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May 10, 2010
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Could seaweed stop offshore drilling accidents?


–Dr. Gunter Pauli, PhD, MBA, is an entrepreneur and founder of the ZERI Foundation (Zero Emissions Research and Initiatives). He is the author of 17 books and 36 children’s fables. His latest book The Blue Economy contains one innovation outlined in this article. —

One wonders if the oil industry will ever learn.

When in the summer of 2006 holes in pipelines forced British Petroleum to shut down a major part of its network in Alaska, oil prices shot up to record levels.

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      "Gunter Pauli, PhD, MBA, and entrepreneur is founder of the Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives (ZERI) Foundation and author of The Blue Economy: 100 innovations to generate 100 million jobs in 10 years, an exploration of alternative business models inspired by nature. He is also author of 16 other books published in 21 languages, and 36 fables that bring science and entrepreneurship to children at an early age."
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