ties until very recently.

Before Russia decided it couldn’t stand losing its friend in Kiev, Viktor Yanukovich, Russian President Vladimir Putin was happy to keep most of his navy in what was then Ukrainian territory: Crimea.

I guess that’s the thing about weapons. Once you make them, you never know who’s going to end up pointing them at whom.

TOP PHOTO: An M1 Abrams tank of the Iraqi security forces is seen during clashes with the al Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Ramadi, May 31, 2014. REUTERS/ Ali al-Mashhadani 

INSET PHOTO: Riot police stand guard as demonstrators protest the shooting death of teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri August 13, 2014. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni


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We need US Air Power to drop some tonnage on Ferguson.

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Shame GW Bush didn’t walk away from Maliki when he was advised to.

Posted by misterjag | Report as abusive

You can bet General Dynamics is cheering for both sides.

Posted by Celebrindan | Report as abusive

Pretty sure they are not using civilian AR-15s. But whatever, I’m sure you did your research.

Posted by ThatGuyFromTX | Report as abusive

Stock tip: buy weapons makers.

Posted by ruffsoft | Report as abusive

It’s a shame that America decided to support the jihadist fighters in Afghanistan against the old Soviet Union (now Russia)occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980′s. That started the daisy chain effect of war after war in the Middle East. Sorry not “war”. That’s the wrong word. “Military mission” after “military mission”. War was never declared. There were never sufficient grounds to declare war.

Posted by nose2066 | Report as abusive

GW Bush and anyone who voted for him…. got 4,000 American service members killed for nothing. 2 trillion taxpayer dollars wasted on top of that.

Told you so.

Posted by AlkalineState | Report as abusive

should we be able to install some kind of self destruction device on these that can be controlled remotely?

If i can located and shut down my iphone, shouldn’t the US military, for a few $, b able to do the same?

Posted by GA_Chris | Report as abusive

It is cost without long term payoff for the USA going into the Muslim world except for a short term punishment raid (killing a lot of bad guys and whoever did not get out of their area when told) when attacked.

Posted by SamuelReich | Report as abusive

My writer’s mind wonders: is ISIS a CIA project? They need a new boogeyman to keep us frightened, and now, here comes an organization whose public utterances sound like they were written in a Hollywood bungalow.

Posted by RIghtBehind | Report as abusive

@GA_Chris LOL remote destruction – giving hackers the ultimate edge? Too bad we aren’t the best in this category.

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If only internet ‘opinion’ writers ran the world… I’m sure everything would be perfect.

Posted by dd606 | Report as abusive

What a perfect scenario of military sales to the USA. Bomb away – each drop is money in the bank.

Posted by Butch_from_PA | Report as abusive

why don’t they develop self-destruction weaponry?

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Reply to Celebrindan: Following the Russian retreat from Afghanistan, there was a free-for-all fight amongst all of the local warlords in Afghanistan to decide who would control the country. In that chaos, the Taliban, supported by Pakistan and Saudi Arabia took control of the government.

Within Taliban controlled Afghanistan, the jihadists set-up training camps to train fighters to fight against Israel. Bill Clinton had the American military bomb those camps. Apparently in retaliation for those bombings, the jihadists attacked the twin towers in New York City in the 9-11 attacks.

So does that now provide a “more complete” history of the recent wars in the Middle East?

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Meh..that’s nothing new. The US spent millions investigating an intern who was blowing (up) a sitting US President.

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“Russian President Vladimir Putin was happy to keep most of his navy in what was then Ukrainian territory: Crimea.”

Actually, far less than “most of his navy” was based on Crimea. Russian Navy is based mostly in the Arctic Ocean (particularly in Murmansk and nearby) and in the Pacific Ocean. The Russian Baltic Fleet and Black Sea Fleet are substantially smaller, because there is no much sense for Russia to have a big number of bigger ships or submarines in the small seas accessible only through narrow straits completely controlled by NATO countries.

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What exactly is the reasoning for tying the Missouri riots with blowing up usa/iraqi military hardware?

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A tasteless soup made with boring ingredients by a bad cook.

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As a wise man once said, “Life is like a box ‘o chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

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Thanks for the insight. Now I know where my tax money goes. Whats that saying….. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over & expecting something different. I must remember that when I go to vote.

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. . . and the problem is? . . . . .

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Limited Wars, as 20th Century Military History demonstrates, have no Military solution. The use of military force by limited means can only create the conditions for the opposing sides to meet around the conference table and achieve a diplomatic solution. The non-involvement of the home base directly in the conflict inevitably leads to victim fatigue and loss of political support in Western countries thereby allowing the weaker side to negotiate disproportionate conditions for an armistice. So i might is Right, Total War should be waged by the strongest state and involve the home base. Let opposing ideologies in conflict state engage in a civil war in their sanitised boundaries until one ideology prevails over the other i.e let the people decide.

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Have you seen the list of military hardware they have taken? Tanks, apc, humvees not to mention advanced weapons with night vision tech, missile launchers, etc. This is not a little ‘oops’ moment on behalf of the American military, this is a cluster@uck of historical proportions.
ISIS/ISIL is making more than a million dollars a day from captured oil wells, and they stole almost half a billion dollars (plus an unknown amount of gold) from the Mosul bank alone. Then add in the priceless artifacts from historical sites.
The incompetence that allowed this to happen is going to echo in history for quite some time. Tell us again how many experienced military generals quit or were dismissed by Obama? This is what happens when someone with no experience fires those that do and then surrounds himself with ‘yes’ men.

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[…] situation has become so absurd that the U.S. is now spending millions of dollars bombing U.S.-made military equipment in Iraq — itself worth millions, previously gifted to the Iraqi government and then taken by […]

[…] situation has become so absurd that the U.S. is now spending millions of dollars bombing U.S.-made military equipment in Iraq — itself worth millions, previously gifted to the Iraqi government and then taken by […]

[…] situation has become so absurd that the U.S. is now spending millions of dollars bombing U.S.-made military equipment in Iraq — itself worth millions, previously gifted to the Iraqi government and then taken by […]

@ stambo2001

“Then add in the priceless artifacts from historical sites.”

so we know they are hard up when they start the auctions, better wait em out

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[…] In Iraq, U.S. is spending millions to blow up American war machines captured by ISIS […]

Watching today’s endlessly repeated video clip of one of our heroic sorties bombing a freaking pickup truck. At a cost of $85K-104K.

Just send in some creepy salesman from a local used car lot and offer the bandit in charge $20K cash on the spot for his truck – and we’re in business – making the world safe for capitalism.

Posted by Eideard | Report as abusive

[…] the significance of killing Islamic State militants and only looking at equipment, the tanks were worth an estimated $4.5 to $6.5 million apiece andeach Humvee cost $150,000 to $250,000, bringing […]

[…] the significance of killing Islamic State militants and only looking at equipment, the tankswere worth an estimated $4.5 to $6.5 million apiece and each Humvee cost $150,000 to $250,000, bringing the […]

Just read this

The truth about the 2 wars and who saved America.

Its now been getting out there over the last 7 hours. The American government that murders their own people “for say”, has unknown military strategy, and have hidden the truth from the public. David Pretorius is a 100% con job, and here is all the strategy’s, I done. This even includes the strategy’s they are missing out on, 100% knowing there murdering the civilian and their own troops, buy not paying the small lifetime fee for an unlimited amount of new strategy, or even improving all of “my Strategy’s” that saved 1,000s of troops lives, and 70k+ civilians lives. I have all the proof of the strategy’s i have done “before” they did them, even a video at a live AFL game with 40- 50K people there, showing the strategy and clearly the game was played before they did them. Also have Computer dates and another video recording.

I asked for $6 million dollars, after giving them the first lot of strategy’s, that saved 1,000 American troops, and they would not pay up. When I told bush I would go live to the media, that’s when he come out saying on “TV “with his pre planted reporter asking the question…. How did you do the strategy’s “Some people have given us Ideas”. That’s 100% incorrect, as they did 100% of my 50 – 70 strategy’s. The video shows them all before they did them, and they did 99.9% of them. I will also Tell you how the strategy’s really work. I did keep doing it to save the troops lives, but I reached a point where I could not do them for free, why living off $1 an hour and spending 18 hours a day, for 4 years, to think and think and think of strategy’s. As easy as they are, they are so hard 2 do…just try think of 1? Thinking outside of the box…..YEP.

I made it 100% clear, if you don’t give me a job, or some kind of money, you 100% know lives will be lost “You have seen the results”. There is now way I can do it for free 18 hours a day, having to think and think none stop. They didn’t care, even after I turned the Iraq war around… by myself, and saved 1,000s of American troops, and 10s of thousands of Iraqi civilians. AT the end of the Iraq war 0 America troops got killed and that war was won. I didn’t even get a thanks = nothing. John Howard did reply saying thank you in a letter “after I sent them 2 him” after i sent them 2 the American chiefs of staff and the White house. There secretaries in the office 100% know the truth, probably millionaires 2 lol…have a look into them,They read the letters first.

Here is just more proof of how they have cost lives. Battle of ISIS with Syria and Iraq. Battle on the border in Kobani. They have know strategist like me, and by not paying up the money they have cost civilians and people their lives. Americas strategy in Kobani. Drop 5,000 pond bombs on the targets that kill the ISIS and the civilians they hold, plus the civilians near the target, because 1 bomb takes out a massive area…look and see. There bombs take out a massive area with 1 bomb, destroying all near it. There strategy is last line of defence, by just dropping them all over there positions. That murders civilians….. So they have know strategy at all then.

My strategy.
The Kurdish troops holding them off, will go house to house all houses behind them, clearing the area. The strategy works by sending people back from the front “there holding position” clearing out all civilians seeing a 100% cleared zone. So we tell them to send people back behind them, and clear the area. They will then start to pull back fast, seeing the ISIS men rushing forward, into the “deliberately” cleared area. They think they pushing them back now, but its a trap. Area cleared and we are going to just level it flat to the ground. SO what we do now is….LEVEL THAT CLEARED AREA THEY GO INTO . I am the worlds best strategist.

I have removed all civilians in that area “deliberately”, and have pulled back fast. That will see the ISIS moving forward into the deliberately cleared area. We are going to level that area in a wave of bombs. The first wave will 100% kill 80+% of the ISIS men that rushed forward to push them back. well at least they think that . There’s more here but ill leave it at that. there is a tactic that takes into mind…what if. The best way to make that work, is by trying to get them into a narrow area. We can compress them into a part of the city that gets smaller, meaning bigger death rate 2 . Well ether way there dead. As you can see my strategy clears the civilians out, and sees the ISIS pull into a 100% cleared area. Already that strategy is 1 million times better then there’s. They have know strategy and murder people 100% knowing, there is a Mr me, that can save massive lives, like i did in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Every strategy….not even joking for 1 second. I think its clear once you read that let alone this, who i am.
————————————————————————–Here we go.
Here are my / there real strategy from Afghanistan. Everyone is my strategy / tactic. There were lots of problems in Afghanistan. 1, the Taliban would attack for 15 min, then leave “knowing” air support would take 30 min to get there. 2, the troops would go out on walks and spotters would Ambush them up ahead. 3, they had an endless supply of men. 4, they only had limited drones and the troops got attacked from different places all the time.

My strategy’s.

My Id cards from Iraq, that I told them 2 make. Scan their eye take their photo and scan their fingerprint…. Full proof Id cards. Have the hand held devises that can only bring up names and photos not add them….much more. Back then I told G Bush to make them ID cards, to put a name to a gun / bullet barrel shape. That gun barrel shape is now the Iraqi troops name. ID cards were made in Iraq to make the gun Troops barrel shape, His name. If he killed anyone, the bullet barrel shape would be his ID him. Z

They did every think. I then worked on Afghanistan strategy, as the Iraq war was being won. The id cards are made as below says.
My strategy was to flood troops into areas like “hemland” and make everyone a ID card. It would then be…….”show” us your ID cards 24/7. That stops an endless supply or Taliban men, and stops them mixing in with the population. It also kills them off from the area’s. That means if 100 people get killed in that area “trying to attack us” that’s 100 less people that can live in that area . Id cards are not to monitor them as you 100% see the strategy and how id cards work. Before we went into homland, I said…… use satellites to watch the civilian cars. They will not drive on IED bombs so if we watch the roads, we 100% know the fast and safe way in. Not just that, you can even fly jet fighters low to the ground, to set them off. They shake the F out of the ground. Don’t know if they did that “or” if it 1 would worked. Well a lot more and it will all come out 2. There is 200 strategy’s for Afghanistan, some big other small.

They all add up to a %.

American GOV is just saying there monitor them with ID cards…….A LIE and its now 100% clear. Here is my second strategy that goes with my full proof id cards strategy.
Setting up traps 2 kill them off .
Setting up traps is how you flush them out and kill them off “very smart strategy” . They can attack so may different targets, and we don’t have 1 million drones, so you draw them to a target they cant say know 2. First trap is by showing them driving 30 MRAPs driving on 3 roads for 18 hours a day. We will have a drone over that road 24/7, and it will fly up and back over them limited roads. It takes over 1 hour to plant an IED in the ground, so the drone and troops know what roads to drive on “time limit” . The drone doesn’t need to fly over the road 24/7, as the MRAPS are driving back and forward for 18 hours a day…… Not giving them a 1 hour window 2 plant it unto night time. Now we pick an area that gives them cover up to the road, to tempt them more. It docent matter anyway, they have to plant them. Now the Taliban will notice the number or MRAPS driving on them roads, and will try planting mass IED bomb there 100%… BANG…… DEAD…….. TRAP.

The Hemland offensive killed 2,000 IED planters within 2 months . You now know why. Also, you mix it up,. Have a drone covering 1 road and 1 MRAP drives on it every day, or once a week. This way its Russian roulette and they never know what’s a trap is, or what’s not… if they figure it out….it don’t matter. They will never know what a trap is, and whats not. This is why they will be killed off “big time”. The best thing about setting up traps, is the second they make a new tactic, is the second we make a new trap. I’M THE BEST STRATEGIST :)))).

There are so many traps, but I will just name some more. Start to build infrastructure as traps. They target infrastructure. Build small bridges as traps in bad areas. Things like a checkpoint out in the hills that has a drone over head 24/7… TRAP.

Next turning a Taliban Ambush on us, into a ambush on them.

The troops go out on walks and the Taliban spotters call them up, and set an ambush up, ahead of them. Now we will free up 4 drones to fly over different groups of troops heads, as they go out on walks. The drones will fly from 1 group to the next group, 4 drones coverings 25 groups of troops in 24 hours. So if 1 group of troops goes out on a 2 hour walk, the drone fly’s over their heads until they get back 2 base. Once they’re back at base the drone fly’s to the next group and so on. The drone is 15 – 20,000ft up, and can see ahead of the troops. The troops will say hello to their spotters up on the hills now, and will walk up ahead to the ambush. The drone will see the ambush up ahead and kill them, or can drop bombs on them the second we have contact. Now an Ambush on us is an Ambush on them . Less id cards & less people that can live in the area. 6 – 10 years time………big kill off. If they don’t attack, then there is know war.

Stopping the Taliban from attacking and leaving before Air support gets there.

Instant Satellite. Satellite support is now used 2 counter there strategy / tactic.

Now when troops are on bases or in a area, it takes 30min for air support to get too them. The Taliban attack for 15 min then flee before they done or jet fighters can get there. The troops will have GPS at their bases and in there MRAPS now. The troops will call up for instant satellite support the second there attacked. When the Taliban attacks now, they think they’re safe, as it takes 30 min for air support to get there “but” now the troops have called up for satellite support that will now “follow them”. The drones and jet fighters will now be updated on there where about’s and will be flying to intercept them. Now they can pick what 2 do. 1 risk following them back to their hideouts, or take them out.

The first thing 2 do is blow up the caves around the bases “30 min” zone. This means they can’t get to real cover and flee within the air support time line. We can even move some bases to see less caves blown up. There are millions of caves, so some in a zone will be fine. Next is the tree lines. We can even clear back some trees to see witch the way they go. Some bases have trees off to the sides. We can now just cut a road size area from the trees, at spots. The satellites can just zoom out and see which way they’re going . Leave 2 caves open as a trap. We know as soon as they attack, there is only 2 exists . So now there strategy to attack and leave the are before air support gets there, has been counted. I told them to use satellites to counter it. Just 2 weeks ago I have seen a new 1 / update, and the problem is on the border. That’s when I told them “again” to blow them all up in that zone. It’s all works good inside Afghanistan.. kill them off. But on the border they come in and go back into Pakistan. They now need to blow up the caves in the zone on the border making it a 30 min job or run to the caves. This means they can’t just cross the border attack, and repeat. Well i told them most of that 3 years ago. Now that is just some of the “real” strategy’s that i come up with. I did every one of them 2, and there’s over 100 more strategy’s.

The Iraq war.

The Iraq war was a joke, i was stunned to watch the news and see the death rate of troops, then even more stunned to see the death rate of civilians. The first letter I sent was in 2006 when I was 26 or 27 years old. I was stunned how they didn’t even have sniffer dogs or metal detectors. I told them to go house to house all houses and take away all weapons. They did that, but things didn’t improve much. They started moving back in and attacking again. That’s when I send lots more strategy’s to fix this problem. I said for a start, the hummves should have bullet proof glass around them, 97% of shots are not head shoot. I also said put camoflash over them 2. Instantly saved big lives, and we see bullet marks on the bullet proof glass….. not killing them. Second was you need to set up roadblocks and checkpoints. They even started along the river I showed them on a satellite map lol. In Iraq there is a river and i just sent them a print up of 1 along Iraq’s river as a sample, and they even started there lol. It was set them up, then go house to house. The weapons are very hard to get back in now, and house to house clears them out.
Also it was them sniper attacks. Lock down the area, go house to house, with sniffer dogs, and spray there hands. All check points would use sniffer dogs and test there hands. That and the cement wall all the way around sadr city, stop them sniper attack. The cement wall was made to make them run out of food weapons as it 100% worked…Like i said it would.

The next point was saying how silly they are for not having roadblocks around the markets, and checkpoints to enter the Markets. 1,000 Iraqis got killed by 1 car bomb attack, and 2,000 wounded. It’s like checkpoint have 5 cops, or market 1,000 dead. So I made the point they can only kill 5 people at a checkpoint, to 1,000 dead in the markets. After that we have seen a 97% drop in civilian deaths. Thank god.
Around that time^ or a small time after, they were doing what I showed them on the satellite map. That was dividing areas with roadblocks and having checkpoints. They got to an area called sadr city and I sent them a letter. Stop and go back and build the cement wall all the way around that area. You will notice the troops “all of a sudden” went back to a point and built it all the way around sadr city. I was also sending Michael Mullen stuff on his girl / scout link….Or something like that. Soon after they deleted the link 2 “look”. That is why you see them go back, then build it all around sadr city, then stop, and only put it up at night time “as my orders” said to. I said use inferred, and only put it up at night now…pop pop pop dead.

There was so many strategy’s its not even funny. Test their hands for explosives, gun residue and so on. When attacked near a village, go house to house and take them into separate rooms. Ask them how they know each other. What do you know people had know houses to go into, and if they did, they got busted from taking them into a different room and asking them whats his name and so on. There are way 2 many things. The trailer on wheels at the front “metal detector” to detect explosives…everything. I have the full proof evidence, i just din’t want to come out. Just remember why bush told the media the public sent in some strategies for. 1 person that sent them all that all got done, did them all. Once you see them you wlll be shocked at how many things they did. “America war ship towing behind it a probe with a 1 km++ steal cable”? China sub hit it…snap??? Just wait unto you see it all. Bush did so many things its not even funny. Even small things like burning back the bushes on the roads and so on. 1 way streets so the troops don’t have 2 look both ways from a car attack speeding up to them. Cement blast walls for trucks all the way into the city…way 2 many 2 say.

Maybe the biggest strategy was “forcing” the sons of Iraq to join us. David betrayME made the sons of Iraq 2 year before the surge of Iraq. It was a big fail. The problem with the sons of Iraq was the death rate was almost 0%. They would attack…throw them Russian parachute grenade, and the troops will drive off and flee, or stay there and let them flee. The turn around came with the new strategy’s / tactics. There is know point driving fast, or speeding off. You must now drive in 2s or 3s. Now the troops would go after them hard and be crazy in a way. The troops would drive in 2s or 3s and if they throw one at any of them, the troops will try to run him down. If they smash into a fance they jump out shooting, Y running after him. The Humvee that got hit would see the people jump out with their guns and go after him… no matter what. This is when we seen them smashing the sons of Iraq. Know more fleeing off. Now it was killing them all know matter what. It was about turning that 0% death rate into a 97% death rate if they attack. It didn’t matter if we lost 6 troops to kill that 1 guy. It showed them if they fuck with us, there suicide attackers “99% of them” know thanks. That’s why they changed side’s and joined us. I even said if they run into a house, you have to blow it up. Show them running off like cowards, and getting f’ed up hardcore…. love black ops. Ps It happened…… got leveled flat to the ground =dead.

There are 2 many things to say, once the media jumps on it, they will all come out, and show the bush and American government lies. How can you do that 2 someone that did that for you. Saved 1,000s of troop lives and more than likely 100+k civilian lives. All they had to do was pay a 1 off live fee. They knew it could save so many lives and just improve the tactics more and more. Once I told bush this, he had an interview and said to the media… some people sent in an idea. That’s totally incorrect, 1 person sent in 100drs of strategy’s, that they all did after.

You can now see them and even a real ISIS strategy 1 million time better then there’s. I am the best strategy’s going around. They now everything about me…and i can come out about that 2 and clear everything up. but they new the truth 100%.

First put it to them so we can hear their BS response. I have 100% full proof and it can be confirmed before they did them all. I have dates and even took another recording at home with other proof on it. I would even take a polygraph test. I think we all know bush would 100% fail 1. He doesn’t even know his right hand from his left. So here you have been told the real strategy’s, and not the made up 1s. Also, you see a strategy that would of saved civilian lives, if I had been the strategist to plan attacks on the ISIS. That 1 strategy took me 5 min to come up with. They 100% know they are costing people their lives. It makes me so angry. They know everything worked, and that’s why G bush did everything i said. Maybe that’s why the market went bust lol. Ether way you can 100% see the truth and even a strategy not done, that they should of made.

Also, they even sent a spy to meet me. I was at the Henley beach cafe / pub talking to this big Scottish so called tourist guy, After a bit the war come up and I asked him, what he would do seen as we can’t blow up all them beautiful caves. His reply opened my eyes up. He looked around and gave me this look. He lent forward and said………I would pump carbon monoxide into the caves. That is 100%, one of my strategy and I knew instantly, he was a spy or so on. I have so many strategy’s “some” silly, and some well you seen some = crazy good. That’s was to make a pump that would pump in carbon monoxide, if they run off into the caves. We would bring it up and it would out run them easy. Like a tunnel fire we have seen in the past, and people cant out run the smoke. That spy also said to me……be careful, you can get cancer so easy these days. It took me a bit of time to think what the F… then it hit me wtf. Well they haven’t yet and “whatever”. Its beyond clear this is not a lie and you can 100% see that from the strategy’s, and a strategy they should of down to save lives. I am the worlds best war strategist.

So ask bush and the Whitehouse who was the person that did them all? Ask him why he said people from the public did some of them……After all, he has already come out and said that, just not 99.9% true about how did them all.

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