The Great Debate

The one – relatively – easy step to make every vote count again in the U.S.

By Rob Richie and Claire Daviss
March 11, 2015
People watch Electoral College Map during 2012 "U.S. Election Watch" Event hosted by the U.S. Embassy at a hotel in Seoul

People watch the Electoral College map at a 2012 ‘U.S. Election Watch’ event hosted by the U.S. Embassy at a hotel in Seoul, November 7, 2012. REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji

Can National Popular Vote end the voting wars?

By Rob Richie
April 17, 2014

One of the most pernicious outcomes of the intense political struggle between Democrats and Republicans is the parties’ breathtaking capacity to game our voting rules. Nothing makes voters more cynical than seeing political leaders seemingly supporting or opposing election laws based solely on their partisan impact — from redistricting reform to fights over whether to allow early voting. ­

Delegitimization of Obama begins

By William Yeomans
November 5, 2012


The Republican drive to delegitimize President Barack Obama’s possible second term has started.