Comments on: Cyprus will pay dearly for its sins Mon, 18 Apr 2016 14:55:08 +0000 hourly 1 By: victory2 Fri, 22 Mar 2013 18:52:18 +0000 In response to your comment ‘….their first big folly was to reject in 2004 the United Nations plan for uniting their island. That irritated their European Union partners, meant that Cyprus still has a weak strategic position vis-à-vis Turkey and leaves a jagged scar across the island’ I assume you or your family have not lost your homes, lives, friends and/or family from an illegal invasion of your country? If your answer to that is no, then therein lies the root cause of your complete lack of compassion or understanding of the situation.

By: xpat Fri, 22 Mar 2013 15:56:41 +0000 Excellent rational analysis.

If Greece has been the spoiled child of Europe in the past, getting away with everything, Cyprus (the Greek part) has been the spoiled child of Greece. They are spoiled squared. It is well known that Greece effectively blackmailed EU to get Cyprus inside while divided, by threatening to veto the rest of the expansion. On top of that, before their EU membership was approved, the Cypriot government openly lied to the EU (and specifically in the person of Ollie Rehn) that they will support a “Yes” vote on reunification and after they secured membership (but before the referendum), their president appeared on TV with tears in his eyes begging his people to vote “No”!

Of course, the Greek Cypriots, just like their brothers in Greece, will cry foul and blame everything on the Germans, without ever admitting responsibility.. Do they ever look around and wonder how come (after all that self-pity about how poor they have become, etc.) they have still by far the highest GDP/capita in the region from Italy to Israel without actually having a real economy too speak of? There is no such thing as a free lunch. At least not forever..

By: TempoModerato Fri, 22 Mar 2013 15:48:01 +0000 Dear Sir,

I think you are unwillingly unfair with Cypriots. What we are inclined to overestimate is the validity of values and principles of the free Western World and the free economic model.

They claim:
1- We have an oversized banking sector.
2- We are laundering money.
3- We have low company tax rates
4- We are a special non-systemic case.

We answer:
1- We have a big banking sector because as a small country without – until only recently – we had no significant natural resources, very small agricultural sector – half of our fertile land is under Turkish occupation since 1974 – and we needed to create jobs for our thousands of graduates from UK’s and USA’s and Europe’s best universities. Hence our big banking and financial sector. Banks and accountancy firms providing decent and honest jobs for decent and honest people.

2-We offer secure, fast and attractive banking services for entrepreneurs from all across the globe. Like Luxembourg. Channel Islands, New Jersey and other financial centers.

3- We have low tax rates to motivate businessmen and entrepreneurs like we have been taught at London Business School,Warwick Business School, Harvard Business School and Stanford Business School and of course the many other business school were we have been taught free market economics and proper business ethics.

4- We are not a special case. We are the first testing ground for the new German approach to free markets economy were the basic principle of TRUST can be removed from our business dealings and where from today onwards it is an axiom of descent, honest and trustworthy business agreements that when I lend you 100 bucks and you agree to give them back to me anytime I want it is okey for you to say “here have your 100 bucks handsomely trimmed and manicured down to 80 bucks. You may leave your tips with the concierge,Sir”!

Nonetheless, I sincerely wish to thank you for taking an active interest into what is happening to my country today. I hope you will not be finding yourself into the unhappy position to be covering similar events near soon in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and what comes next. Finally I earnestly hope that you, or any other citizen of Europe or the World at large doesn’t get treated the way we Cypriots are being treated today.

By: Papi66 Fri, 22 Mar 2013 15:35:05 +0000 It’s your opinion i don’t agree with you i find that rude and shame bcs if we can’t help Cyprus ppl don’t make worst !!!!!!

By: cyresistance Fri, 22 Mar 2013 12:14:01 +0000 Sins? Do you speak for the King? We dared to resist the slaughter?

I know who you work for. You think you are somebody as a result. But in the end, the “sin” of Cyprus to not surrender in disgrace to the powers that be may benefit your grandchildren, who will read this article by you in shame.

By: NotOnMyWatch Fri, 22 Mar 2013 11:48:18 +0000 “The Cypriots seem congenitally inclined to overestimate their negotiating position.”

Such ignorance. A weaker position is not an invitation for foreign bodies to exploit and bully a country into submitting to their will. It is not an overestimation. It is a stand against the unjust.

And as for the 2004 Annan plan you refer to: selling Cyprus away for a ‘strategic’ gain? As a British person I would never have voted in support of it had it been regarding Great Britain.

Of course Cyprus can be faulted with a lot of things. But to use this as an argument to gain support for the dire conditions being imposed is weak.