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Very good article, much better than the Bloomberg and FT and WSJ pieces I read today. I registered here (which was a nightmare of buggy html popups) after reading the dreadful comment posted here by the Greek “EthicsIntl” earlier today. Ignore him, what he said was typical of today’s Greek reader comments – ie honourless shameless and violent. It’s a failed rogue state, my guess is that the long term outlook is civil war.

Thanks again, WH

By: Robendoes Tue, 27 Nov 2012 09:26:12 +0000 @ EthicsIntl: “The Greek crisis, just like all the other crisis around the globe are a direct result of criminal mega-multinational financiers & greedy elite.”

The vast majority of the loans are now being supplied at cost of financing +50 basispts (0.5%). That 50 pts won’t even start to cover the loss of credibility/rating and the added cost of borrowing of the other Eurozone countries. Countries=People, by the way, people who supply Greece with money out of their own pockets(/borrowing) in times of austerity of their own. Not to mention the risk of write-offs (not exactly hypothetical with Greece, wouldn’t you agree?). The only time the (private) interest rates were sky high, was when the Greek tried to borrow money when every sensible soul in the world knew they would have to accept a write-off (which materialized .. a write-off of between 60-80%). Please don’t complain about the lenders .. you borrowed the money.

Last time I looked Greece was still a democracy; in a democracy the people are responsible for the policies of their elected government officials. You elected Santa-Claus politicians over and over again .. until the shore stopped the Greek ship in a massive way in 2008/2009. However, the people of Greece still prefer to blame everyone but themselves: Banks, GS, the Germans, the Fins, the Dutch, etc, .. all of them are ‘guilty’, but never the people of Greece. Any idea the kind of disconnect the people of Greece have with the rest of the world: everybody is crazy but us?…

By: TheUSofA Mon, 26 Nov 2012 20:17:28 +0000 All they can try to do is fill the balloon with even more hot air in order to buy more time. All the ‘passing of the hot potato” aside, the fundamental problems seem unresolvable.

By: EthicsIntl Mon, 26 Nov 2012 16:34:55 +0000 You are daydreaming Mr. Hugo Dixon, or at least you are wishing for something that is not real.

The present Greek debt is unresolvable, unless you turn Greece into a third world country which the Greeks will revolt against.

The Greek crisis, just like all the other crisis around the globe are a direct result of criminal mega-multinational financiers & greedy elite.

25%+ interest rates on Greek bonds make Al Capone an angel.

These have been the rates all the EU banks & investors have been ripping off from the Greek tax payers for many years.

The Greek people should revolt and go after the likes of Goldman Sachs who partnered with corrupt Greek politicians in cooking Greece’s books for a Euro entry qualification.

And they will.