The Great Debate

Streep’s shallow take on Thatcher

December 12, 2011

By Nicholas Wasphott
The views expressed are his own.

When it was announced Meryl Streep was to play Margaret Thatcher in the movie biography “The Iron Lady,” to be released here on December 30 and in Britain a week later, the main topic among politicos and movie buffs was whether the Oscar-winning actress, for all her skills, would do the bossy British prime minister justice. There are no worries on that score. Streep’s impersonation is uncannily accurate. With the help of face padding and voice coaching, Thatcher is portrayed as few have ever seen her. And there lies the problem.

G20 ends Anglo-Saxon era

April 2, 2009

Paul Taylor Great Debate

— Paul Taylor is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own —

Thursday’s G20 summit may not mark the end or even the beginning of the end of the global recession. It did mark the end of the ascendancy of the unfettered, Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism.