The Great Debate

The ‘No Shoot Zone’ where bullets are still flying

December 31, 2015

Chris Corbett for Reuters

Driving across West Baltimore recently, I got stuck at an intersection behind a slow-moving truck. After sitting through two cycles at the traffic signal, I inched my car forward to see what was blocking the way. Normally, trucks are delivering beer to liquor stores in this neighborhood. But on that unseasonably warm late fall day, the truck was bringing something that is always in demand in Charm City — caskets.

What it’s like to be on Russia’s journalist hit list

November 12, 2010


By Masha Gessen
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from FaithWorld:

Has U.S. abortion language created climate of violence?

June 1, 2009

The murder of Kansas abortion doctor George Tiller has been condemned by prominent groups and activists on both sides of this divisive and emotive issue.