Ian Bremmer

Political risk must-reads

Ian Bremmer
Jan 14, 2014 22:53 UTC

Political risk must-reads

Eurasia Group’s weekly selection of essential reading for the political risk junkie — presented in no particular order. As always, feel free to give us your feedback or selections by tweeting at us via @EurasiaGroup or @ianbremmer.

India-Japan Defense Ministers Agree To Expand Strategic Cooperation” — Ankit Panda, the Diplomat

India and Japan recently announced their decision to strengthen their defense relationship. While China went unmentioned, the two countries’ larger neighbor was clearly the elephant in the room.

Why a TV Show About Celebrity Fathers Has Enraptured China” — Sue-Lin Wong, the Atlantic

Why is a Chinese show about celebrity dads attracting more viewers per episode than there are people in North America?

2014’s top 10 political risks

Ian Bremmer
Jan 7, 2014 19:30 UTC

Since the 2008 financial crisis, the world’s biggest risks have been economic. From a euro zone meltdown, to a Chinese hard landing, to the U.S. debt crisis, analysts have spent the past five years worrying about how to stave off financial implosion.

That’s over. In 2014, big-picture economics are relatively more stable. But geopolitics are very much in play. The impact of the G-Zero world — one that increasingly lacks global leadership and coordination — is on display.

So what are this year’s top 10 political risks? I’ll describe them, in video and text, below.