The Great Debate

from Breakingviews:

Ivan Glasenberg may be mining’s last man standing

December 31, 2015

The author is a Reuters Breakingviews columnist. The opinions here are his own.

Ivan Glasenberg outlasted all his major peers after the multi-year boom in metals prices turned into a rout in 2013. The Glencore chief’s misjudgment of the market severely tried investors’ patience in 2015. Yet when the second wave of mining executive ousters comes, as it may soon, it’s likely Glasenberg will again be the last man standing.

Don’t belittle Congress’s attempts to enhance mineral production

January 3, 2014

As someone deeply familiar with Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s leadership on the “Critical Minerals Policy Act,” John Kemp’s recent Reuters column criticizing the bill struck me as a cynically misguided reaction to her important work. Sen. Murkowski introduced the legislation in order to, as she put it, “keep the United States competitive and begin the process of modernizing our federal mineral policies.” This is a laudable goal and an important process, particularly as our foreign reliance increases for materials needed to build semiconductors, skyscrapers, and everything in between.

Is there a way around the sale of ‘blood gold’?

December 13, 2013

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Making oil and mining dollars transparent

July 14, 2011

By Raymond C. Offenheiser
The opinions expressed are his own.

For most of us, this July 15th will be the start of just another hot summer weekend. But for many, the day marks the one-year anniversary of Congressional approval of a landmark law that will lift the veil of secrecy on billions of dollars that flow every year from oil and mining companies to governments around the world.

Third time unlucky for BHP

November 4, 2010

– The opinions are the author’s own –

No one doubts BHP Billiton is the smartest, most innovative mining company in the world. It has shaken up a once-sleepy sector and transformed pricing and marketing of raw materials from copper to coal and iron ore.
BHP is the mining sector’s Goldman Sachs. It employs the best minds and campaigns to change practices which have been long-established but which the firm considers outdated in a successful quest to unlock immense value for its shareholders.