The Great Debate

from Rolfe Winkler:

Gold as Armageddon insurance

October 7, 2009

Deflation could be the biggest threat to the economy, but gold -- usually an inflation hedge -- is reaching new highs. That's because smart investors aren't playing the inflation trade, they're buying currency crisis insurance.

Global rebalancing to weaken dollar, quietly

September 24, 2009

— Neal Kimberley is an FX market analyst for Reuters. The opinions expressed are his own —forex

Don’t cry for the dollar, yet

September 18, 2009

agnes1— Agnes T. Crane is a Reuters columnist. The views expressed are her own —

It looks bad for the dollar, but looks can be deceiving.

Its sharp decline in the last week has pushed the euro to its highest level in a year and reignited fears that there’s only one place for the dollar to go, and that’s down.

from The Great Debate UK:

G8 signals end to dollar supremacy

July 3, 2009

john_kemp- John Kemp is a Reuters columnist. The views expressed are his own. -

Reports that China has asked for a discussion about reserve currencies at next week's expanded Group of Eight summit in Italy has added to confusion about whether the country wants to dethrone the dollar from its status as the world's sole reserve currency. But the very fact the issue has been pushed onto the agenda suggests that a fundamental shift is underway.

World stuck with the dollar, more’s the pity

By J Saft
March 27, 2009

jimsaftcolumn5— James Saft is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own —

The dollar is, and will remain, the U.S.’s currency and its own and everyone else’s problem.

Dollar demise much exaggerated

December 2, 2008

John Kemp Great Debate— John Kemp is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own —

Perhaps the most surprising development over the last three months has been the surging value of the currency at the heart of the crisis. It is almost as if investors have responded to a fire alarm by running towards the source of the fire.

Ten commandments for the first 30 days in office

November 6, 2008

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Is the buck back?

October 31, 2008

diana-furchtgott-roth1Diana Furchtgott-Roth, former chief economist at the U.S. Department of Labor, is a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute. The opinions expressed here are her own.