Sachin – not the right choice any more?

July 9, 2008

PepsiCo hassachin.jpg ended a 10-year relationship with Sachin Tendulkar, reportedly because the beverage giant felt the master batsman, at 35 and in indifferent form, is not as big a youth magnet as he used to be.

Also, at 40-50 million rupees a year (about $1 million), he was a tad pricey.

Pepsi, which recently also parted ways with former captains Rahul Dravid and Saurav Ganguly, has signed on such young cricketers as Ishant Sharma and Rohit Sharma for its “youngistan” campaign, targeted at a younger demographic in a country where half the population is below the age of 25 years.

At least one ad in the new campaign features Shah Rukh Khan, the 42-year old super star, although in the role of an older — the glasses are the giveaway — guardian to the young actor Deepika Padukone and beau Ranbir Kapoor.

So are ageing movie stars surer bets than ageing cricketers? Tough question in a country that’s obsessed equally with both. But there are some telltale signs.

Ever heard of an actor’s house being vandalised after a movie bombed at the box-office? Even Dhoni has had his home attacked after recent defeats.

In the world of celebrity advertising, marketers appear to have a lemming-like approach to cricket: one big knock or wicket haul has them all beating a path to the door of the cricketer du jour, with the result that the recent Twenty20 extravaganza was a blur of cricketers on field and off it, endorsing everything from styling gel to lubricants.

But cricketers are at the mercy of our board, which adds and axes at will, and advertisers are known to have “escape clauses”, particularly for younger players, that allows them to abandon a contract if the player is say, dropped from the national team.

Tendulkar, whose roster includes Adidas, Airtel, TVS Motor and Aviva, has been a top endorser for more than a decade, considered a lifetime in the notoriously fickle ad industry.

Some argue it is the uncertain nature of cricket that forces our players to embark on a seemingly exhausting round of endorsements.

Bollywood stars are equally non-discriminating, smiling for products ranging from luxury watches to fountain pens.

But who leads the crop there? Khan and the Big B, our evergreen hero, who command the highest prices, and between them endorse about two dozen brands.

What does SRK or the Big B have that a Tendulkar or a Ganguly don’t?

“It does seem counter-intuitive, if brands say they want to connect with the youth, and there are so many younger actors to choose from,” said Sumanto Chattopadhyay, executive creative director for south asia at Ogilvy & Mather.

“But clearly, SRK’s not perceived as old, and no one else has that kind of superstar power.”

So while Khan and Bachchan senior can be assured of a long inning, our cricketers have to resign themselves to even shorter stints as endorsers, he said, because of “overexposure” from the sheer amount of cricket they play, and because younger players are popping up with a greater frequency.

How about some sympathy — and some change — for our boys in blue.


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indifferent form..pepsi is blind..sachin was the best batsmen of 2007-08 in the world..he got the asian batsman of the year!!pepsi has lost it..and will suffer huge loses

Posted by neelansh | Report as abusive

Well I completeletly agreewith ur thoughts Rina, but I guess Shelf-life matters, thanks to dozens of stylists, cameraman, physios, dieticians and other blah blah bling blings our actors have mastered the art of looking forever young, alas same is not true with our cricketers including the little master blaster, who seems to have grown old enough for the country’s marketers to be considered a dispansable commodity. Old guys like Sachin haven’t been able to adapt to the 20-20 version of cricket the in-thing these days, probably beginning of the end of post-liberalisation Indian generation’s greatest icon..

Posted by ONP | Report as abusive

hi guys,
Even I accept with your views as now a days styles are becoming more and more attracted by the people hope there should be even chance for youngsters to comeup.
Even we should encourage them to come up the curve as society is changing drastically now a days.

Posted by chiru | Report as abusive

I think Pepsi had made mistake here. Sachin have huge stature in India and nobody can match that.

Posted by pank | Report as abusive

sachin is masters of all batsman, he will prove him in next few matches.i wish best of luck to sachin

Posted by vishesh | Report as abusive

Sachin has the best technique, he is the one who watches the ball till the last second. that is why is hard to get. In asia cup final, all indians complained that they couldn’t read Mendis because they did not follow the ball but watched his action and judged the delivery based on that. Had it been sachin he wouldn’t have fell for the trap. first tiem I sorely missed Sachin’s technique.

Posted by vivek | Report as abusive

Good Decision.. Promote the youngsters!! Hopefully Indian selectors will also realize this soon…

Posted by Varun | Report as abusive

Time to chuck him out of the team as well !! Youngsters are proving good


Posted by Roshan | Report as abusive

As far as i’m concerned it is absolutely ridiculous to even compare Dhoni and co. to a legend like Tendulkar.
One thing for sure………
I’m never going to have a pepsi again!
Go Coke!

Posted by Prashant | Report as abusive

IT is indeed a matter of tragic irony that an icon like Sachin could be dismissed just like that to the way side. Times were not far off when the Indian mind depended solely on this batting genius. A batsman of the rarest blend,technically still the best in world cricket, Sachin, acclaimed by the greats of the game like Sanath Jayasurya and Brian Lara and the all time great Sir Don…would and should have his SECOND COMING…

Posted by Sripathi | Report as abusive

i think the whole drama is all about demand and supply thing, people are now wanna watch more dhoni hence demand is frm there and supply is coming frm young brigade, so the unequillibrium of paying fees to scion like sachin is not a good buisness sense

Posted by amit daga | Report as abusive

i just want to say,
can you bring 6 batsman better than him at this or any moment in Indian squad???
i know your answer would always be no…
so, bring him back…………………………….

v need him badly to win or atleast reach to quarter final….
remember world cup right from 96-2007…
when he performed, India scored, when he didn’t wellll, we are out from qualifiers… :(

Posted by Rashmirathi | Report as abusive

India won the CB series in Australia because of SACHIN.
India lost the two series concluded recently in Bangladesh and Pakistan because SACHIN is not in the team.Soon you will see the bat from the big legend talking on the field and Pepsi will realize the mistake it made..

Posted by Neela | Report as abusive

No one can defeat sachin. no doubt sachin is best for any brand ammbesdor

Posted by sanad singh | Report as abusive

Why are we srying over spilt milk, I think Sachin has matured on to become a kind of an inspiration and ambassadors of perfection and genius, and brands are smaller than him, he stand out like a stateman doing some cheap stunt, its better he stops..afterall he has a lot of legacy and reputation to keep safely and unmaliced..

Posted by ONP | Report as abusive

Pepsi is the brand for young people. Sachim has grown in age and to target youngsters pepsi should have more and more young sportsperson. To talk about SRK and BigB they are entertainers and they have their movies running very well but for sportsperson they cant play at the age 40+ the same way they use to. Pepsi has taken good step and Dhoni can step in 10dulkars shoes very well. Also along with Dhoni there are few more players who can be good brand ambasaders

Posted by Ritesh Shah | Report as abusive

R u ok?
there is no one in india with whome you can compare SACHIN, bcz, of his technique, and being as a brand ammbesdor that person should have personality and social respect in this ground he is better than others, let the young stars prove them-selfs through some time. 10/20 matches is not the course to compare With Sachin, Jaysurya, Sourav, Rahul… . Now can you compare Binod Kamble with Sachin? but in that time his record was stronger than Sachin too. See the result… TO keep SACHIN in your brand It brings up you from others.

Posted by Chatu | Report as abusive

What a waste of money when half of the population live in poverty.

Posted by Walter | Report as abusive

yes, he needs rest. all oldies need a rest. give it to new generation . instead of paying sachin, u can pay ten people and get the attention… more and more people are there…. boycott oldies…

Posted by venkat | Report as abusive

What happened if Pepsi ended up realtion with sachin? I was very sorry that Sachin was brand ambassador for the junk drink called pepsi. Anyway, no one can stop Sachin from giving some more memorable knocks in futrure series. Sachin wish you some good knocks in Sri Lanka and champs trophy.

Posted by swagat | Report as abusive

[…] more […]

Posted by Another milestone waiting for Tendulkar in Tests « Asian Window | Report as abusive

I think pepsi make a big mistake to avoid sachin b’cuz he is the god of cricket after BRAD MAN. NO body can perform better than TENDULKAR,WE won CB series b’cuz the help of him. HE is the icon player of India today & forever.IF Age is the reason behind pepsi decision then i think our politician should retire b’cuz they are neither performing nor young.

Posted by TARUNMISHRA | Report as abusive


Posted by Devendrasinh Rajput | Report as abusive

its not that sachin has grown old or sharukh is getting younger,but the main thing is ” PERCEPTION “. we dont raise an eyebrow when 42 year old shahrukh romances with 21 year deepika padukone. but we will question the selection of a 34 year old rahul dravid in an ODI team.

Posted by hitesh | Report as abusive