Bravely, international diplomats, United Nations officials and environmentalists are meeting in Cancun this week to demand that other people use less fossil fuel. Bravely they met in Copenhagen a year ago to make the same demand, after also bravely meeting in Bali, Montreal and similar resort locales in prior years.

I will skip the obvious point about the greenhouse gases emitted by the jets and limos that bring the participants to these annual confabs, where preaching-to-the-choir is the order of the day.

Most of what happens at the annual international conference on climate change has been decided on in advance, so the greenhouse emissions could be avoided by a tele-meeting. But then the delegates won’t get a paid trip to Cancun!

Last year, the majority of the world’s heads of state, including President Barack Obama, attended the climate change conference in Copenhagen, where they bravely made vague, nonbinding comments about how other people should use less fossil fuel.

Obama ended the conference by declaring the United States would make a nonbinding commitment to engage in future greenhouse gas negotiations — exactly what the elder president George Bush was mocked for saying at the conclusion of the 1992 Earth Summit, in Rio, a place the delegates bravely went.