Comments on: America’s way or Huawei Fri, 05 Dec 2014 14:27:05 +0000 hourly 1 By: UauS Fri, 23 Nov 2012 19:04:50 +0000 @EthicsIntl: after re-reading your posts and your repeating copy/paste i came to a conclusion that you are a fake… as most of the Made in China “advances”.

By: EthicsIntl Fri, 02 Nov 2012 03:59:10 +0000 Correction…Australia, not Austria,

By: EthicsIntl Fri, 02 Nov 2012 03:53:39 +0000 @UauS & @ QuietThinker;

Furthermore, the average middle class Chinese are very savvy & economical consumers. They don’t spend their leisure time in shopping malls. They only buy compact cars without the thrills, and they save their money, no one there uses credit cards. The Chinese use 75% less resources than we do. We need to change our life style if we are to compete with them.

Who told you that most people want to live in the USA ?
That might have been true fifty years ago, but no longer.

I’ve been working in Beijing for four years and I’m thinking of retiring here. I have met many American, Canadian & Austrian families that have happily relocated to China.

Western media does not give you the truth & or the facts.
You have to go there and see for yourself.

Many westerners come here to obtain surgery, especially for cancer, that is not permitted by the big pharmaceutical monopolies in the West.

For income disparities here are some facts, as I have experienced them.

The average two bedroom apartment in a modern elevator building in the big cities rents for less than $500 USD per month, and it is furnished & with all the amenities.
Dinner for two in a nice restaurant is less $20 USD.
You can live in China very comfortably for under $1,500 a month.

I’ve been working in Beijing for four years and I’m thinking of retiring here. I have met many American, Canadian & Australian families that have happily relocated to China.

We all better wake up soon.

By: EthicsIntl Fri, 02 Nov 2012 03:26:19 +0000 @UauS & @ QuietThinker;

Regardless of China’s many shortcomings they are progressing at an amazing pace, and they are still a developing economy. What the heck are we doing besides borrowing & buying from them ?

You and everyone else that is paying taxes here in the USA have been handing over our hard earned dollars to American multinational corporations that exploit the workers of China, and since we can no longer afford to buy US made goods we are forced to buy China made.
It is the perfect set-up of the world’s elite.

By: UauS Thu, 01 Nov 2012 18:42:50 +0000 @EthicsIntl: that’s a LOT of information you post here coming from someone who belongs to “the world’s most oppressed & and uninformed people” :)
But here is some more: “The annual income of workers categorized as non-private sector, those in State-owned enterprises, collectively owned businesses and enterprises funded by foreign investment, stood at 42,500 yuan ($6,660) in 2011. Workers in the private sector… had an average annual income in 2011 of 24,500 yuan” Source: China Daily.
Wanna go?

By: QuietThinker Wed, 31 Oct 2012 13:48:13 +0000 To Ethicsintl,
I do not doubt that you can pick and chose to find some areas where China leads the US, but overall who wouldn’t pick America as their home? However, bus fares are not the issue here. The issue is the threat by Huawei to both national and industrial security, not only to the US but to the whole western world.

However, your comment would have been relevant to the discussion had you mentioned STEM education. In the name of budget balancing, the US is crippling our educational system. Only because of our failure to invest in education has Huawei been able to compete at all. With the current rounds of draconian cuts to our investments in education and science, we will be the underdogs in technology within a decade or two. This is far more threatening than government debt.

By: EthicsIntl Wed, 31 Oct 2012 00:41:55 +0000 Amazing indeed; Americans are the world’s most oppressed & and uninformed people, and they don’t even know it..
You want proof? Here are some…

Look and the infrastructure advances in the last ten years between the USA & China.
China has a very extensive high speed rail system;
We don’t have any !!!

Their subway system & subway stations are far superior to ours, and they only cost less than $1.00 USD.
Their also superior public city buses only costs .30 cents, regardless millage.

They have built & are still building affordable modern public housing to accommodate future generations.
Their economy is growing at a very healthy rate & they have bought trillions of our good old USA debt.

We spend most of our national budget on defense, they spend theirs on infrastructure.

Did you say public health & quality control issues ???
No meningitis epidemics in China…no Sir….

By: QuietThinker Mon, 29 Oct 2012 15:34:35 +0000 The threat of Chinese state control over Huawei and use of its products to provide a gateway for espionage is very real. Have any doubts? Look at the first response to this article (by “WJL”) which appears to have been written by a Chinese propagandist rather than an individual. As such the comment by “WJL” probably qualifies as “abusive”, but I hope that Reuters leaves it up as an example.

By the way, the threat is not only in the military/diplomatic/government regime, but also a severe threat in an industrial sense. Access to email and telephone via state sponsored channels for industrial espionage really happens. One author mentioned Google. I once worked for another company that was victimized by foreign intelligence agencies for industrial secrets.

By: UauS Sun, 28 Oct 2012 03:02:24 +0000 In my opinion, “state capitalism” is oxymoron.
There is free market capitalism, that also implies corresponding democratic and social institutions, and spurious capitalism, something that totalitarian countries like China and Russia are practicing. The difference for the world is about the same as between edible mushrooms and their deadly look-alikes.
To me, big question of the moment is whether it’s not too late, so that overall poisoning can still be avoided?..

By: breezinthru Sun, 28 Oct 2012 02:41:46 +0000 Sorry for the typo. I, of course, meant to say that America does NOT have nearly enough good jobs for its citizens.