davidmossiv– David Moss is a director at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Atlanta. The views expressed are his own. –

“Newspapers are dying.” Lately, that’s the constant, gloomy chorus. But it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Certainly, the newspaper industry faces significant challenges, including a tough economy and the mass migration of readers and advertisers to the Internet. But newspaper brands that successfully transition to digital models can thrive — without giving up their streamlined print products.

The key is for newspapers to reach that still-elusive sweet spot between their traditional mass audience business model and the niche readerships found on the Internet. Together, print and online operations can create a sustainable balance that meets advertisers’ needs and attracts new readers while maintaining their existing audience.

Here’s how newspapers can strike that balance.

Bridge the digital divide

The Internet offers an ideal platform to build audiences and win advertisers. Readers today have unprecedented access to breaking news and information through mobile technology, while online advertising shows promising long-term prospects. Newspapers that can leverage these trends can extend or transition their core audience across print, online and mobile platforms.