How Garry Kasparov sees the chess match between Russia and the West

February 10, 2016

Garry Kasparov, a Russian opposition leader who was ranked as the world’s best chess player for most of 20 years, has a problem with the West’s response to Vladimir Putin and warns of the dangers of Russia’s global influence. The title of his new book – Winter Is Coming – is a conscious play on the famous Game of Thrones TV and book series and the sense of darkness stalking the world.

PARTICIPANTS: Jason Fields, Garry Kasparov

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Gary Kasparov is not a foreign policy expert. Chess players are typically not human interaction experts they have spent their lives studying a very narrow and almost mathematical science which has no real equivalent in the real world.

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Do you have a written version of the podcasts ?

Posted by Danric | Report as abusive

You have a grand master at deception and intrigue (Putain) going up against an Amateur Community Organizer. You make the call.

Posted by GetReel | Report as abusive

As read on the Web, “Every country has its own mafia, and only the Russian mafia has its own country.”

Posted by UauS | Report as abusive

Is there a written version of this podcast ?

Posted by Danric | Report as abusive

It is a mini world war! nothing else.
Same story a proxy war on other’s land.
The matter was simple.Let Assad stay for some time till other election.
One can not define democracy conveniently.It is the people choice.Syrian people want Assad and that’s all.Democracy can not have two meanings. One is the name in disguise out of greed and pride……..let innocent people die.Who cares?!

Posted by gentalman | Report as abusive

Obama and his neocon “consultants” are endangering the entire world with their reckless attempts at regime change. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and now Syria — this is American foreign policy in all its failure and lunacy. Syria requested Russia’s aid only after the US sent its terrorist proxies to overthrow yet another Middle East leader. Are Obama and his crew just idiots? Don’t they learn from their many, many mistakes? Syria is no threat to the US, yet Obama is squandering our tax money on regime change, against the will of the Syrian people. And then he has the nerve to call this democracy.

Posted by cautious123 | Report as abusive

He’s painting with a very thick brush. Putin and the West got on well for quite a long time. If going into Iraq has been a failure, deepening problems with Russia would be a complete disaster.
Lets build bridges again with our Russian friends, and lift these sanctions.
Russia might not be perfect but we’re not either.

Posted by Derik73 | Report as abusive

gary kasparov is still my number 1 die hard anti putin troll. watch your blood pressure gary! :D

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