Comments on: Politics: Marketplace of ideas now just a marketplace Thu, 21 Jul 2016 07:57:19 +0000 hourly 1 By: JeffreyWhite Wed, 06 Jan 2016 21:53:08 +0000 As Trump has shown, a presidential campaign can save substantial sums of money by using lots of free media.

Hence, the easiest and quickest way to implement big-bang Campaign Finance Reform in a few years is to piggyback campaign reform on the back the *existing FCC rule that radio and television must give away at least one-half hour a week to announcements that are deemed to be in interest to the community.*

1. Require any radio or television entity that hosts or disseminates political ads to only do so as a public service. *Radio and television entities must always run political ads for political candidates and public offices for free of charge.*

2. Of course, radio and television entities would not be required to run any political ads for a political office or candidate. Running political ads would be completely optional for radio and television entities.

3. If a radio or television entity does decide to host a political ad for a public office or candidate, then *the entity must make itself available to host all other candidates’ political ads in similar time and space slots for the same public office.*

4. Change the FEC to help enforce these changes with audit and penalty requirements.

5. Possibly allow radio and television entities to deduct free political ads as a business expense or tax credit.

This campaign reform will help guarantee that cash-poor campaigns will have as much comparable access to advertise on radio and television as the PAC’s and other well-funded campaigns.

*Given that political advertising typically consumes up to 75% of political campaign budgets, cash-poor campaigns can represent more everyday people and fewer super rich people and corporations and still compete effectively with well-funded campaigns.*

Keep in mind that the American political process did just fine without any radio and television for well over 150 years. Of course, there will still be free radio and television news and discussion programs and soundbites as well as print media. Also, some radio and television stations will run political ads and debates for free out of sense of civic duty and as loss-leader programming to attract viewers for non-political advertising. Finally, candidate’s today also have telephone banks and the Internet to promote political campaigns.

By: brotherkenny4 Wed, 06 Jan 2016 17:29:04 +0000 No one in the US anyway is required to vote for specific candidates. The fact that the people give power to the candidates selected by the wealthy stands as confirmation that they agree to the outcome and process. It confirms that the typical US citizen is a frightened person who believes the fear mongering. We have the governments that we deserve. The typical US citizen is frightened and weak and believes in many magical things that are not real. I suspect the rest of the world is the same. I hate our leaders for their dishonesty, and many citizens claim the same, except that they cannot bring themselves to leave their ideological cults. Much suffering must happen before the majority will awake from their stupor. Even then, because they have never trained themselves to be rational, they will likely not have the capability to see a rational path. The strength of democracy (democratically elected leaders) is an educated electorate. We don’t have that, we have a brainwashed population who believes in magic.