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Why no McDosa?


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The whole world now knows that India has arrived. It isn’t just Infosys and TCS. Tata is the largest manufacturer in Britain with Jaguar Land Rover and Corus — not to speak of Tetley. Bajaj exports a significant proportion of its motorcycle output to Africa — and so on. Indian companies are finally starting to make a significant impact on the global scene.

So what about the global High Street? There’s a McDonalds but why is there no McDosa? I know I’ve raised this before in this column — but I simply don’t understand it. The whole world loves Indian food. There’s nowhere you can go in Europe and very few places in the United States where you can’t find a restaurant which purports to be Indian — even if in reality it’s Bangladeshi.

I was in Rheims the other day — a medium-sized French city with a wonderful market and a beautiful cathedral where the French kings were traditionally crowned. Rheims is in the heart of the champagne country; so in every restaurant and cafe the thing is to have a ‘coupe de champagne’. Naturally, right in the middle of all this is a very busy ‘restaurant  indien’, complete even with champagne bar, and the locals love it — champagne and tikka kebab — wonderful.

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