Ukraine fight shows how far Russia’s star has fallen from Soviet ‘glory’

August 24, 2014

How far the Soviet star has fallen

A statue of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, stands near Sputnik in the first gallery of the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow. REUTERS/Jason Fields Russia's just not the same under President Vladimir Putin. It wasn't long ago that Russia didn’t need to paint its military convoys a pale white to cross international boundaries. The trucks and tanks were green and boldly emblazoned with red stars — not crosses — on their sides and turrets. And when they …

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Yah know, I think the writer is completely wrong. Just watch and you will see.

Posted by ecman | Report as abusive

Read the history of Nazi Germany and the rise of Hitler, promising to restore the glories of the past – Putin obviously has.

Posted by PatrickZ | Report as abusive

Russia is a drunk and dirty relic now. All the smart and ambitious Russians have left for other countries.

Posted by AlkalineState | Report as abusive

dear Jason, I am very sorry but you create a monster for youself and for a couple of crazy people who like your stories.
a pig will find the dirt. and you’re so.

Posted by tatania | Report as abusive

It never ceases to amaze me at how out of touch journalists are and the lack of intelligence that is given to the reader. The communist experiment failed and Russia has attempted to re-emerge as a new nation to learn from the mistakes of the past and to work for the future. The propaganda spouted by all the western press to paint Russia as the enemy of the world is a wonderful piece of fiction. This enables the real enemy of peace and prosperity to continue raping the world in its rush for global super stardom. Instead of using Nato to encircle Russia and thereby force us into a new cold war we should be looking at more cooperation and trade for the good of all.

Posted by Moties001 | Report as abusive

This reads like a cold war propaganda piece. America should not need to spew this sort of ‘one-up-men-ship’ nonsense that wasted a generation to competing in a meaningless cold war with Russia.

Posted by BidnisMan | Report as abusive