Who was pulling the strings when Ukraine unraveled?

April 15, 2016
When Ukraine pulled itself apart in 2014, the world was confused over who was doing the pulling. Was the takeover of Luhansk, Donetsk and other regional capitals all part of a Russian plan, or a local movement?
This week on War College, we speak with Antony Butts. He was in Donetsk when it all went down and has a unique story to tell.

PARTICIPANTS: Tom Barton, Antony Butts, Jason Fields

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Good perception of events. Almost got the clue.

Posted by Donetsker | Report as abusive

So all these neo-nazi battalions sent with slogans “Russians on the knives” (with swastikas on their flags,1488 on their cars and openly declaring ethnic cleansing) on the government payroll and being trained by NATO instructors to those “largely Russian speaking breakaway regions” are “Largely false narrative”, “Element of truth” and “Russian propaganda”? No wonder MSM is falling short in modern information age!

Posted by roadwish | Report as abusive

@Roadwash, You’ve been watching too much of Russian state controlled or owned propaganda. It’s patently transparent in your comment

Posted by IceArc1979 | Report as abusive

This fascism angle is very ironic… There’s no country with such a strong ultra-nationalist element and imperialist ambition as Russia has.. It’s patently hypocritical in Russia.. Apparently there, fascism = everyone against Russian imperialism.. Are there Neo-Nazi and ultra-nationalist elements in Ukraine? You bet.. They exist in every country. But there’s no country that has them in influence and numbers as Russia does in Europe..

Posted by IceArc1979 | Report as abusive

Putin took the bait. Still entangled in Ukraine and Syria. Haha.

Posted by Solidar | Report as abusive