Comments on: China’s rise and India’s obvious partner (the U.S.) Straight from the Specialists Sun, 06 Mar 2016 13:25:08 +0000 hourly 1 By: rajl Wed, 07 Mar 2012 04:28:57 +0000 We shouldn’t be talking about Spiritual Wealth when countries are sharpening their tools and positioning themselves aggressively. India has to be self-reliant in weaponry, build infrastructure along the borders in a strategic way. Diplomacy and coercion have to go hand-in-hand to realize our objective of deterring neighbors.

US-India relationship basically depends on US-China relation.

A very disciplined approach is required by India to set the right perception for neighbors and for the world.

Jai Hind.

By: Ideashare Tue, 06 Mar 2012 15:28:28 +0000 Equation on US-India Strategic-partnership is simple, if and when China gets stronger economically and militarily, US needs more of India to counter the rise of china. As for border conflict, US will be happy to sell weapons to India, almost anytime. That is why US wants to shift military presence to E. Asia.

If India is ambitious, partnership for “protection” would not help the preception as THE Regional Power

By: vijay_ram Tue, 06 Mar 2012 06:35:13 +0000 While the Obama administration’s initial policies / approach is partially responsible for this reluctance shown by India , in moving closer towards the US,one must remember that improvement in ties require sincere efforts from both the parties. One must also understand the uniqueness of India’s position on the world stage. Even though we have so much internal problems and orderlessness within our borders, India has always projected itself as a responsible, reasonable and peace loving nation, when it comes to representing itself as an independent nation on the world stage. A dedicated and intelligent mind can spot the order and progress hidden inside the chaotic patterns. The problem with US foreign policy is that it is more concerned with sustaining its role as global policeman, than finding realistic and long term solutions to the various political and economic problems faced / self-created by least developed countries. Where was the US foreign policy in Africa all these years in the so called American century ? Still there is so much Famine, Malnourishment and poverty in our so called Dark continent. With power comes Responsibility and the US should start acting around the globe with greater moral responsibility. A time to Ponder : And lastly(this belongs to a greater viewpoint which is far more outside the limits of this discussion), while the West has given the world all of these scientific inventions and material comforts that we enjoy or live(!!!) today , it has also propagated some of its insecurities and questions of meaninglessness about life itself. Thus it is India with so much of its Spiritual wealth and past that will stand as a beacon or lighthouse to lead the materialistic world from Darkness. Jai Hind.