Paul Taylor Great DebatePaul Taylor is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own

The foreplay to next month’s G20 summit is degenerating into a buck-passing exercise rather than crafting a Grand Bargain to save the world economy and regulate capitalism.

The industrialized powers do not agree on how to arrest the steep slide in output, how to handle collapsing banks, how much market regulation is needed, how to reach a world trade deal and prevent protectionism, or how to redistribute power to emerging nations in exchange for their money.

At this rate, the April 2 London summit — U.S. President Barack Obama’s global economic debut — is highly unlikely to restore confidence.

The United States says other countries must follow its lead and spend more on a fiscal stimulus to boost demand. It is turning a deaf ear to calls for radical financial regulation. Euro zone finance ministers, anxious to preserve the budget discipline that underpins their common currency, are refusing to pile up more debt before their current stimulus efforts have taken effect.