Timing of Jaipur blasts will raise suspicion of Pakistani hand

May 14, 2008

Are militants, or even hawks within the Pakistani establishment, trying to undermine the peace process with India, now that President Pervez Musharraf has removed his uniform and civilians are squabbling for power?

A injured man receives treatment after a series of bomb blasts in Jaipur May 13, 2008. REUTERS/Vinay Joashi via You Witness NewsThe dust has scarcely settled on another horrific bomb attack in India, and the investigation has only just begun into the synchronised blasts in Jaipur that killed around 60 people .

It is still far too early to be drawing any firm conclusions, but the timing of the blasts is already making some people wonder whether Pakistan was involved.

The explosions came a week before India‘s foreign minister Pranab Mukherjee was due to visit Islamabad to review the peace process, his first visit since a new, civilian government took over in Pakistan.

It also came just a few days after some of the worst violence this year in Kashmir . India was unhappy that its soldiers came under heavy fire from Pakistani last Thursday along the Line of Control as armed militants tried to sneak into Kashmir .

It was also ten years since India conducted five nuclear tests, on May 11 and 13, 1998.

Now that the army is no longer running Pakistan, is the powerful military intelligence agency, the ISI, flexing its muscles again and warning its new civilian “bosses” to abandon the cause of Kashmir at their peril?

South Asia has always been fertile ground for conspiracy theories, and I don’t want to be drawn too far down the route of Machiavellian fantasies.

The relatively sophisticated and synchronised nature of Tuesday’s attacks suggest the perpetrators could have received training abroad, perhaps in Bangladesh or Pakistan, security analysts tell me. But it was probably Indian nationals who carried out the attack, and there is no evidence of direct orders from abroad, they say. Nor does it have to be an ISI plot.

Islamist militant groups in both Pakistan and Bangladesh seem intent on fanning hatred between Muslims and Hindus in India, analysts and diplomats say, an effort which has largely been unsuccessful in recent years. They may be outside the control of the establishment in both countries, and there is evidence the militants have already turned on their former masters.

Nevertheless, the Indian establishment does see some worrying signals from across the border. Pakistan‘s army chief Ashfaq Kayani was quoted this month as reaffirming the commitment of the army to the cause of Kashmir.And Sayed Salahuddin , head of the biggest Kashmiri guerrilla group Hizbul Mujahideen, derided the Indo-Pak peace process last month and vowed to continue a holy war against India.

India security analysts allege that militants are now queueing up to cross the Line of Control in Kashmir, perhaps bent on disrupting elections there later this year.

I have lived on both sides of the border and would welcome thoughts from people in both countries.Is the ISI up to dirty tricks? Or should India solve its own problems without always blaming a foreign hand?


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I think people in both countries have got used to blasts and its follow-ups on TV like blood-stained clothes, crying relatives, injured kids, blaring ambulances, senior govt. officials visint the place, trying to look concerned but even their expressions look practised after visiting dozens of such macabres all the same, even channels look tired. And how can you forget the perpetrators, I think they are loosing the game here, starting with planes they blasted WTC, then they blasted trains in India, now bicycles..god knows what next..bullock carts? but for that they will have to move to Indian villages..and they will think like Mr. Bush misadventures in Afghanistan: hitting a camel with a 50 million missile !!

Posted by Sceptic Indian | Report as abusive

Pakistani army and anti-India Establishment are being little adventurous and surely this incident reflects all over again that it is not at all a rosy picture as far as indo-pak relationship is concerned. Current Indian government and especially Home minister – less said the better. It would require in part of BJP and all anti-Congress people and parties to come together and take affirmative action once in power in a year or so from now after General Elections.

Posted by ganesh kulkarni | Report as abusive

one is in agreement with the article, and the blast and the events are very heart breaking, and there could be more lurking around somewhere, but we have to move on with even more resolve with the process diluting the partition.

Posted by pinaki | Report as abusive

It is evident that elements in Pakistan that are intent on vitiating India-Pakistan relations and spotlighting the importance of the Pakistani Army and the ISI, have engineered the serial blasts.
There are wheels within wheels in the Pakistani establishment.
These elements continually mint bad coin — whose two faces are Narco-terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism/extremism.
All this nefarious activity is carried out whilst maintaining the facade of working as an ally in the war against terrror.
The US and ISAF forces in Afghanistan are slowly learning this lesson the hard way.

Posted by shrinivasrao sohoni | Report as abusive

This is definately an act of terror sponcered by pakistan. The current congress govt. has hardly done anything to stop these series of blasts due to their dependency on certain vote bank.
The clock is ticking and it is time to act for every indian to defeat this govt. in next election and live under a safer regime of BJP.

Posted by Rahul Kumar | Report as abusive

In India, whatever happens, the blame game is on…. How any of this politician could fail this nation? How can the state govt shrugg off its responsibility by blaming the centre or vice versa. Together, both have failed this nation…

We need to improve right from information level to avert this type of attacks on soft target

Posted by Sant Kumar Chalka | Report as abusive

This is definitely a backed-up cells of groups operating in India courtsey from India’s neighbourhood. This is one of the tragic incidents in Jaipur and as a whole in India.

What Indian people want from Police/Government is strictest action against these perpetrators and needs to make sure these place across borders are covered by good Intelligence. My heart goes with with victims/their families in this situation !

Posted by sandy | Report as abusive

Well your presumptions are very much right.
In Pakistan there are organisations within organisations complicit with terrorists.
It is a purely business for them by accepting money from Hardcore fundamentalists to indulge in such activities

Posted by Vijay Dhar | Report as abusive

I feel, the problem is we are such a divided community with serious lack of empathy as a nation. We are a nation only in celebration and euphoric events, like cricket victory, when it come to such events we Indians lack feelings for the other parts or states of the country. Why else such event happen with such impunity. Even when we look at Maharashtra it seems, the govt. their hardly seem to learn the art of unity from tragic events like serial blasts, or why else the ‘Maharashtra manoos’ and ‘north indian’ stuff happen. Wee as a nation seriously lack unity, this whole stuff about “unity in diversity” sounds so euphemistic and hollow when such national tragidies befall..

Posted by Sceptic Indian | Report as abusive

Snow in Kolkata? – The dastardly hand of the ISI. Glaciers melting in the Himalayas? – My goodness, it must be the ISI. And as for traffic jams in Delhi . . . . who else could be responsible?

To flatly state, without a shred of evidence — not an iota, a droplet, the slightest trace of an indication — that the atrocity in Jaipur was “sponcered [sic] by Pakistan” is alas too usual to be remarkable, because the blame game is always played to the hilt in the sub-continent. (Consider, for example, Pakistan’s allegations that RAW is responsible for the terrorist excesses of the entirely home-grown thuggish BLA and the feudal rulers in Balochistan.)

It is regrettable that blame is apportioned so readily and so automatically, but it is probably understandable in the context of mutual fear and distrust.

India and Pakistan are making genuine attempts to come closer together, and such efforts can only be applauded. But there are extremists — intellectual, political, racist, religious, and any combination thereof — on both sides who wish there to be no compromise, no rapprochement, no trust.

And the fanatics seem to be winning.

Posted by beecee | Report as abusive

elections r due in rajasthan in dec 2008. so a polarised electorate will only help the Hindu dominated party BJP which is currently ruling the state. so this blasts could be the handiwork of the RSS led Sangh parivar.

Posted by naveen | Report as abusive

your thinking the shit way naveen, this is what i call narrow Indian mindedness, how can a party kill its own people, they are bad but not this bad yaar!! If so, we can blastthem publicly. trying them to a bicycle bomb each!!

Posted by Sceptic Indian | Report as abusive

did you forget your medication?

naveen’s nurse

Posted by nj | Report as abusive

I agree with naveen. This may be a handiwork of a communal organisation as the elections are drawing close. Apart from that, the laziness of the police department is to be blamed above all, which was not warned by a recent robbery at a bank at the same place.

Posted by ajoy | Report as abusive

I definitely believe that Pakistan plays an important role in every terrorist attack in India, by providing financial, training and logistical support. Pakistan even played an important part in the Air India bombing of 1985, which was carried out by Sikh terrorists working under their Pakistani masters.

It has to be realized that its not about Kashmir. Its about the existence of Pakistan itself. A prosperous and peaceful India invalidates the very concept of Pakistan. India simply being proves that Pakistan was created not out of lofty ideals, but out of hatred. Hatred of the subcontinent’s heritage and of the Hindu people. Pakistan (and to a lesser extent, Bangladesh) have no choice but to eternally try to sabotage India any way possible.

D. Matthews

Posted by david | Report as abusive

I do believe that India is sincere about peace. Indians realize that peace is the only way forward for the country. Nonetheless, India has to worry about the large Muslim minority that at times is hostile to the nation. Pakistan and Bangladesh are doing their best to destabilize India by fomenting violence in order to snatch foreign investment away from India. Its about money. But its also about trying to unify their own divided countries by focusing hatred against India and against Hindus.

Posted by barry | Report as abusive

I think that it is most likely that Pakistan or homegrown Islamic terrorists carried out or financed the blasts. But as the blog alludes to, Bangladeshi terrorists could also be behind the attacks. During a trip to Western India in 1985, I was almost killed by a Bangladeshi infiltrator during a bus ride. He stabbed my leg and grabbed my wallet, but the conductor of the bus and the driver were able to overpower him before he could stab me again and flee the bus.

India has become a safe harbor for millions of Bangladeshi illegal migrants and organized gang members, due in part to the very corrupt Communist Party running West Bengal. I think that India must crack down on these illegal migrants as they are a major security threat to India. Blaming Pakistan all the time detracts from this serious problem.

Posted by david | Report as abusive

It is RIDICULOUS to suggest that Pakistan was involved in this recent bomb blast. Pakistan is at war right now with terrorists who are carrying suicide bombs in major cities and are kidnapping soldiers left and right. On top of that the civilian government is extremely weak right now. Why on earth would they want to trigger a proxy war with India at this moment?

Posted by Hamid | Report as abusive

How long Indian keep blaming Pak for the problems they have in their society or country,like cast, injustice in ruling other ehnics, unfair class systems, poverty. It is time for Indian to face reality and fix these very difficult problems.

Posted by Kholi | Report as abusive

[…] not clear whether Kissinger lunched with the FT before or after the Jaipur bomb that killed 60 people. But he is a historian who prides himself on taking a longer-term view. Do […]

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