The pope’s door is always open to ISIS. Why America’s should be, too.

December 8, 2014

Hamas fighter speaks on the phone as he sits inside the personal meeting hall of President Abbas after they captured his headquarters in Gaza

Pope Francis strayed into controversy recently when he said that, while he supported military action against Islamic State, he also would not rule out speaking to the group if it would help bring peace to Syria and Iraq. “It is difficult, one could say almost impossible, but the door is always open,” he said.

Many questioned whether the Pope had taken leave of his senses. But he is not being contradictory, or foolish, in supporting military action now and, at the same time, advocating for a diplomatic end goal for the future.

I have studied the conflicts between governments and armed groups over the last thirty years, and the pattern is always the same. Every time we meet a new terrorist group we say we will never talk to them, and yet pretty much every time we end up doing so. This is especially true if they have genuine political support, as the so called ‘Islamic State’ appear to have.

People say that Islamic State is quite different from previous groups — more bloodthirsty, more irrational and more nihilistic. But that is what we say every time we meet a new group.

When I left the British government in 2008 I said, on the basis of my experience of dealing with the Irish Republican Army for a decade, that we should talk to Hamas, to the Taliban and even to al Qaeda. The Foreign Office predictably dismissed the idea. They said that while it was fine to talk to the IRA and the Palestine Liberation Organization, these new groups were beyond the pale.

In the six years since then, the U.S. and Israeli governments have negotiated a ceasefire with Hamas, the U.S. government has negotiated a prisoner swap with the Taliban and the former head of MI5 has suggested we should be talking to al Qaeda.

If so much can change in just six years, who is to say that we will not be talking to Islamic State at some point too?

People ask what we would negotiate with Islamic State about. Their demand for a universal caliphate is completely unacceptable. But so was the demand of Free Aceh Movement (or GAM) in Indonesia for an independent Aceh, and the demand of the IRA for a united Ireland, made at gunpoint and without regard for the wishes of the majority Northern Ireland’s population.

When we sat down with them, however, it turned out that there were other things they wanted: like a power-sharing government, Equal opportunities and the use of the Irish language.

The same could be true of Islamic State.

The Sunni communities in Iraq and Syria have legitimate grievances about the way they were treated by the sectarian governments of Nouri al-Maliki, and the way they continue to be treated under Bashar al-Assad’s regime. Unless those grievances are properly addressed, there won’t be a lasting peace settlement in either country.

I am not suggesting for a minute that the West should sit down and try to negotiate with Ibrahim al Baghdadi now, even if he were prepared to do so.
That would be ludicrous, as the conditions are not present at the moment for such negotiations to succeed.

But in past conflicts, governments have opened up secret channels to terrorist groups using intelligence services. Those channels have allowed negotiations to take place at a later, more propitious time.

The British government opened a channel to the IRA in 1972 and it was finally used by John Major in 1991-1993 to bring about a ceasefire and peace negotiations.

People underestimate how long it takes to build trust and educate armed groups about what is realistic and what is not. Negotiations themselves are only possible when there is a military stalemate. One could envisage a situation where a secret channel is opened up to Islamic State and, eventually, negotiations take place once they have been adequately checked militarily.

If history is anything to go by, a combination of military pressure and offering a political way out through negotiations is likely to be the only way of getting to a lasting settlement. Keeping the door open, as Pope Francis suggests, is a good idea after all.

PHOTO: Call me, maybe? A Hamas fighter speaks on the phone as he sits inside the personal meeting hall of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas after they captured his headquarters in Gaza June 15, 2007.  REUTERS/Suhaib Salem 



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Posted by freewillchoose | Report as abusive

Oh sure, just give ’em visas. The rest can simply swim or walk across the border. We’ll all a roaring party & sing Hava Nagila.

Posted by reallynow_ | Report as abusive

Negotiations with IS would only result in the establishment of a caliphate. Who wants that besides them? How does the rest of the world, or even the Middle East benefit from those negotiations? I don’t see any benefit to talking.

Posted by ScreenName1978 | Report as abusive

I guess we should have held serious meaningful discussions with Hitler too. Of course that probably means you would be writing your column in German, assuming you were ever born.

Posted by Tarheel72 | Report as abusive

This Topic comes from honorable news agency, but sometimes lately some columns and writers confuses their own interest with ideas and illusions in order to send a represented political messages and (public opinion shield) like foreign policy statements. timely and regionally by one picture that does not represent the actual facts in the name of “Irish” Powell!

Speaking on Middle East i guess some people still got an idea that the differences in Christians doctrines is a key of solution or a pressure!

Posted by ALSUKHON | Report as abusive

Great ideas and analysis Jonathan Powell. I think we should be talking and negotiating and reasoning with ISIS to try to empathize and hear their legitimate grievances. Why don’t you head on over to do the talking.

Posted by fredh123 | Report as abusive

I cannot believe the Pope said this. The time to talk is not after they attacked and murdered innocent women and children.

Posted by Prox | Report as abusive

I cannot believe the Pope said something so stupid. Dialog is not after foreign fighters go to a country and take parts of it, murder innocent women and children, and force the excuse for a religion on others.

Posted by Prox | Report as abusive

It’s simply not credible or believable that the US, NATO and over sixty of the world’s most technologically and militarily advanced nations couldn’t crush ISIL like a cockroach under their communal heel if they really wanted to…..It seems they just don’t want to. Why?

Posted by zac48 | Report as abusive

The assumption is that Islamic State will want to talk. Part of the mindset of Islamic State is that they don’t talk to Infedels, period. The recent split from Al Quieda was due to Al Quidas willingness to do some talking at least. They may use western computing power an altered encryption techniques to conduct their business in secret, import millions of pounds or dollars worth of Pringles, (according to the FT) supporting the despised democracies and a despicable human rights and opportunities provided by The multinationals that own the brand, (in their view), but at the same time, they won’t talk and continue (to use the true meaning of the old English saying) in their bloody minded way, refusing point blank to see the insane notion of unbelievable suffering in this life for a Pringles and Virgin inspired life in Martydom. What a way to go! Their love of Pringles will only be undermined by their desire to behead the entire non Muslim production staff should their “culture” ever reach Belguim, causing a self inflicted shortage of their favourite snack. At that small juncture, Islamic State may realise all they have and will achieve is the turning of the world into a desert on all levels and a return to famine, disease and pestilence.

Posted by MyFreedomToday | Report as abusive

…rather like keeping the door,open for a conversation with Satan, I should think.

Posted by Redford | Report as abusive

Powell has made the very thing he wants inadvisable. Private discussions go on all the time. Once the fact of discussions hit the media, they are no longer private and posturing starts taking place on both sides, trashing the goals of private discussions.

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This is not just some group with a different agenda than our own. This is a group that literally beheads children (and of course men and women too). This is not a group to negotiate with. This is a group to wipe from the face of the earth. If there is such as thing as pure evil, this IS personifies it.

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