EU enters brave new world of bank bail-ins

January 4, 2016

The author is a Reuters Breakingviews guest columnist. The opinions expressed are his own.

EU membership can help UK stability

October 26, 2015

The main takeaway from Mark Carney’s speech last week on Britain’s European Union membership was that it is good for economic dynamism but creates challenges for financial stability.

Greeks choose between bad and terrible

July 2, 2015

Hugo Dixon is Editor-at-Large, Reuters News. The opinions expressed are his own.

The Greeks have to choose between the bad and the truly ugly in Sunday’s referendum. If I was Greek – and I’m not, although I speak the language and had a Greek great-grandmother – I would plump for the bad option, voting “Yes”.

The big fat Greek blame game

June 22, 2015

Hugo Dixon is Editor-at-Large, Reuters News. The opinions expressed are his own.

If Greece collapses, there will be giant dollops of blame to go round. The biggest ones will stick on whoever behaves most unreasonably in the standoff between Athens and its creditors, which could easily end in default and disaster.

Markets right to worry about euro zone

October 20, 2014

By Hugo Dixon

Hugo Dixon is Editor-at-Large, Reuters News. The opinions expressed are his own.

ECB faces severest stress test

February 24, 2014

A lot is riding on the cleanup of euro zone lenders being overseen by the European Central Bank. The progress so far is encouraging. But clarity is needed on a few points to ensure that lenders really do get a good scrubbing and are therefore able to support the zone’s fragile economic recovery.

QE is the way for the ECB to go

February 5, 2014

The European Central Bank needs to start taking the risks of deflation more seriously. This danger should be top of its agenda when its governing council convenes for its monthly meeting this week.

Bernanke deserves 6 out of 10

January 27, 2014

How should the world outside America view Ben Bernanke’s legacy? Should it lambast the U.S. Federal Reserve chairman, who retires later this week after an eight-year stint, for failing to predict the financial crisis and being slow to react when it hit? Or should it laud him for pulling out the stops to save the financial system and pep up the U.S. economy after Lehman Brothers went bust in 2008? Or should non-Americans be worried that the process of unwinding Bernanke’s unprecedented money-printing policy will deliver a bad case of whiplash?

The City has huge scope to expand

October 28, 2013

Finance has rightly been in the sin bin for the last six years. And the cleanup job isn’t finished. But Mark Carney, the new Bank of England governor, is correct to stress how a large and expanding City of London is good for Britain, Europe and the world – provided it is properly organised.

Cyprus leaves banking union up in air

April 1, 2013

The Cypriot catastrophe shows just how far away the euro zone is from creating its much-touted “banking union”. There was no euro zone supervision of Cyprus’ big banks, no transnational approach to put them into controlled bankruptcy, no common deposit insurance and no flow of bank rescue funds from abroad.