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Third party premium for motor insurance increased


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It is compulsory for every vehicle in India to have a third party insurance, which covers risks involving damage or loss to others caused by the vehicle you drive.

Since it is mandatory, the pricing has traditionally been administered by the insurance regulator, IRDA. With the price controlled and risk unlimited, the portfolio is bound to look messy.

The regulator currently revisits the pricing once a year and ends up increasing the premium based on a predetermined formula. To see the current increase for two wheelers and cars, see the table below. Type of Vehicle New 3rd Party Premium (Rs) Increase (Rs)   Private Cars Not exceeding 1000 cc 1129 188 1000 to 1500 cc 1332 222 Greater than 1500 cc 4109 685 Two Wheelers     Not exceeding 75 cc 455 41 75 to 150 cc 464 42 150 to 350 cc 462 42 Greater than 350 cc 884 80

Premiums for all other vehicles, including commercial ones, have also been revised.

Third-party motor insurance premiums fixed for new financial year


(Any opinions expressed here are those of the author and not of Reuters)

A motor insurance policy consists broadly of two parts — third-party cover, which is regulated; and an ‘own damage’ cover, the premium for which is left to market dynamics.

The premium for ‘own damage’ cover, which forms the larger chunk of the insurance premium, is based on risk and competitive pressures.

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“Till now our focus was to work as a development authority but now it has been more than a decade and it is time to act as a regulatory authority,” Hari Narayan, the chairman of India’s Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) was quoted as saying in a recent interview.

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