Peacekeeping in time of war, with genocidal results

July 9, 2015

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I would be interesting to have a more detailed account of recent UN discussions on the inadequacy and manipulation of UN forces in Bosnia and relations with Serbia at the time… by the various states: US, France…, and the horse-trading in their decision-making, in particular the role of the French President and High Command amongst others, and their failure (refusal?) to use airstrikes to defend the Bosnian Muslims… This resulted in many thousands of partially disarmed Muslims being massacred…, now recognised as a “crime contre l’humanit√©”. It also contributes significantly to current Muslim mistrust of the “humanitarian” role of the Western powers in Syria – Iraq… It appears to parallel the US’ and France’s role in Rwanda.

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How does Russia’s non-acceptance of the wording on the slaughter in Srebenica affect future peace-keeping efforts in the multitude of theatres of war at play in our far from peaceful world? The slaughter was convened by the mighty handed approach of the UN Security Council. You experts on everything killing, disarm one side in a conflict dating back centuries; fail to disarm the opposing faction, and now dwell on the inevitable calamity and human suffering that ensued. Economic sanctions and mitigation of arms flows into conflict zones gradually wears down the aggressor and potentially leads to a mutual cessation of hostilities. Any presence of outsider forces fostered from a humanitarian driver, appear to exasperate disputes by loading further cultural complexities into the equation. French leadership has failed before. A critical turning point was reached in the waters off North Africa towards the end of WWll, when Churchill was forced to scuttle the French Fleet to prevent their falling into Nazi hands. Many French sailors went to the bottom of the Mediterranean. Would Britain accept this necessary strategy to slow Germany down as genocide?

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