Wei Gu–Wei Gu is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are her own–

Chairman Mao used to say the truth is always kept by the minority.

A little-known private Chinese machinery company’s bid for a GM marque has been sneered at by even the patriotic Chinese media, but the deal could succeed where mightier plays like Chinalco’s for Rio Tinto have failed.

True that private sector firms face an uphill battle in China against more dominant state-backed firms, but it seems like double standards when Western observers, who extol the virtues of the private sector taking the driver’s seat, praise Chinalco’s deal but dismiss Tengzhong’s bid for Hummer.

Chinese media’s disapproval of Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery’s move has tempered concerns about technology and job transfers to China, as well as questions whether China’s military was behind the bid.

This could give Tengzhong more bargaining power with bankrupt General Motors. Underestimation of Tengzhong could prove beneficial to the buyer in an environment where there are worries about Chinese deals not being completely driven by commercial interests.

No matter how carefully the now busted Rio deal was structured, Chinalco should know that buying pricey and highly political targets like resource companies is going to be greeted by the rest of the world with a great deal of suspicion.