Bankers should be in bonus penalty box

February 3, 2010

Bankers should be put in the bonus penalty box for 2010. The industry has lost credibility because of its crass approach to pay in 2009. To get back on the front foot, compensation in the current financial year needs to be much lower. Governments and regulators should make this happen — and do so quickly. Delay will just store up trouble for everybody.

Bank execs ask for government help to curb bonuses

February 3, 2010

LONDON, Feb 3 (Reuters) – Bank executives are pushing
western governments to co-ordinate a clampdown on bonuses to
protect them from antitrust problems and ensure a level pay
playing field for the industry.

Bank liability levy may not be foolish

January 13, 2010

A levy on bank liabilities would get the industry squealing – especially if it approached $120 billion. But the Obama administration isn’t crazy to float the idea. A well-crafted tax could help recoup bailout costs while also giving banks an incentive to behave more sensibly. It doesn’t have to apply just to the United States, either.