The Great Debate

A one-party state without the rancor

March 10, 2016
California Governor Jerry Brown speaks during a news conference at the State Capitol in Sacramento, California March 19, 2015, to announce a $1 billion emergency legislative package to deal with the state's devastating, multiyear drought. The state is entering a fourth year of record-breaking drought that has prompted officials to sharply reduce water supplies to farmers and impose strict conservation measures statewide. REUTERS/Max Whittaker

California Governor Jerry Brown at a news conference with Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de Leon (L) and Senate Republican leader Bob Huff at the State Capitol in Sacramento, March 19, 2015, REUTERS/Max Whittaker

Election laws that prevent elections

June 10, 2014

spivak -- conyers

After a half-century in the House of Representatives, Representative John Conyers (D-Mich.), now the second longest serving member of Congress, may be an unsympathetic victim to show how election laws can be unfairly used to keep potential challengers off the ballot.