Israeli-Palestinian talks won’t fix the Middle East’s problems

July 31, 2013

On Monday, the Obama administration announced that Secretary of State John Kerry had convinced Israel and the Palestinian Authority to sit down for negotiations for the first time in three years. Coming out of Monday and Tuesday’s meetings, Kerry announced a goal of working out a comprehensive peace agreement within nine months.

Simply reviving talks at all is a highly impressive achievement; getting both sides to the table would have been impossible without Kerry’s relentless effort. But if the Obama administration thinks this will change the dynamic in the Middle East, it is mistaken for two reasons. First, the initiative is unlikely to succeed, and second, even if it did, it would have little impact on other more immediately pressing Middle East conflicts.

It’s not that pushing for an Israel-Palestine solution isn’t a valiant cause — it’s that there is a full tray of conflicts in the Middle East that exist independently from the Israel-Palestine question: the growing rifts in Egypt or Iraq, the Syrian crisis that has claimed over 100,000 lives, or Iran’s nuclear program. Even Israel and Palestine themselves prioritize many other regional concerns over making any significant progress with each other.

Don’t get me wrong — the chances of success are not zero. But no matter how legacy-defining a lasting breakthrough would be for Obama and Kerry, the odds are incredibly long. The Israeli-Palestinian peace process has started and stopped countless times before. So what are the biggest structural impediments to a deal?

Obama’s envoy, former Israeli ambassador Martin Indyk, will only be speaking with representatives of Palestinians’ Fatah party. Since Hamas’ electoral victory in 2006, the territories have been divided into two entities, with Gaza in Hamas’ hands and the West Bank under Fatah control. Fatah lacks the legitimacy at home to negotiate and later implement any final agreement with Israel; the exclusion of the more fundamentalist Hamas from the diplomatic process gives Hamas every incentive to undermine any possible deal. If we begin to see substantial progress, expect Hamas to scuttle it with a violent show of force.

Benjamin Netanyahu, buoyed by a strong economy and relative peace, has little incentive to back down during negotiations. Israel has continued its settlement expansion and flouted its borders as defined in 1967 with relative impunity. For the last decade or so, left-wing parties have been increasingly marginalized and the public has grown more disenchanted with the peace process; these trends have led to a more uncompromising center-right government that’s less interested in negotiating a settlement with the Palestinians. Recently, Israel has released prisoners and somewhat halted settlement construction in advance of the talks, but that may just be a short-term favor to Kerry that reaffirms the United States’ leverage and importance. It doesn’t suggest Netanyahu is ready to do an about face on years of policy.

The administration is well aware of the huge hurdles that an Israel-Palestine solution faces. So then why is John Kerry forging ahead regardless?

The key lies in the mistaken belief that the Israel-Palestinian conflict remains the linchpin of a dysfunctional Middle East. As the thinking goes, without fixing this issue, nothing else of deep substance can be solved. Today, this is patently untrue. Peace between the Israelis and Palestinians would not unwind the Iranian nuclear program, mend Syria’s sectarian hellscape, or put Egypt back together again. It wouldn’t keep Iraq from drifting perilously closer to civil war. The Middle East is now filled with relatively independent crises, and few of them have to do with Israel (even if Israel is subject to their effects).

A more cynical possibility? It’s more politically palatable to fail on Israel-Palestine than on anything else. As opposed to Egypt, where the United States is torn between the security benefits and secularism of the military versus the democratically-elected status of the Muslim Brotherhood, Israel-Palestine is a clearer brokerage deal where, at the least, the United States’ good intentions can’t be questioned. If Obama’s learned anything over the last two terms, it’s that low expectations are a president’s best friend — they provide room to surprise, or, if things go poorly, room to scapegoat. And there is a long and prestigious list of those who have failed on Israel-Palestine before this administration decided to attempt the feat.

In getting the Israelis and Palestinians to the table — something that was a complete non-starter at the beginning of the year — John Kerry has demonstrated his remarkable savvy as a diplomat. That’s all the more reason it’s a pity that the talks are unlikely to gain traction — and even if they did, a breakthrough deal still wouldn’t douse the conflicts that would burn on throughout the region.

This column was based in part on a transcribed phone conversation with Bremmer.

PHOTO: Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Israel’s Justice Minister Tzipi Livni (L-R) shake hands at a news conference at the end of talks at the State Department in Washington July 30, 2013. Israeli and Palestinian negotiators held their first peace talks in nearly three years on Monday in a U.S.-brokered effort that Kerry hopes will end their conflict despite deep divisions. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst


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What is certain is that the paycheck for both sides sitting down at a table at all will run in the hundreds of billions of US taxpayer dollars. More “aid” / “loans” / “guarantees” / “transfers” from scarce US tax money to the parties involved. Yes, it is a losing deal for Americans and a sure winner for the two sides.

Posted by usagadfly | Report as abusive

In order to “fix” anything you have to fix yourself first. America needs to fix America before we can fix any other country. When we have people living in poverty, a poor health care and educational system, and a huge slave trade and human rights violations going on in our own country, we just look like a bunch of hypocrites.

Posted by 2Borknot2B | Report as abusive

I agree. America is a strange animal. They boycotted South Africa to end Apartheid yet pour more money into Israel.

Everyone else must leave – especially the Palestinians – unless they come to clean houses or do gardening during the day.

The world world should boycott Palestine and Israel until Palestinians are recognized as citizens. This is South Africa on steroids with much more violence and repercussions all across the Middle East.

Money talks and USA loves money.

Posted by Butch_from_PA | Report as abusive

US needs badly Israel-Palestinian conflict, even more than China needs North Korean conflict. Of course what is important in this situation is Middle East oil. All region is nearly conquered the last two stages are: partition of Iraq (nearly done during Iraq occupation through changing of constitution and sudden interest in Iraq Kurds independence rights, Kurds on the other part of the border in Turkey have no rights)and conquest of Iran.
The conflict is mainly about water and it could be fixed with substantial investment in large scale desalination plants with a few nuclear plants.
This conflict as many others will be fixed when China/Russia and US will rule the world if they would ever have an alliance or sth to share the power and access to resources. Unfortunately China will be too weak militarily for too long.

Posted by Wantunbiasednew | Report as abusive

Yep–It would be nice to see a solution for the Palestinians and the Israeli’s. But as the writer points out–the Middle East is in near turmoil. The best way for the “US” to avoid military conflict in the area is to “Avoid military conflict in the area”. Americans are tired of war. We are not blood thursty–we are no longer rich either. If Israel has problems with Syria and Iran–then they themselves need to address it. Israeli’s always brag that they are the best fighters–so show the world you are. Israel hasn’t had a super big war to fight since 1974. Maybe they need some practice. They will never be able to judge how good they are if US Troops constantly fight Israel’s wars.

Posted by fingerlakes54 | Report as abusive

But its fun to watch the sheep think it will. So let the clowns do their scene see people applaud each other, its not like anything will come from it. I wish it would come to something, but then do we really think a united middle east is good for us?

Posted by Kiljoy616 | Report as abusive

fingerlakes54 – Hate to break it to you, but the LAST thing anyone on any side wants to see is Israel off leash. If that country believes Iran a true nuclear threat, they won’t hesitate to nuke it back to the last days of Darius. At the very least, the Syrian issue would become a pre-text to fully engage Hamas no-holds barred and/or push Egypt’s buttons hard enough for their recent military led “adjustment” *cough coup cough* to become permanent.

Posted by AngelicAssassin | Report as abusive

It doesn’t sound like a comittee for debating the peace but like a vigilance comittee watching on the changes around. Israel is still the armed body of the USA and could have to operate in Egypt. M.Bremmer suggests that “The Middle East is now filled with relatively independent crises”. It is not exactly what could have been written by Europe doing pressures on the Israeli.

Posted by meleze | Report as abusive

America has no interest in Israel. It is Israel who has a interest in continuing to run America. They get to use our military at our expense to protect their countries interests. America is America. Israel is Israel. Let Israel, as sovereign nation, solve and pay for their own problems. Christians are Christians. Jews are Jews. America is ONE NATION. America is not TWO NATIONS. If the Jews want to have there own special land to call their own, I do not care. That is on them, that is their choice. The American people used to have a special place to call home, and I want it back for them. This globalization by the multi-national interests is not in the best interest of any Nation or the people of those Nations. These entanglements are only in the best interest of the Mega Corporation financials. America used to have laws that protected American interests. Lady Justice was slayed by a dragon.

Posted by 2Borknot2B | Report as abusive

How can there be peace between two parties, when the religion of one of the parties calls for its followers to kill the other party? The Islamic doctrine of “death to infidels” is dismissed by Western leaders, but Muslims take it very seriously. Sunni and Shiite Muslims each consider the other to be infidels, and they have been killing each other for centuries, for that reason. That killing continues to this day, in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Mali, Sudan, Nigeria, Libya, and Syria, to name a few of the affected countries. There can be no peace until the Muslim World renounces the Islamic doctrine of death to infidels. Western leaders lack the courage to confront the issue of Islamic religious doctrine, and choose, instead, to fantasize that Islam is the religion of love. They might just as well fantasize that there is a peace agreement, and forget about useless negotiations.

Posted by sydchaden | Report as abusive

America intends the talks with Palestinians to be successful. The Israelis don’t really share that goal, but Israel wishes to attack Iran with the the tacit approval, clandestine assistance or covert assistance of the US.

These talks are the US State Department’s price for action against Iran.

Posted by breezinthru | Report as abusive

No matter what takes place between Israel and the Palestinians, Nothing is going to come out of the talks worthwhile for Israel. Israel could give the Palestinians everything they want, but either Hamas or t Palestinians will not agree to see Israel as a country and have said no matter what they want the Jews, Israelis DESTROYED. The Muslims, Arabs are spending all there time thinking about HATE, instead of how Israel could be a major player in helping the Palestinians build up there country like Israel has been doing for all these years. All the Palestinians have been doing has been non productive for the government and the people. Israel even takes Palestinians that are really sick to the Israeli hospitals. There will never be PEACE in the Middle East. This is the realism and the FACTS.

Posted by Fuzzy57 | Report as abusive

No matter what takes place between Israel and the Palestinians, Nothing is going to come out of the talks worthwhile for Israel. Israel could give the Palestinians everything they want, but either Hamas or t Palestinians will not agree to see Israel as a country and have said no matter what they want the Jews, Israelis DESTROYED. The Muslims, Arabs are spending all there time thinking about HATE, instead of how Israel could be a major player in helping the Palestinians build up there country like Israel has been doing for all these years. All the Palestinians have been doing has been non productive for the government and the people. Israel even takes Palestinians that are really sick to the Israeli hospitals. There will never be PEACE in the Middle East. This is the realism and the FACTS.

Posted by Fuzzy57 | Report as abusive

Instead of making unfounded remarks about Israel. Israel and America SHARE Military and Technological information as well as special projects together unlike what other countries do in return for money. Israel is the only nation that buys from the USA in return and works closely with our government. Something most of you people DO NOT KNOW. You just talk out your pie hole with no logical facts. You just voice your hatred. The USA buys computer programs for military and agriculture from Israel as well as the new defense system that Israel invented. So if you must talk in frustration, have your FACTS not speculation. Israel could have DESTROYED the Palestinians a long time ago if they did not want PEACE. But it is the Palestinians that need Israel. Israel does not need the Palestinians at all. They just want PEACE, which the Palestinians will not Promise!!Even if you are a racist, this is a no brainer.

Posted by Fuzzy57 | Report as abusive

@Fuzzy57, if the Isrealis took out all of the Palestians, then the entire Muslim world would take out every Jew in the world. Not very hard to happen.

And you really are a moron!

Posted by KyleDexter | Report as abusive

If you had any common sense what so ever, and it is obvious you don’t, you should keep up with the middle East Affairs. You would know that even the other Arabs and Muslims don’t care a whole lot for the Palestinians. They haven’t had much help in all the years they have been fighting Israel. And that is your unsolicited ignorant, asinine, opinion. “It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are stupid, then to open your mouth and confirm it”! Remember this statement in your future!!

Posted by Fuzzy57 | Report as abusive

You are truely as dumb as it gets. Isreal is only a country because we support them with sophisticated arms and lot of money. If we are no longer a superpower, then Isreal will cease to exist. Every country, including Egypt, wants to get rid of the Apartheid State. Simple as that.

You can justify the exist of this apartheid terrorist state all you want. Whether you are an Isreali, or one of those fanatics that believe we have to support that discusting country for the coming of Christ, you cannot deny that this pathetic country IS NOT RECOGNIZED BY ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE MIDDLE EAST. Even Egypt and Jordan do not recognize them, they only tolerate them because we, the US empire, reinforce our satellite state!

Try not to sound so dumb next time.

Posted by KyleDexter | Report as abusive


You may have to remind me which US Divisions fought with for the Israelis during the 1948 War, the 6 Day War and the Yom Kippur War.

I’ve been looking and I just can’t find where our troops were involved.

And you can keep using the word “Apartheid” all you want. It doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

Posted by MikeyLikesIt | Report as abusive


You may have to remind me which US Divisions fought for the Israelis during the 1948 War, the 6 Day War and the Yom Kippur War.

I’ve been looking and I just can’t find where our troops were involved, yet Israel was able to defeat the combined Arab forces each and every time…

And you can keep using the word “Apartheid” all you want. It doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

Posted by MikeyLikesIt | Report as abusive

So the glass is 3/4 empty?….

Posted by chance514 | Report as abusive


Are you not aware of the billions of dollars in aid we give Isreal. During there conflict with Hezbollah, we provided the jet fuel for there planes (all US made)to bomb Lebanese targets. And we train there military.

As for Apartheid, if you dont believe me, ask Nelson Mandela. He has written extensively on how Isreal is the same apartheid state that South Africa was! Look it up.

Posted by KyleDexter | Report as abusive

Every administration has to have at least one Palestinian-Israeli conference, much like every public official who comes to Atlanta has to visit Rev. King’s tomb, and those who go to South Africa must see Mandela’s old cell.

As at least one poster pointed out, the only certaianty is that some number of billions was passed out by Kerry to both sides to get them to the table, but except for photo ops, nothing will happen.

The room for practical compromise is small, way to small to create a settlement. Few around remember the 1967 war, which was played as a Cold War confrontation between the Soviet Union and US. Everyone I know but me cheered the results of the six day war, which are the actual reasons 46 years later peace is all but impossible.

Posted by RPhillips111 | Report as abusive

@sydchaden: your comment is a very apt demonstration of how little Americans actually know about Islam, Muslims, and the Middle East in general VS. how much money, US lives, and political clout your country wastes in that region.

Shia’s and Sunni’s have not been killing each other for ‘centuries’. This is a fabricated lie, and with no base in history itself; if you don’t agree, please provide factual evidence that demonstrates this ‘war’ that’s been raging since forever, as just repeating the same old tired talking points doesn’t make it fact.

Moreover, the ‘death to infidels’ doctrine is one solely espoused by the Salafists, your friends in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and acted out on the ground by their militia Al-Qaeda . Shia Muslims don’t consider Sunni’s infidels, and neither do they consider the Christians or Jews to be worthy of Jihad either. Same goes for the majority of Sunni’s, that aren’t Salafists: the Muslim world is made up of over 1 Billion people that for 99% are only concerned with living in a secure environment to raise their children in, no different to you or your peers.

Like you Americans love to say: ‘Guns don’t kill, people do.’ Interestingly enough, a book never killed anyone either…

Posted by Life1 | Report as abusive

Israel has no interest in a solution. That is why they always make a destructive statement about new illegal settlements at times like this – to force Palestinians to be the ones to withdraw. Israel has the situation contained – no incentive to compromise.
They go through the motions as a reluctant token gesture to make people like Kerry look good for a day.
Is there another state anywhere with a patchwork of enclaves within, housing hostile foreign settlers?
The Israelis hope to hang on to the status quo until, in some undefined future crisis, they can come up with ” the final solution” for the Palestinians. History has taught them something but it ain’t something nice.

Posted by Interdog | Report as abusive

Arab/Muslim lands extend like a huge Football Field all the way from North Africa to Central Asia but they use generations of Arab Palestinian refugees as political pawns to eliminate a match box sized country on the Center Line just because of intolerance to a non-muslim entity in their midst and the international community supports them due to their greed for oil.

Posted by DrTVK | Report as abusive

The whole world knows that Israel will not budge an inch since they were re-planted by the west in 1948… as the strategic Mediterranean offensive for the crusade of the Middle East…!

Posted by eagleboy | Report as abusive

The author’s premise that we believe if the Israeli-Palestinian problem is solved this will somehow solve all the other problems is NONSENSE. The BIG problem is a more united Arab front against everything Israel if the conflict is not solved.

Israeli leadership continues to think it can do whatever it likes with regard to the Palestinians and it will have no long term consequences for Israel. WRONG. Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq are going to work out their political problems soon enough. When they do, Israel has plenty to worry about. None of the people in the surrounding Arab countries like Israel, and more representative governments will reflect that dislike. Moreover, they will have plenty of displaced Palestinians to remind them why. Solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict would open up better relations between Israel and its Arab neighbors when they solve their political problems. The inability to solve that conflict means relations will always remain tense for at least the next 100 years.

Time is running out, but Israel fails to see it as it approves yet more building in the West Bank, while it criticizes the Palestinian leadership for fomenting hate. Israel builds the bed it must sleep in and solving the conflict makes that bed a comfortable one. Ignoring the conflict and letting it takes its course means war, conflict and hate for many decades to come long after current regional instabilities are resolved.

Posted by PJW5552 | Report as abusive

It’s all these christian fanatics bent on maneuvering the whole USA to prevent that bible depiction “Israel shall never fall” from coming true. If it did that means the whole religion is a sham. Muslims know it and that’s why they are bent on destroying it.

Posted by wric | Report as abusive

The Palestinian leadership has stalled for years because they are terrified of being given actual power to run a state of their own. They know that they’ll never be able to compete with Israel in terms of economics, education, and civil liberties — Syria, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon also pale in comparison — so playing the victim card and incessant whining will be their lot. Only after the Palestinians (and the Arab world) get their act together will anything ever come of negotiations.

Posted by CharlesParisFR | Report as abusive

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinians will not end. Israel has more power than the Palestinians, and Israel has US backing. Because Israel has more power, it sets the conditions for the resolution of the conflict. Because there are still things (land, water resources, etc.) that belong to (or should belong to) the Palestinians, but which Israel wishes to take for itself, (1) the conditions for the resolution of the conflict will always be designed such that no resolution will occur, (2) steps will continue to be taken from time to time to ensure the conflict doesn’t unduly de-escalate (because large-scale, intelligently planned, well-organized, non-violent opposition through international legal systems would eventually result in the conflict being resolved in the Palestinians’ favor), and (3) Israel will continue to exploit every means available to hinder development and order among the Palestinians in order to prevent the economic development, education, and organization that would enable the Palestinians to pose a military or legal threat to the Israelis.

Posted by Uterus_Chewer | Report as abusive

Thumbs up for 2Borknot2B and thumbs down to Ian Bremmer
for being such a negative nancy, with your (and even if it does suceed…) whinery. Regardless of other Middle East conflicts, success towards Peace between Israel and Palestine is both in-reach and would be great achievement. In releasing convicted terrorists in the deal, Israel has extended a lengthy olive branch. I wish them both well in these talks.

Posted by BrianInBMore | Report as abusive

You cannot successfully negotiate with liars.

Posted by waggg | Report as abusive

I have been subjected to the news of these peace talks most of my life. There is not peace because the people who taught us the horrors of mass racism regarding Nazi Germany, practice the same sort of apartheid themselves. They are blinded from the truth by their own arrogance and greed. They steal land and then divert water from the Palestinian land. The US congress supports Israel because they get campaign funds from AIPAC a lobby of American Jewish people who work congress to give $6 billion a year to a rather prosperous Israel. No one can tell you where or in who’s pockets this money goes into. The man in the video below was arrested because he tried to get water for his family. ayer_embedded&v=VcC1sXsu6Sw

Posted by tpvero | Report as abusive

suspend all aids to Israel, they will come to negotiation table fast. They will resolve their difference with its neighbors…too much wasted tax payers money to Israel, but US got ungrateful in return… stop sending aids to encourage apartheid system.

Posted by casacujo | Report as abusive

The ENTIRE truth regarding the BILLIONS of dollars that israel has siphoned and stolen from the United States is all right here”

This HORROR, that has been going on for decades, must end!

Posted by chloeblue | Report as abusive

Well, there it is…the official Israeli viewpoint, expressed by young and naive Ian Bremmer…another dual-citizenship,Israel-firster….we got them in the USA too…5th columnists writing columns….Helen Thomas explained it all.

Posted by new_york_loner | Report as abusive

Young Bremmer wrote: “The key lies in the mistaken belief that the Israel-Palestinian conflict remains the linchpin of a dysfunctional Middle East.”

Wow! If that isn’t pure Israeli propaganda, then I don’t know what would be….the old wounds caused by the Great Crusades never really healed…the partitioning of Palestine picked the scab and blood has flowed ever since.

Israel is a nuclear-scofflaw pariah state and, as this article confirms, the Israelis are utterly delusional….divest, sanction and boycott the failed experiment in Jewish supremacy.

Posted by new_york_loner | Report as abusive

Fuzzy, It is called prostitution. SHARING “special projects together” in return for money. “Israel is the only nation that buys from the USA.” Americans pay ten fold for any purchase made from Israel. We do not need to purchase agriculture from Israel, we can just grow olives here. I don’t want Israel working closely with our government, I want our government working closely with the citizen of America. I have no hatred for Israel, I just have love for America, and Israel is destroying America. “The USA buys computer programs for military and agriculture from Israel” – that is really a shame, to bad we don’t buy them from America. “Israel could have DESTROYED the Palestinians a long time ago if they did not want PEACE.” Technically Israel did destroy the Palestinians. I certainly wouldn’t want to live in the squalor Israel has so generously provided for them. “Israel does not need the Palestinians at all” and America doesn’t need Israel, AT ALL.

Posted by 2Borknot2B | Report as abusive

The U.S. military industrial complex is a clear winner here because the so-called talks are just that – talk. As long as Americans (the Cash Cow)are distracted by the sales at the Mall and Zombies at the cinema, nothing will change. Party on Garth!

Posted by turmoilplume | Report as abusive

2Borknot2B….well said. With “allies” like the Jewish state, who needs back-stabbing enemies? Remember the USS Liberty….remember Jonathan Pollard…..remember Count Folke Bernadotte….Israel is NOT our friend or ally in any sense of those words.

Posted by new_york_loner | Report as abusive

Israel has no intention of stopping the seizure of Palestinian land, the racist apartheid against the Palestinians in Israel, the aggression against its neighbors of weening itself from the US taxpayers nipple. They will go through the charade of talking about peace while they prepare for more war as they have for more than 6 decades.

Remember the King David Hotel and the USS Liberty.

Posted by FelixSnortly | Report as abusive

Sadly misinformation is the rule when it involves the Israeli Palestinian issues. One commenter UTC sadly stated that “the world should boycott Palestine and Israel until Palestinians are recognized as citizens.”

Israel has allowed citizenship of Moslems living in Israel since its founding in 1948. Today in the territories Moslems have self rule and not only can Moslems elect to be citizens of Israel they can, and do form political parties and get elected to serve as legislators in the Israeli Government. There are currently 12 Moslem members of the Knesset and in the past 57 other Moslems served as representatives to the Knesset.

The only thing that keeps a Moslem from being a citizen of the state of Israel is they themselves.

That’s the great thing about the Israeli Palestinian debate is that reality has nothing to do with the facts that people often state.

Posted by sratzker | Report as abusive

These people live in CLOUD-CUCKOO-LAND, the problem ALL ACROSS the 3rd world, is the POPULATION-BOMB, The palestinians have been breeding like ‘lemmings’ since 1948, their ARAB-BROTHERS have refused to welcome them around the Arabia,and kept them in poverty and despair, so as to be a constant source of terrorists-with-nothing-to-lose to attack Israel, The Iraqi dictator paid $50,000 to the families of suicide bombers who attacked Israel, Thomas Malthus 200 years ago, stated that the only curbs on HUMAN POPULATIONS, are WAR,FAMINE,SICKNESS AND CRIME. he later added ‘abstinence’ or birth-control.

Am I the only person who can see the truism in that statement, ALL ACROSS THE 3RD WORLD. OR are you all too afraid to voice-your-fears.

The Israeli’s are THE only civilized country/culture in the middle-east, and need to be careful dealing with these ‘socialist-americans’, like the present government.

Posted by roberthector | Report as abusive

Not for nothing, is the Western Culture reffered to as JUDEO-CHRISTIAN, we share more values with the Israeli’s than any country in the middle-East, Reading some of these postings, I come to realize how effective the anti-Israel propaganda in the Western Media and education systems,

The Israelis treat more sick and injured palestinian civilians from their civil-war over the border, in their hospitals, than the palestinian hospitals do.

The hand of friendship, has been extended by Israel for 60 years, but crooks like arafat took the road to war, as well as stealing 20 million euro’s, meant to aid the palestinian people.

Start reading some factual-history rather than the left-wing media BS, in your intellectual diets.

Posted by roberthector | Report as abusive

Only 2 way to fix this area problems.
1.Cover bombing with nuke entire area. Which is obviously not going to happen.
2.Stop sending money there, completely. They already have more than enough in US government grants to bankrupt US. Why are we sending money to the countries which sold to us Oil for many times of the actual cost and on top of that they are using our machines to pull that oil from under the earth and push it to terminals. They hate us anyway so why/how would it be worse than it is now if we let them to take care of their own people without our help and money? Oil is not the issue since we have more than enough here, in our country and neighboring Canada to cover our needs for the same 30 years or more.Only difference would be for them, nobody would want to buy stinking camels in Europe and oil and gas comes from Russia anyway…

Posted by alexsts | Report as abusive

Bremmer is right but for the wrong logic. The Israel situation will be solved in the next decade with the following events: Iran will continue to extend it influence from Iraq, to Syria, to Lebanon. Within two years, there will be 30,000 Hezbollah fighters and Iranian soldiers on Israel’s border. KSA will retreat and isolate itself and this includes Qatar. This will come as an agreement with Iran to maintain its sovereignty revert to be neutral ground for Islam and not be attacked. The Sinai will be broken off from Egypt and Hamas will extend further control. The West Bank will start its final intifada which will pin down a large hunk of the Israel army. At that stage Israel will have one of two choices. Use nuclear weapons agains Tehran (which is outside of direct fall out zone) as a form of intimidation or accepts new boundaries as they are attacked from all sides. The Israeli army is a mere shell of its former self and completely demoralized.

Posted by wtchurch | Report as abusive

I’m with 2Borknot2B. Israel is our most reliable ally in an area vital to the World’s economy. Not to mention their dedication to acknowledging and protecting Christian heritage.

Of course Israel does not share all our values, but who in the region does? Better one technologically savvy, democratic ally than none.

Posted by loyalsys | Report as abusive

It is a waste of everybody’s time. The Palestinians will have no clue what to with their time, if peace comes. They don’t have a clue of what to do if they have to live in peace with other peoples.

Posted by denalilady | Report as abusive

Given the fluid political situation in the Middle East, I think it’s only advantageous for the Palestinians to keep talking to the Jews… Surely, Israel doesn’t want to be surrounded by countries controlled by Islamists?

Posted by renumeratedfrog | Report as abusive

I have been hearing about these peace talks all my life. Israel goes through the motions, but it is clear they have no intention of making any concessions. THEY WANT IT ALL. You would have to be blind not to see this. Our congress is in the pocked of AIPAC because they provide campaign funds. AIPAC lobbies for Israel and is bleeding the American taxpayer so the people in Israel can have most of which is denied Americans here at home. Israel causes all the problems in the Mideast and the American taxpayer pays on both ends. Stop the funding and Israel would have to negotiate in good faith. They are not honest or sincere and need to be stopped.

Posted by tpvero | Report as abusive

I agree totally with your analysis, however I have a more cynical view of this machination as another opportunity to inflame the Middle East even more than what is already taking place.

Posted by blc111 | Report as abusive

If the Israelis didn’t exist, the circle-jerk-your-gun&shoot party between Egypt,Turkey,Iraq,Iran,Afghanistan,Pakis tan (back to) Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Libya etc would still be going on. Jewish people are not the problem. That exists among, we are told, those who say they are members of “The Religion of Peace”.

Posted by AbuShy | Report as abusive

Absolutely correct. The problem is US foreign policy in the M.E.

Peace with Israel will not change that policy. Anybody believing that, hasn’t been listening to the voices from Islam these past 40 years and more particularly examples from the last one thousand years.

The US bases in the GCC exist to protect the Ruling population who are a minority. The Muslim masses want their freedom and America acts in a manner to deny them that wish. That is clear everywhere in the M.E. most recently Egypt.

In the short term the Masses can be denied, but in the long term they will prevail. History has hundreds of examples of that truth. Peace with Islam, which means a change of foreign policy for the M.E., is the only path with a hope of success. Without that, a tipping point will eventually be reached and the war (Terrorism) between Islam & Christianity will grow larger and wider. Life in the West has already become intolerable after only 46 short years of terrorism. Americans do not feel safe even within their own fortified borders, as Snowden revealed.

Posted by whoisit | Report as abusive

Your comments recognition is malfunctioning. It is intermittent. Sometimes the software processes and responds correctly and sometimes it doesn’t. I’ll return and try again at some future date.

Posted by whoisit | Report as abusive

Israel’s not talking it’s too busy stealing land and resources, and murdering Palestinians.

Posted by prolibertate | Report as abusive

All the problems of the middle east is because of the Israeli Palestinian conflict! What is this guy talking about?? Syria and Iran have chosen to ally with each other because Israel is a threat to them, they have the same concerns. How do you think terrorism started? It started in Israel while the Israelies were slaughtering British soldiers! Peace must be achieved for the middle east to heal from many years of hostility.

Posted by nickol | Report as abusive

Has anyone seen video footage of a Palestinian refugee concentration camp? Israel is one of the most foul countries on the planet.

Posted by TheyLookAlike | Report as abusive

@TheyLookAlike – we have seen the Palestinian refugee camps and they are horribe, really horrible. Camps in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon where the people are treated harshly, denied of basic human rights. Alas, there are no refugee camps in Israel – all displaced Palestinians inside Israel were entirely settled and are no longer refugees for more than 50 years. Gaza’s and the West Bank so called ‘refugee camps’ are not really refugee camps. In Gaza and the West Bank, the Palestinians are living under their own elected government in their own territory.

If you call them refugees, you should also call the 800,000 Arab Jews and their many more descendents who were forcefully expelled from all Arab countries (see rce/talking/jew_refugees.html).

Posted by DrorH | Report as abusive

Kerry wants to host this talk and at the same time back
The (New) Muslum Brotherhood in Egypt.

Posted by NewsCreator | Report as abusive

Syria and Iran ally because of TINY Israel is a THREAT? What are you smoking?
Who shots from behind woman and children?
Who beheads anyone in 2013? (with dull kitchen knife! With crowds of OTHER peace loving muslims cheering it on)
Who attacks Christians just because they are CHRISTIANS?
Who hides behind woman and children?
Extream, Radicalized, Peace Loving, silent supportive Islamists.

Posted by NewsCreator | Report as abusive

The Middle East is not a mathematical equation with an elusive solution, and there is no solution to its multiple problems, as far as the eye can see.
The Middle East is a vast and extremely complex region, as some people are beginning to understand. It’s certainly not what President Woodrow Wilson and the American public had imagined after WWI, when the current maps were drawn, and current ‘nation states’ created out of thin air, wishful thinking, and the interests of big oil companies.
Time will tell if there was a solution to begin with – lots of time, measured in many decades and more likely in centuries.

Get real.

Posted by reality-again | Report as abusive

As America becomes the only backer of Israel from some long standing misguided allegiance, America’s standing in the world also takes a hit and diminishes.

America is broke, both financially and morally. Obama has followed the same failed pro-Israel policy of Bush and the NEOCONS. We can no longer project power with our National Debt which will cause cut backs in our military and foreign aid. Israel needs to make peace and relinquish its hold on Palestine and the West Bank occupation.

Posted by FredMertz11 | Report as abusive

I wonder how many billions this so called remarkably savvy
deal will cost us.
Fact one,
Israel at this time will not give up land.
Fact two , the Palestinians want the same
land Israel will not give up.

Posted by magnum77 | Report as abusive

At one time Muslims, Jews and Christians lived together in peace in Palestine. Then in 1948 the Jews invaded, stole the land and butchered the Arabs which created the mess we are in today. THAT is the bottom line when talking about the “peace talks”. Ever notice that before the talks start the Jews do something to provoke the Arabs? Build more houses on occupied land… Ring a bell? They push until a rocket is fired in anger then stand back and cry about how they are attacked. They retaliate with overwhelming force against a population that is trapped on a sliver of ground and cannot escape the attack. The Arabs are of Semetic blood and they deserve to live on that land. Most of the modern Jews are NOT of Semetic bloodline and have no business being there. Stop the American support of Israeli! We have enough problems here at home that need our attention.

Posted by Bigtoad45 | Report as abusive

It is like trying to disprove a negative.

Questions like this are always couched in bogus terms for prejudicial effect. An Israeli/Palestinian deal, done, won’t fix the ME’s problems. Like raising taxes won’t end a country’s debt, or inserting, ‘well regulated’ into US’s gun let, won’t end violence. All, junk juxtapositions, all are falsifications of efforts. And, I would say, at the cheaper side of rhetoric.

Regulating gun ownership does help. Raising taxes does help. And doing good things in the world helps your credit. Bringing justice, not just for your friends, brings you credit. And failing, brings you down.

So I cannot see how the author misses that US’s standing, before Moon’s UN, is weak. How it cannot have been but greatly helped by earlier US deeds – pushing our ally Israel (after all, their sincere guys could use our cover), or releasing Guantanamos, or curtailing remote bombing, or renditions, on and on.

None of these things is a magic pill, as the author plays to require. The author plays us false, misstating those efforts.

No one of them is identical with a solution. But all of them are connected, and can help. In their absence, can Moon but decline?

Posted by geot2 | Report as abusive

theylookalike wrote:

“Has anyone seen video footage of a Palestinian refugee concentration camp? Israel is one of the most foul countries on the planet.”

No, no one has seen it because it doesn’t exist. No such thing as “concentration camp Gaza”

What does exist are shopping malls and 5 star hotels in Gaza, and full shelves in the stores.

As far as the existence of Palestinian refugee camps, why do they exist in Lebanon and Syria?

Posted by hmp49 | Report as abusive

hmp49 wrote:
“No, no one has seen it because it doesn’t exist. No such thing as “concentration camp Gaza”

Holocaust denier!

Posted by Monodist | Report as abusive

The author is pessimistic? Golly. This stuff has gone back to 1946 when the Israel state was created by the UN.

Can’t anybody get anything right? Every American administration has hoped that “talks” will settle things in the Middle East. Maybe you will not going to take my word for it, but it is not going to happen–now or ever.

Posted by Bilge | Report as abusive

Finally somebody in the Mainstream media is paying attention. The Arab-Israeli conflict is merely a side show in the Middle East. Don’t get me wrong Arab/Moslems overwhelmingly want to annihilate Israel and to exterminate the Jews. But even if they could succeed in their genocidal desires the deep seeded Middle Eastern conflicts would continue. The first war would be over Israel’s land and assets. Then you have the Sunni-Shia hatred which has been going on since Mohammed’s death. Then you have the conflicts between radicals Islamists and moderates in both Sunni and Shia dominated countries. And you also have severe nationalist disputes over land, water and resources. And the list goes on.

Posted by dougjmiller | Report as abusive

Who cares? Those countries have raped each other, invaded each other, enslaved and pillaged and cross bred each other for hundreds of centuries.

Take the head gear off of any of the men over there and you can’t tell from which country they belong.

They are so intermingled in their blood lines that it makes no difference as to who is against who. The region is full of hatred for itself and it’s always been that way.

I’m tired of my tax dollars being used to send weapons to any of those people. We just recently offered 30 Stealth Fighters to Israel to hold their temper and promise to sit down at another negotiation table.

How many thousands of negotiations have we done already with no solution? The whole region is dreary, Mark Twain noted the same thing when he saw it over a century ago. Its people are dreary, the music is incredibly dreary, their stuck with their ugly religious beliefs. No wonder they hate themselves so much.

According to their holy books they are the off spring of the same great, great ancestor Abraham. That dude was so whacked out he nearly sacrificed his son one day but had a moment of clarity at the last moment.

Leave those spoiled brats to scream it out and fight in the candy store over who got the biggest piece of candy.

It’s time to stop sticking our noses into other peoples business and mind our own burning house.

Let me close with some lines from an old Bob Dylan song.

God said to Abraham, ‘Kill me your son.’
Abe said ‘Man, you must be puttin me on.’
God said ‘You know’
Abe said ‘What?’
God said ‘You do what you want to Abe but, the next time you see me comin, you better run.’
Abe said ‘Where you want all this killin done?’
God said ‘Out on highway 61.’

Posted by WinslowWilson | Report as abusive

Actually, the Middle East has only one problem: the Arabs. As soon as they are all gone, peace will reign supreme in the entire area. I am willing to bet on it.

Posted by Jaysonrex | Report as abusive

The issue needs to be solves. There is no reason for Israel to keep grabbing land of Palestinians and blocking their state. What sort of leaders does Israel have? Why does USA not act tough on Israel like it is very eager to do on Syria even without provocation or credible proof?

Posted by oxen | Report as abusive

@WinslowWilson – You could say the same thing about any country on earth and any people on the face of the earth as you say about the Arabs – at one time or another.

And less specifically:
What will change the relationship between Israel and the US will be a more entrenched and politically influential Arab population here. Those with the deepest pockets and the more sophisticated political experience sway the policy of this country and they may not even be very obvious to the man on the street. Israel is as indebted and stretched as the western industrialized societies. The Arab world used to be behind the times but how long can that last? I’m sure it’s long over in many ways and this country could start to have the problems they have. If the media here wanted to, it could paint an equally unflattering portrait of this or any European country now or in the past.

This country may not have an open ended future as it enjoyed so far and will have to be careful with it’s priorities and budgets. The rising powers, especially China, are not very familiar with the texts of the Western Bible(s) and will not be looking at the issues in the ME with the same emotional loading or prejudices. China and other powers, perhaps not so conspicuously influential now, could change the parameters of the entire conflict and even make it irrelevant.

That is the greatest threat to the future of Israel and even the forces of Arab discontent. It almost argues that China could be the mountain that crushes (not to be too violent with this imagery) the controversy and tells both Mohammad and Abraham – and even their take on the almighty – to get over it and/or sit in their corners. The emergence of other stronger nations – or even less strong but more numerous states – would change the priorities of everyone on the planet and all those dieing or being mangled by the current struggles will have been killed or blighted by what the future could see as yet another bloodbath in the name of ignorance, provincialism and bad faith.

Posted by paintcan | Report as abusive

Knowing past right-wing Israeli practices, I wouldn’t put it past the Likudniks to be actively destabilizing the Middle East, knowing that while there is turmoil in the area, they can continue their “Holy Land” grab without much opposition from the Arab world, or the US and the EU.

It kind of fits with the Neo-Con manifesto from the late 1990s. The radical Islamic regimes which are replacing the current dictators are more likely to fight among themselves, while Israel’s expansionist policies can fade in the background, with the West and the US in particular getting the brunt for the blame from the dimwitted “Arab Street.”

Posted by MacMan | Report as abusive







Posted by Anonymous | Report as abusive

Taking the long view, you could argue that the residents of the territory currently defined as Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip have had problems with each other and their neighbours intermittently for much of the past 3,000 years: the territories have been claimed and occupied by pretty much every major power in the region (Assyria, Babylon, Phoenicia, Greece, Rome, Egypt, Turkey, Britain…); while in the past there were the divisions between components of the territory e.g. Judea, Galilee, Samaria.

More recently, during the 20th century, there was mass immigration to the territory causing tensions to rise as early as the 1910s (the Balfour Declaration in 1917 had a mixed reception), cumulating in the formation of Israel immediately after WWII and the subsequent few decades of conflicts with their neighbours. Both sides in the current conflict would ideally like the entire expanse of the territory to themselves, and while they make occasional public announcements and plans, history shows they’re not really all that committed to a permanent peace agreement.

If anyone thinks they can wave a magic wand and settle such long-term disputes, they’re mistaken to the point of being delusional.

Posted by mittfh | Report as abusive

Robert, The views that I have developed about Israel are new to me. Until recently, I never really considered the subject at any depth. Other, than the holocaust tragedy, that is repeated around the world, over and over to non-Jews with no intervention from Israel. And, the Anti-Defamation League, it is ok with defamation of anyone as long as they are not Jewish, and the hypocrisy that exudes. I have many friends of the Jewish Faith and I love the unique culture and the people. But, my view now extends far beyond that. I did not come to these opinions by reading anything in particular. But the greater sum of the whole picture is what has led me to my new found opinion about Israel. The Israeli leadership is unjust, hypocritical, and they have a unfounded since of entitlement based on what they turned into a delusion of superiority. I am not a racist, nor do I discriminate against anyone, so do go there with me.

Posted by 2Borknot2B | Report as abusive

A more fundamental reason for conflict in the middle east is centuries old bloody rivalry between Shias and Sunnis.That is the reason for present conflicts in Syria and Iraq,and two main players of opposite factions are Iran and Saudi Arabia.Unfortunately Muslims have never even attempted to solve the problem,and are not likely to do anytime soon.It is much easier to put the blame on West and USA without doing any introspection.In this they are united.

Posted by siesmann | Report as abusive

that place sure is confusing. but nice distraction from nuclear Pakistan and India, chemical Syria, sure, lets stop Hebrews building houses by the sea

Posted by barenski | Report as abusive

Some of the comments that suggest the situation can’t be changed are pathetic, insincere, manipulated and really only interested in the bottom line and, from the sounds of it, only in Israeli’s bottom line. They have a lot of their bottom over someone else’s line.

What seems to be lost in the last ten years were some of the arguments made both for intervention in the ME and against it. I’ve lost track of the double talk myself. But I don’t tend to listen the salesman pitches anyway. The US is effectively loosing the war(s)in the ME and many here knew that was all it could look forward to even ten years ago. It is trying to extricate itself with a good face and that can only be found by lying and misrepresenting its failures. That’s what politicians do best. Opinion pieces like this one are part of that fraud.

BTW – for the first 30 years of my life I tended to accept the Israeli argument (more propaganda than argument) because I never heard a single argument in favor of the Arab side. During the last 30 years I was able to hear more from the Arab side and started to see their point of view. And because I am neither Arab nor Jew, I can listen to either side as I please. And the only thing that prevented that fairer treatment of the issue was the Israeli side – they always had the microphone and the media.

@mittfh – it wouldn’t have required a magic wand to settle the issues with Israel/Palestine. It would take the adherence to truly honest discussions of the situation with the golden rule in mind (an idea not foreign to this country’s constitution either) and a recognition on the Israeli side that the state is founded on a racist/ religious ideology designed to make enemies because anyone not a Zionist tends to be cast as an outsider within the system or even as an enemy and the most avid Zionist can see that opposition as opposed to the will of heir version of “God’. The core philosophy of that state is Zionism – or to translate – The Jewish people (still woefully undefined in any real objective terms) must have a state of their own where they are the ethnic majority. How can anyone but the “delusional” look at that situation as anything but racism and sectarian prejudice masquerading as “enlightened” or even democratic government. The Israeli state never provided anything to the ME but a flawed model of democratic government and the Arabs were too unfamiliar with democratic models of government to catch on right away. And democracy within these shores may be a thing for PR men and marketing professionals only now, the truly important decisions being made by corporate boardrooms world wide.

A basic truth of the Israeli/Arab conflict is the fact that Israel is a minority and the Arabs are an underrepresented majority within the region and especially in the occupied territories, and a corrupt and selfish system – even rabidly so – has been systematically abusing and profiting from that abuse at the expense of the hostile captive population. The hostility of that captive population is easy to understand because it is the normal human reaction to being mistreated for being other than “Jewish” and is always a valid complaint regardless of the religion or sophistication of the capturing state. If Arab birthrates continue to grow and Israeli birth rates decline the state of Israel could easily be a “democratic” version of Assad’s s Syria with his Alawite minority constituency.

And I will never truly understand what being “Jewish” means because an Israeli Jew doesn’t even have to know a form of the religion in order to qualify for citizenship, apparently. It is far easier to understand the Arab complaint, that because they were not part of an unwelcome influx of foreign refugees who seemed to regard the natives as backward aborigines and people not to be taken seriously, they were bulldozed and out-funded into submission until they fought back and then the dominant media could then paint them as “devils”. That sold well to pulpits and podiums in the Christian leaning home front and also served as a weapon to counter the enormous leverage of the oil sheikdoms. Those who suspect Israel of acting as an agent provocateur have a valid intuition (and more than a few facts I their favor).

And to the idiotic argument that the Arabs are the problem there – people with their vested interests and expectations of civil rights tend to be a “problem” everywhere for the arbitrary and heavy handed. And if it is reasonable to suggest that the majority population move elsewhere, how much more efficient and sensible to suggest the minority do so instead.

Posted by paintcan | Report as abusive

It’s silly for people to think this is an islam vs. judaism issue or any kind of cultural struggle.
The real issue is the zionist movement that has been going on for 50+ years. There are many useful id1ots in this board that are playing their part masterfully.

Posted by Kristin89 | Report as abusive

At this point in time around the entire world, every actual gesture of peace, not words, but actual gestures are significant. Any gesture of war, is also significant. The wrong play at the wrong time could be enough to inflame a world on edge. PEACE AND LOVE.

Posted by 2Borknot2B | Report as abusive

Look how quickly the neo-nazi anti-semitic roaches showed up. Little Israel stays safe. And only builds IN ISRAEL. All the settlements are IN ISRAEL. That bigots want to kill all the Jews is too bad Never Again

Posted by anindauk | Report as abusive

anindauk – It isn’t “only Israel” until a consensus is achieved by all those larger than “little Israel” that it has, or is, building only in Israel. Israel doesn’t own the planet. What it pushes also pushes others out.

Or Saddam only invaded Iraq and Kuwait is a fiction.

BTW – I’m sure a lot of countries would like revised borders when it suited them and they thought they could win the argument.

Isn’t it obvious a lot of people are taking to the idea that “God” is giving them their marching orders and they don’t seem to notice that he is playing all sides against the middle?

With all sides claiming God, God always wins and looses simultaneously, and only the human gets crushed between the opposing forces of a divine isometric exercise workout.

Posted by paintcan | Report as abusive

Palestinians signing a peace treaty with Israel is not and will not suffice for peace with Israel. the Palestinians are broken people and peace without justice can not last. the fact is, the Muslim world considers Israel a fourth crusade by the Christians and will have to fight for as long as it takes to liberate the holly lands from the hands of the infidels that are on Muslim territory and land. So when the Muslims finish there disputes and quarrels between each other and unite under one leadership, as well as have the self dependents of arming them selves with latest weaponry, than they will face Israel for its totality.

Posted by rdm3850 | Report as abusive

Here’s a reality check for all those who say that problems in the middle-east is because of the U.S foreign policy. Let’s go to the 18-19’th century and why was the U.S navy created and what was the first mission to which purpose the U.S marine corps were created?????
Muslim Barbary pirates were attacking american trade ships unprovoked, they also sold american captives into slavery.

When the Ambassador of the ottoman Empire met Jefferson, he answered to Jefferson’s question, why do they attack them when they have no hostility against them with this quote:
“…that it was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Koran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.”

U.S navy was built to defend the americans against these peaceful religionists. Marines stormed the beaches of tripoli and forced a peace treaty which trhe muslims broke three times each time provoking a new war untill the french and Italians submitted them and colonised their countries. Turkeys demise was the end of islamic power when the caliphate was discontinued in the 1920’s.

it was in the munich olympics when this Islamic war on west was continued again. To claim that west startesd it is to be completely ignorant on the history which goes all the way back to the 7’th century showing how the arabs started the invasion of byzantine empire and harrasment of Christian kingdoms over 400 years before the first crusade, which was called to defend christians against islamic invasion of byzantine and to provide safe passage to the pilgrims to jerusalem.

Please be more knowledgeable about history if you want to blame the west of everything wrong in this world.

Posted by Jaredite83 | Report as abusive

Keep telling yourself whatever you have to to blot out the fact that America is colluding in the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Try alcohol. I hear it’s popular for people trying to forget what monsters they are.

Posted by Nasty_Celt | Report as abusive

If Nasty Celt would try to show any problems with my comment or the historical facts I presented, maybe his comment could be taken seriously.

If there is an ethnic cleansing of “Palestinians”, it would be a great thing to show it first.

Americans were not even allied with Israel until Nixon’s administration, so how is it that yanks are helping to cleanse anything?

Arab casualties are in thousands, not hundreds of thousands or millions, unlike the Jewish casualties were in the death camps, which were supported by many Muslim leaders of whom most notorious, grand mufti of Jerusalem, was visiting those camps.

Arabs die in war, which they wage against Israel, not in any concentrated mass extermination. there are over million Arab Israeli citizens who have representation in the Israeli parliament, who work in the military and police forces. How many Jews have such opportunities in any of the Muslim countries, of, I forgot, Jews are not allowed to enter most Muslim countries at all. In fact,800 000 Jews were exiled, and property taken in their Muslim countries, but Israel took them in. Slightly lower number of Arabs, mostly willingly, escaped the war between Israel and Arab nations, and were greeted by their neighbors by putting them into refugee camps.

Israel has freedom of press, Muslim countries has not.
Israel has guaranteed equality rights for women, Islamic nations deny such possibility.
Israel even protects gays, while Muslim nations hang them publicly.
Israel has free elections, most Muslim countries has not, and elections usually are held only once, like in Gaza, after which, the winner kills the opposition and denies any future elections.
It is interesting that thousands of rockets are launched into Israel every year, yet Israel has not leveled the streets of Gaza like any other nation would had.

There is no comparison between Israel and the Muslim nations. Arab children are taught to hate the Jews in their kindergartens and schools using such books as mein kampf and protocols of the learned elders of Zion, as text books for kids to learn.

Any moral persona can see that Israel is the country with a higher moral ground, no matter what failings they have, just compare them to their neighbors and it is evident instantly that Israel is a jewel in the pile of dung called the middle-east.

Posted by Jaredite83 | Report as abusive

Well all that history is interesting. But, it is time for the future. We will create the earth we are going to live on. From this point forward, let’s forget the past, lets just start over, let’s just all love each other for our differences. This world can destroy every single person on this planet and she has taken all the abuse she can. If you do not have respect for what you are creating and how you are impacting the greater whole around you, then you do not deserve to exist. The earths protection comes first.

Posted by 2Borknot2B | Report as abusive

“There is no comparison between Israel and the Muslim nations. Arab children are taught to hate the Jews in their kindergartens and schools using such books as mein kampf and protocols of the learned elders of Zion, as text books for kids to learn.”

No they aren’t.

It’s funny to see Israeli supporters pull the same brown shirt tactics that the Nazi youth did.

Posted by rich___w | Report as abusive

Maybe focus on controversial issues is not the way to go- too many generations scared by broken promises. Maybe its time to think outside the box:

Posted by MideastIssues | Report as abusive

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict kept the flame in the regions for decades.
Even to assume that the conflict is irrelevant to what’s happening in the Wider Middle East is a nonsense.

Posted by OUTPOST2012.NET | Report as abusive

Albert Einstein once said: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

Posted by wande | Report as abusive

Why does this article keep appearing on the Reuters FRONT PAGE 3 months after it was written?!?

Posted by BlackJackBro | Report as abusive

The middle east has always had one basic problem. It is money. Mo’ money equals Mo’ problems.

Root cause analysis (RCA) is a method of problem solving that tries to identify the root causes of faults or problems.

RCA practice tries to solve problems by attempting to identify and correct the root causes of events, as opposed to simply addressing their symptoms.

By focusing correction on root causes, problem recurrence can be prevented. RCFA (Root Cause Failure Analysis) recognizes that complete prevention of recurrence by one corrective action is not always possible.

Posted by WashingtonTimes | Report as abusive

Peace can only be achieved through dialogue and diplomacy.

Posted by joachimokoye79 | Report as abusive

Religious nuts of all stripes like pain and destroying others and our problem is we think we should protect them from their insanity. We must not do that. we must let them do as they would so tha the world can see what they are. Granted, we need to keep our own local nuts pinned down, but with enough freedom to feel the pain they like so much.

Generally speaking on other topics too, allowing people the freedom to punish themselves through stupidity is the only way you produce humans that will stop doing these dumb things. If we live in a rubber room society the average person gets dumber because there are no consequenses to their action. Don’t get me wrong, we should help people, but only when they seek it, and only if they can understand what their failing was. Of course this will never happen, because we would have to say to the religious nuts “see, see what happens when you believe in imaginary beings in the sky and give over all control to a man with the direct pipeline the the imaginary being?” And when that man tells you to select leaders who will manipulate you further and only intend that the benefits of your labor goes to them or their masters.

Posted by brotherkenny4 | Report as abusive

Israel has invaded Lebanon again in violation of UN rules. The Israeli gov’t needs to be sanctioned and the sanctions need real TEETH! All the gov’t that support that N.A.Z.I. apartheid state need to be sanctioned too.

Posted by prolibertate | Report as abusive