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Bill Cosby Rape Facts: Based on historic serial rapist data statistics Bill Cosby is an international serial rapist. 98% of victims tell the truth; 5% of rape crimes are reported. 2% of victims lie; 95% of rape crimes are never reported because victims fear rapist reprisal. These statistics and supporting links are provided in detail below. As of March 1, 2015, 35 women have accused Cosby of rape. These 35 women represent only 5% of the victims Cosby raped. Cosby, a sociopath serial rapist, lacks conscience, empathy, remorse, guilt or shame. If you doubt these statistics please do your own research. This is IMPORTANT!
WHY! VICTIMS MATTER! These victims represent all of us, our families, our children, daughters, wives, mothers and sisters. When our courts and countries fail to protect our families we must take action.
Cosby Rapist Law – Decree: Help set a new precedence, perhaps the “Cosby Rapist Law” decree enabling the capture, prosecution and imprisonment of so many serial rapists who have avoided capture. Let this be the Cosby legacy #cosbyrapistlaw
Agree! Please take this link viral today. WHY! VICTIMS MATTER! Help stop rapist Cosby’s ongoing reprisal threats against the women who have accused him of rape. 39544/posts/e5vBecfNDJw

By: Sledgedog Sat, 14 Feb 2015 18:20:09 +0000 I am totally for ending corruption in rape cases.

BUT – why would you want to “bring down” powerful men “accused” of rape. Bringing them to court and getting a conviction is a different matter.

The aggressive title phraseology says a lot about the mindset of the author.

By: pyradius Fri, 13 Feb 2015 22:46:04 +0000 “Using that logic if 300 women emerged to say they were raped by Cosby the credibility of the allegations against him would be further boosted ten times.”

What the author is referring to is the court of public opinion. OBVIOUSLY (Well, obvious to intelligence) we’re not referring to the ‘court of law’ in this case, although TESTIMONY (which the accusations thus far are not but just as easily could be in the right legal forum) is certainly a form of evidence and yes the MORE EVIDENCE there is of something certainly CAN give the accusations more credence.

By: evilhippo Thu, 12 Feb 2015 16:44:25 +0000 “Motivations of accusers, rather than the accused, are questioned”

So are you saying investigators should *not* examine the motivations of accusers, only of the accused? Really? This article is full of very loaded language.

By: distancematters Thu, 12 Feb 2015 14:42:39 +0000 Korios

Does it matter if one or even ten of Cosby’s accusers are after the media attention and the unlikely event of money pay-off? Because that leaves 20-29 who were RAPED and dared to come forward with their story. How many other women were raped and chose not to be subjected to public scrutiny and skepticism?

Women who falsely accuse a man of rape should be dealt with harshly, very harshly for legitimizing the skepticism. But far more numerous than those liars are the women who have been raped and don’t come forward because as you say, too often it’s “her word against his.”

My advice to women who have been raped or harassed: be strong, come forward and report the incident and get it on the record. You owe it to yourself and other women who may become future victims.

By: yobro_yobro88 Thu, 12 Feb 2015 14:21:37 +0000 there is not a shred of evidence suggesting DSK committed rape. (Hint for stockholm syndrome suffering progressives, being a john is different from being a rapist)

and yet all over the media including this article, and pretty much any1 with a grievance has already taken a position against him, then somehow in all of this the scales of justice are tipped in his favor cause he is rich.

NOPE, you are not fooling at least me. DSK has a bullseye on his back because he is rich. This kind of behaviour does not harm the rich as class because those in these rich classes become aware of the situation and find ways to protect themselves.

However these grievance industries will one day regret the day they gave birth to such monsters when it comes back to haunt them.

All those progressives/liberals/feminists/single parents/discriminated minorities/…… every other loser and some1 with a greivance will regret the day they traded away, “innocent until proven guilty”, and the bill of rights, the cause of liberty, protection of private property, for what in return? sympathic leaders like sharpton and Obama who spoke to your heart. thats it, thats what you got for your sovereignty?

By: aeci Thu, 12 Feb 2015 13:50:42 +0000 I find it odd and slightly amusing that Mr Herman didn’t include Jeffrey Epstein and Alan Dershowitz. Epstein was the alleged impresario of Prince Andrew’s improprieties and Dershowitz is the unapologetic apologist for himself and those rich and powerful men whose table he worships and allegedly sat at and sampled.

By: Korios Thu, 12 Feb 2015 00:44:11 +0000 “The moment other victims come forward, the credibility of all prior allegations is boosted.”
Using that logic if 300 women emerged to say they were raped by Cosby the credibility of the allegations against him would be further boosted ten times. What if.. 3,000 women said they were raped by him? Are we supposed to believe all of them to avoid “blaming the victims”? Where does this end? Where do they draw the line between believing all the accusers and starting to think that, when the number of the accusers grows conspicuously, at least some of them must be money grabbers? I do not mean to question the women accusing Cosby of being sexually assaulted by him, but you really need to take into account the possibility that at least one of them, or one that yet has to emerge, is a money grabber. How can you prove who’s right when there is no physical evidence and no witnesses, and you just have a case of “her word against his”? And why, just by convincing a grand jury that your client is truthful, can that be regarded as “proof”?

By: snapdorris Wed, 11 Feb 2015 20:11:32 +0000 Mr. Herman is right that the benefits of reporting sex crimes almost always outweigh the risk. The short term pain can be significant. But the long term healing, justice, and prevention are far greater.
Barbara Dorris
Outreach Director for SNAP