Every year at New York’s Fashion Week, models strut in dresses that are flamboyant, expensive and wildly impractical. The concept cars on display annually at the North American International Auto Show are the same, only made of metal rather than fabric.

Hardly anyone ever wears the dresses flashed during Fashion Week, except perhaps on television shows. Hardly anyone ever drives concept cars. Marketability is not the point. The point is to generate excitement about product lines, drawing buyers to department stores, or automobile showrooms, to purchase the sensible wares.

That the models standing next to the concept cars at the auto show are in some cases wearing attire from Fashion Week completes the circle nicely.


There’s a fairly good chance, for instance, that you will never drive anything like the Nissan R.D/B.X concept car. If you do, wear red. (See above, and click on the image to view the slideshow of concept cars).

The Toyota RIN will not be parking in your neighborhood anytime soon. Probably you don’t even want “a steering wheel that senses the driver’s mood.”