Podcast: Surprising changes underway for Israel’s military

February 5, 2016
PARTICIPANTS: Jason Fields, Matthew Gault, Noga Tarnopolsky

Israel’s defense forces are widely regarded to be among the world’s elite. Their training methods are copied by other militaries, actions taken by their soldiers and pilots are legendary. The Raid on Entebbe, the Six Day War, the 1981 air strike that took out a nuclear reactor under construction in Iraq.

But those victories were long ago and Israel’s enemies have evolved. This week on War College, journalist Noga Tarnopolsky discusses why Israel is cutting back on officers, strengthening its borders and worrying less about Iran than you might expect.

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“Almost everyone serves.” It’s interesting who does not serve: The ultra-Orthodox haters/troublemakers who foment violence in Occupied Palestine.

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Very disappointed, if not outraged and disgusted, by your IDF nonsense. Bad enough to have spokesperson ramble on with the usual propaganda but outrageous that you should join in. Completely distorted and dishonest presentation. Do you think that your public is that ignorant? You know very well what was done and I will not waste my time detailing your errors and complicity. You should now offer an honest and complete analysis presented by a qualified authority and avoid any editorializing of your own.

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