America’s second-favorite holiday is upon us, and once again the forces of intolerance are demanding that hardworking people give up their most hallowed traditions.

In the cities, urban elitists at the finer preschool programs issue bans on fun costumes because of anti-corporate and gender-neutral policies. Around the rest of the country, religious zealots turn Halloween parties into bloodless “fall festivals” where even our ancient rituals of harvest are prohibited.

A school district in Pennsylvania killed the traditional October celebrations because of “controversy surrounding the religious connotations of Halloween.” A suburban Seattle elementary school stomped the hearts of its littlest goblins by canceling the usual Oct 31 costume day because unnamed religious groups were “offended by Halloween.” From coast to coast, our nation’s biggest celebration is under attack by those who would strip it of ghosts and goblins.

In Skokie, Illinois, the schoolchildren of District 69 lost their Halloween festivities, supposedly because of “economic disparity” ‑ a real enough horror in America. The superintendent’s letter announcing the death of Halloween then makes clear the real cause: “We also have students who are unable to participate for religious or cultural reasons.”

And in Lower Manhattan, a remnant faction of Occupy Wall Street has blockaded Trinity Church, causing the beloved neighborhood institution to cancel its popular Halloween party for local kids.