The Great Debate

From financial crisis to sustainable global economy

January 28, 2009

staff_jlash_121– Jonathan Lash is president of the World Resources Institute. The views expressed are his own –

Less social dialogue and more social change

January 28, 2009

stern_official_5x5a– Andy Stern is the president of the Service Employees International Union. His views are his own –

A stimulating energy policy

January 28, 2009


– Robert Engle is the Michael Armellino Professor of Finance at New York University Stern School of Business and a Nobel Laureate. His views are his own. –

Global crisis politics – A Davos debate with Nouriel Roubini and Ian Bremmer

January 28, 2009

As governments grapple with the global crisis, politics has taken on central importance in determining the course of the world economy — and political risk is more significant than ever.

Turning the tables: Can you help Davos leaders?

January 27, 2009

Klaus SchwabDavos is a well-rehearsed event and everyone knows the part they should play. Business and political leaders gather each year to tackle the major challenges of a global economy while the rest of the world, or those of its citizens who are interested, look on from afar. But this year, for obvious reasons, things are different. The notion of leadership has been coupled in the public mind with that of responsibility. The tone here is a little more humble and the attitude more open-minded. There’s a recognition that new thinking is required.  A suitable time, perhaps, to turn the tables on convention and have Davos delegates ask the questions they can’t answer and for global citizens to offer solutions.

Davos debate: How to fix finance?

January 26, 2009

The credit crunch has left little of the globe unaffected and few sectors of the world economy untouched. The interlinkages between economics and finance are at the core of discussions at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Reuters News asked delegates for their analysis of the roots of the problem and prescriptions for recovery.

Davos debate: What can be done for the global economy?

January 26, 2009

wefpic2With business and consumer confidence fading, the prospects for the global economy appear the worst for a generation. Amid the gathering gloom, are things really that bad? And can nothing be done to give the global growth engine a kick-start?