The women warriors giving ISIS nightmares

December 17, 2015

Islamic State has many enemies, both around the world and in the Middle East. But there’s one group of fighters that the men of Islamic State fear more than others because, rumors say, to be killed by them doesn’t lead to martyrdom, but to an eternity in hell. These fearsome warriors are members of the Kurdish Women’s Protection Units, and in this week’s War College, we look at the role they – and other women – are playing in the war against Islamic State.

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All Daesh fighters go to hell anyway. The Koran is a book of satanic verses.

Posted by Solidar | Report as abusive


There is nothing in fundamental Islamic teachings that predestine any particular individual to hell. Islamic State fighters, with the nature of their engagement hardly fear death, but obviously might fear the humiliation of being captured, especially at the hands of Kurdish women.

Sure Kurdish women may be considered heroic, but then so was Laura Secord.

Posted by RanaSahib | Report as abusive

According to Amnesty International those militants doing ethnic cleansing against non-Kurdish people.Drawing a different picture , showing them as rightful people who fight against evil will let war to much higher level, more tears and more blood.
Please let people know the truth, those are not different from ISIS or any other terror group.
It does not require you to launder their criminal for being cooperate with western powers.

Posted by AhmetA | Report as abusive

That’s why Erdogan bombs them to make sure his ISIS buddies can get the 72 virgins.

Posted by Macedonian | Report as abusive

So proud of the women fighting Daesh. You go, girls!

Posted by hometown | Report as abusive

yes dude , thats why turkey bombs them . not because ,they killed 5800 army member 770 police and 4800 civilian since 1978. :))

Posted by legit | Report as abusive

These are those who forsake women which God has permitted and go after those he has forbidden.

Posted by JohnWayne2 | Report as abusive

To Solidar, RanaSahib, and any other religious minded here — you do realize that all this talk of heaven, hell, satans and devils — is superstition. You get that, right? It is no different than fear of Friday the 13th, or black cats crossing your path. Its ALL SUPERSTITION, as in NOT REAL, made-up, fairy tales. You are all living in an age far too enlightened to continue believing this stuff. It may be part of your cultural identity, but please be part of the solution and stop perpetuating ignorance.

Posted by bearvarine | Report as abusive

Um. Does being killed by a drone piloted by a female count?

Posted by kea808 | Report as abusive

A bible and a koran walk into a bar. They are accidentally mistaken for toilet paper, and become covered in feces before getting flushed down the toilet. Their purpose becomes fully realized.

Posted by Solidar | Report as abusive

Among some of the other myths Daesh believes are that being buried face down prevents entry into heaven and losing parts of your body disfigures you for eternity.

Posted by elgeezer | Report as abusive

They also believe that being buried face down prevents entry into heaven. And loss of any body parts is carried on thruout eternity. If only!

Posted by elgeezer | Report as abusive

Turkey fears the Kurds more than ISIS. It attacks them on their own home ground in southeastern Turkey, a land where they have lived for 2500 years, and when they retaliate, they are branded terrorists. The U.S. goes along, understanding nothing.

Posted by larryboning | Report as abusive

Daesh is nothing. They are losing their last major stronghold this week (Ramadi). Their communications are hacked and monitored by 14 countries (they use regular tower cell phones and own no satellites). Their oil shipments have been reduced by 60%. The remaining 40% we just steal for allies.

ISIS is a false caliphate, and a failed experiment in false statehood.

Posted by Solidar | Report as abusive

I wish I knew how to forward this article to the Washington Post cartoonist who recently decided to fight two little girls in the cartoonist’s combat with a U.S. presidential campaign. These fighters are worth that kind of world attention. What an abuse of privilege that cartoonist displayed.

Posted by hometown | Report as abusive

These women warriors are so inspiring. God bless and protect them.HOORAY

Posted by Prof.Helen | Report as abusive

For a very long time the Kurds have been surrounded by hostile forces.

Posted by kritik1 | Report as abusive