Political risk must-reads

March 5, 2014

Political risk must-reads

Eurasia Group’s weekly selection of essential reading for the political-risk junkie — presented in no particular order. As always, feel free to give us your feedback or selections by tweeting at us via @EurasiaGroup or @ianbremmer.

The Tragedy of Argentina: A Century of Decline” — the Economist

Last month, the Argentine peso saw its value depreciate by more than 20 percent. But 100 years ago, after 43 years of consecutive GDP growth of 6 percent annually, Argentina was considered a leading land of opportunity. What changed after World War One? Where is the country headed now?

Al-Qaeda Rebels in Syria Tell Christians to Pay up or Die” — Aryn Baker, Time

ISIS, an extremist Islamist group that even mainstream al Qaeda has disassociated from, is in control of Raqqa, a northern Syrian city. They have left Christians in their jurisdiction with a painful choice: pay up, convert, or face death. The payment scheme, which is scaled based on income level and the value of gold, is part of ISIS’s attempt to create an Islamic kingdom with laws that date back to the time of Mohammad.

Has the Venezuelan Government Helped or Hurt the Country’s Poor?” — Max Ehrenfreund, Washington Post Wonkblog

As the street calms in Venezuela, it looks more likely that Nicolas Maduro will remain in power…for now. The economic realities are grim, with a national economy in crisis, and an official inflation rate of 56 percent.

For Rich, ’13 Was Good for Making, and Spending, Money” — Julie Creswell, New York Times

Over the last decade, the register of billionaires climbed 80 percent (to 1,682). And last year was particularly kind to the uber-rich. In a survey of the world’s 0.1 percenters, only 4 percent said that they wound up worth less over the course of 2013.

India’s Election by Mind-Blowing Numbers” — Suryatapa Bhattacharya, WSJ blog

An estimated 100 million extra voters are eligible to vote next month, compared to India’s last general election. There are an estimated 814.5 million eligible voters. Eleven million people will help conduct the polling and make sure it runs smoothly.

Weekly Bonus

NASA Photo Shows North Korea Kept in the Dark at Night”– Sean Breslin, The Weather Channel

North and South Korea’s power consumption is night and day. Astronauts on the International Space Station have taken a night image of North and South Korea that puts the two countries’ energy usage into stark relief. South Korea’s per capita power consumption is 10,162 kilowatt hours. North Korea’s is 739.

Lastly, are you curious if you’ve got the first name of a Democrat or Republican? This database will let you know how your first name ranks.

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What’s 50 + 67 equal? I believe it’s 117 Right? So then the year 1967 plus 50 years would equal the year 2017 right?

And the year is now 2014 so in 3 more years the American Freedom of Information Act allows the world to view the first Photographs that must be made public of the USS Liberty Massacre where Israel ordered its Army, Navy, and Air Force to destroy our American war vessel by bombs, Torpedoes, Strafing, and Shooting the American Officers and Enlisted Men in International Sea Waters that immediately killed 37, and wounded 170 that have died and been dying from their wounds in the 1967 Israeli 3 Day War.

No Enteral Flame has ever been erected in Arlington National Cemetery for these brave dead American Soldiers, no mention of their sacrifices in any American High School History Books, no President, Senator, or Representative has shown any public display of gratitude for their courage in this conflict, all those who were there and died have been all but forgotten but in 3 years the world will come to know the truth.

President Johnson was suspected of the JFK assasination by conspiracy theorists and the conspiracy to keep quite the USS Liberty Massacre for the last 50 years came on President Johnson’s shift so is there a link between the two conspiracies with the same man involved?

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