Update: My apologies. In the first version of this column, I confused two different Camaro models. A corrected version is below.

SHANGHAI –When the third film in Hollywood’s Transformers franchise debuted here in July, vast numbers of young Chinese flocked to movie theaters -- and Chevrolet dealerships. Wealthy moviegoers wanted to buy one of the film’s half-car, half robot main characters, a bright yellow Chevrolet Camaro coupe called “Bumblebee.”

“Everyone knew Bumblebee,” said Richard Choi, the director of sales and marketing for Chevrolet in Shanghai. “I had to get the press guys to call it Camaro, not Bumblebee.”

Over the summer, Chevrolet dealers in China sold about 350 400 bright-yellow Camaros. A separate Camaro model specifically designed to look like “Bumblebee” sold 2000 units worldwide, but will not be available in China until December. nearly one-quarter of the 2,000 “Bumblebee” Camaros the company sold worldwide.

Chinese observers say Chevrolet, though, could have sold vastly more Camaros in China. Chevrolet built the specialized Camaros each Camaro in the U.S. only after it received specific orders, creating a three-month-delay in delivery that frustrated Chinese consumers.