Abhinav Bindra wins India’s first solo Olympic gold

August 11, 2008

By Erik KirschbaumGold medallist Abhinav Bindra of India (C) shows his medal as he stands with silver medallist Zhu Qinan of China (L) and bronze medallist Henri Hakkinen of Finland after the men’s 10m air rifle shooting competition at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games August 11, 2008.:
Abhinav Bindra won India’s first ever individual Olympic gold medal on Monday with a thrilling come-from-behind victory in the men’s 10m air rifle.

Bindra had been fourth after qualifying but had a brilliant final round and even hit a near perfect 10.8 on his last shot to pull in front of Henri Hakkinen of Finland, who dropped to bronze with a poor final shot of 9.7.

That allowed China’s Zhu Qinan, the defending Olympic champion and heavy favourite, to pass him on his final shot and win the silver medal.

“It’s just great,” Bindra told Reuters just before climbing on to the podium.

And — the celebrations have begun .

Babli Bindra, Abhinav’s mother, quipped: “Now I have lots of work ahead as he is the country’s most eligible bachelor.”

Already, the 25-year-old shooter’s female fan base is growing.

“Abhinav, will you marry me? My parents will have to buy that much less GOLD now,” read one congratulatory message posted by ‘Kaveri’ on the Reuters website.

Join us in congratulating Bindra.


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Abhinav, a billion plus Indians owe you a big thanks and a huge treat. Thanks and keep up the ‘GOLD’ work.

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Congratulations Abhinav! You have truly made every Indian proud today.

Posted by Olly Gold | Report as abusive

Abhinav, you have done proud to Indians and have set an example to every Indian that we can achieve with determination what we aim.
All the best for the future.Love Dhanvin

Posted by Dhanvin R Barot | Report as abusive

Abhinav, will you marry me??? My parents will have to buy that much less GOLD now!

Posted by Kaveri | Report as abusive

Abhinav, you are the answer to Indians’ prayer…thanks to your talent and steel nerves, a country of a billion people finally has a gold medal to show to the world…stay cool and keep winning!

Posted by Reshma Shergill | Report as abusive

hi Bindra congratulation from me. have good day friend, and also keep better performance for india.i have hope on u. and best of luck for saina nehwal & aur all indians players also. ok thanks,have a good day again.

from .. sudhir khambe.mumbai.

Posted by sudhir | Report as abusive

Still sinking in.. but what a fantastic start to a gloomy Monday morning.. Congrats Abhinav

Posted by Shilpa | Report as abusive

Abhinav, Many-Many Congratulations on winning GOLD for India. May India WIN many more GOLDs like this. Keep it up Abhinav !

Posted by Tejinder | Report as abusive

Congrats Bindra! You’ve made us proud! A great moment for all of us! Keep up the good work.

Posted by Aditya Kalra | Report as abusive

You have done us mighty proud!!!

Posted by Ray | Report as abusive

No mean feat, keep them coming.

Posted by Mayank | Report as abusive

Congratulations. At last our thirst is quenched. Thanks a lot Bindra, for putting us in the Gold list. Let’s be this a good omen for a good hunting for our INDIAN contingent. HAT’S OFF TO YOU.

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Abhinav,You have created History and become a sports Legend for the country and for the aspiring sportsman of India. The much awaited Gold Medals comes to the country because of all your hardwork and performance. You shall surely change the way Government looks at sports..!

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Abhinav – My Hearty Congratulations

You have made India Proud. I watched the event live and i was jubilant. My tears started rolling when the national anthem was played.

Jai Hind

Posted by Sudhakaran | Report as abusive

Just watching it on TV and seeing this modest golden Indian boy take the podium with calm and composure along side the Chinese it felt that he made a statement on behalf of all the Indians that we have finally arrived. All the best Abhinav – but we want more…

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No mean feat, keep them coming in the years to come.Look forward to a rousing welcome. Bravo!

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very very hearty congratulation .we are very proud of you.

Posted by saranya sasidharan nair | Report as abusive

thumbs up india.advance wishes to remainig indian in beijing

Posted by dhanapal | Report as abusive

Heartiest congratulations – THE FIRST INDIVIDUAL!! – keep going, you’ve made the nation proud !!

Posted by Advait Mogre | Report as abusive

A new national Hero is Born! Congratulations Abhinav!

Posted by Srinivas Goud | Report as abusive

We proud of you.Bravo.

Posted by Santosh Atipamulu | Report as abusive

Hi.. u have made all of us proud by bringing to indian soil the olympic gold medal. May GOD help u and all ur peers in bringing more glory to INDIA.

Posted by Vaibhav Singh | Report as abusive

We realy PROUD of you.Congratulations.

Posted by Santosh Atipamulu | Report as abusive

Hi Abhinav,

Congrats on your First ever solo Gold for our India, and your splendour performance will continue for ever….. This is the Best Return for India’s Independence Clebrations ahead this week…..

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Posted by HarIqbal Singh | Report as abusive

Heartiest Congratulations Abhinav, Thanks for giving all the Indians these unforgettable moments. Keep it up!

Posted by Rao | Report as abusive

You have made us proud. India is proud of you. Great job done.

Posted by shashibhushan | Report as abusive

very manay congratulations on this historic moment to the great shooter of Indian History Abhinav Bindra,

Posted by HarIqbal Singh | Report as abusive

Great success… Congratulation… You made it…

Posted by Chayan Das | Report as abusive

This is a perfect gift for all the indians for 15th August.
Thanks for making this Olympic memorable.

Posted by Ritesh | Report as abusive

abhinav bindra
inspite of all odds prevailing in this country, you kept the nation head high.

Posted by VINAY JAIN | Report as abusive

INDIA featuring in the medal’s tally….Its just an unbeleivable feeling!!!!!!! You really made every INDIAN proud…Thanks a bunch Brother

Posted by Praveen – Chennai – India | Report as abusive

u made india proud

Posted by chaitanya | Report as abusive

Congratulations. we Proud of you. Keep it up.

Posted by Girisha | Report as abusive

Good job man!

I couldn’t watch it live. But whole of India is indebted to you…

May God bless you…

Posted by Apoorv.T.S | Report as abusive

Congratulations to Abhinav Bindra as his success proves that there is much to sports than a silly game called Cricket.

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Posted by Raj | Report as abusive

No mean feat, keep them coming in the years to come.Look forward to a rousing welcome. Heartiest Congratulations!!

Posted by Yogesh Kumkar | Report as abusive

Congrates for what u have done to make us pround and make this a memorable day in the history of our nation we waited so long for this salute to your commitment and ur attitude

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Posted by NIDHI SRIVASTAVA | Report as abusive

dear abhinav
inspite of all odds prevailing in this country you raise the head of the nation above himalaya

Posted by VINAY JAIN | Report as abusive

well done sir. thank you for putting a smile on our faces.

Posted by padam | Report as abusive

Well Done Abhinav. We are all proud of u. But plz be aware of complacency. This is just the beginning of your success.

Posted by Saurabh Sharma | Report as abusive

Hi Abhinav,

Hearty Congrulations to u.U actually made all of us Proud today.

Posted by Christina Mathew | Report as abusive

you have done the nearly impossible thing, thank you for being a strong inspiration….
God bless you and everyone!

Posted by sanjay bajaj | Report as abusive

congrats Abhinav.you have made us proud.Jai hind.

Posted by Kumar | Report as abusive

Hey you beauty, congrats and it is a gift to the nation on it’s Independence Day. Keep it up !!!!! Prince 1!!!

Posted by Rajesh Nair | Report as abusive

Dear Abhinav CONGRTS — You has tasted the victory. It is a lesson to all aspirants from across the world that hard work will pay its due credit at time.

Posted by G. Subramanian | Report as abusive

The myth of India with a billion population and not winning a gold is already broken.This is the best ever present Indians could expect before Independence and I hope this is one of the many to come for India………..COME ON INDIA…..

Posted by Ashley | Report as abusive

thank,s for give first individual gold to india

Posted by ranjeet kumar mishra | Report as abusive

congrats.you have made us proud.well done.Jai hind

Posted by Kumar | Report as abusive


CONGRATS. You make all the MSB ites Proud.

A sports freek parent of two mordenite’s.

Posted by pawan Kitchlue | Report as abusive

jus awsumm man!!!!!

Posted by CHINMAY | Report as abusive

You have made us all proud Abhinav, is’s simply a great feeling you gave us this morning!! go on and roar ahead!! congratulatinos..

Posted by ONP | Report as abusive

Well done abhinav you have make us proud
chak de hindustan

Posted by Harshal | Report as abusive

Congrats abhi.Tusse gr8.U ve made us proud.Jai hind!

Posted by rickey | Report as abusive

Congratulations Abinav. You are a star. We are proud of you.

Posted by Prasad Kini | Report as abusive

you are the best mr. bindra we all proud of you

you make the history and write the name of India in golden words.
congratulation .

Posted by Rajesh Kumar | Report as abusive

I thought Rajyawardhan would be one to make us proud..but hats off to you for a wonderful gift u have given to this billion plus population…..

Posted by Udai bhan singh | Report as abusive

we SALUTE you and our Nation!!!

That was a dream since childhood… :-)

thanks a ton Abhinav… we love you!!!

Posted by Balraj | Report as abusive

Congrats Bindra ,now you have fulfilled the wishes of billions . All the Best Bhai.

Posted by rajesh | Report as abusive

Dear Abhinav CONGRATS you bring India’s pride keep it up didi S. Suchithra

Posted by S. Suchithr | Report as abusive

Singh is King

Posted by rajesh | Report as abusive



Posted by Khan | Report as abusive

You have made this Olympic worth remembering for all the Indian sports fans.

Thanks for making us feel Proud.

Posted by Mukund Chaturvedi | Report as abusive

Gold at $864.40/865.40 after Bindra boy wins one………….:)

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Posted by Vel | Report as abusive

Congratulation Abhinav, you really have increased the pride of this great country. Billion+ congratulations. Keep Goin’

Posted by Gaurav | Report as abusive

Bravo …. Now I think AB in India will have a different full form !!!

National Anthem being played at the Olympics brought tears in my eyes and am sure it must have done the same for many others ….

Congratulations India and Abhinav !!!

Cheers …

Posted by manish | Report as abusive

Congratulations Abhinav!!
Its a historic moment for all of us…
You surely will be an inspring force for the Indian contingent and wish we win many more gold medals in this Olympics.

Posted by Akshay | Report as abusive

Congratulations Abhinav! Thanks for giving us all something to feel proud about at the Olypics after years

Posted by Madhusmita | Report as abusive

Hearty congratulations.

You have brought the golden feathers in the cap of India.
A magnificient performance. You richly deserve a more than star status.

Posted by vijay pal reddy | Report as abusive

CONGRATS !!! A BIG THANKS to you dude !!!


Posted by Dharmasagar | Report as abusive

Words cannot do justice to these feelings of profound ecstacy and hysteria. Please stay healthy and fit and bring more glory to our beloved India. Chak De Phatte. Jai Hind.

Posted by Romal | Report as abusive

Congratulations!You have turned the tide and made history You have fulfilled aspirations of over one billion people of India.We are proud of you.Thanks a million

Posted by Dinesh Gangola | Report as abusive

Congrats Abhi!!! You made India feel proud :)

Posted by saranya | Report as abusive

Thanks man! India wont be same again!

Posted by Manish Tyagi | Report as abusive

You made all Indian’s proud

Posted by SP | Report as abusive

Thanks for bringing a smile and making me happy Bindra. Love from all the NRI in Dubai, U.A.E

Posted by Rui Monte da Silva | Report as abusive

congradulatios Bindra. very very happy to see u with a GOLD. Keep it up.

Posted by Wellington Mohankumar | Report as abusive

Wonderful ! India – not the orhanisers – needed this.

May this lad lead and inspire others to similar achievments.

Posted by sonalkar | Report as abusive

Many many congrates to “U”.
Abhinav, you r”king of “INDIA”……….

Jai Hind………

Posted by Suman Kr. samanta | Report as abusive

Abhinav……………I’m might proud of you! What a great news to hear on a gloomy monday morning. You are now the new all India Icon……….You have made us proud. I was a bit disappointed that our national hockey team couldn’t make it………..but your gold has surely made us very happy. What a great gift you have given to India on her 61st birthday

Abhinav , fortune favors the bold….ENCORE !!!

Posted by Fuad Carrim Jinnah | Report as abusive

Congratulations!You have made us proud Indians by creating history.Thanks a lot for bringing laurels to our country.Keep it up!

Posted by Dr OP Mishra | Report as abusive

Abhinav………..I’m so happy to be alive to see India finally having won the gold. This is what legends are made of!

Our generation will forever be bragging about this day forever and ever.

Hope your gold medal will motivate the others in the team!


Posted by Asik Rahman (katayain) | Report as abusive

Abhinav,i don’t know what to say
thank you,yhank you so much for this gold

Posted by shinu | Report as abusive

Hi Abhinav,
Congrads, You have done the greatest thing for Indian Sports. Hats off to you!

Posted by James | Report as abusive

Congrats Abinov, You made a history and made proud of evey Indian, just the word “Congrats” is not enough to express our boundles joy. We feel proud of bening Indian.

Posted by RGG | Report as abusive

As of now i am over joyed. It takes me a while for this to sink. Hearty congratulations to ABHINAV BINDRA. U made whole INDIA proud.

Posted by I B Raju | Report as abusive

Abhinav, a billion plus Indians owe you a big thanks and a huge treat. GREAT….GREAT….Thanks from indian people

Posted by Sivakumar Akkari | Report as abusive

Congratulations Abhinav!

Posted by Dinesh Reddy | Report as abusive

Great performance, you have set a trend for other sportsmen to follow. We, Indians, are proud of you.

Posted by P.R.Subramanian | Report as abusive

well done. We are proud of you. Congratulations!!!

Posted by Balasaheb | Report as abusive

Superb achievement!!! This is a inspiration for all (Olympic) participants from India and I sure we have more medals to come.

Posted by Shanzs | Report as abusive

Its great Abhi. Lets hope that the pride of INDIA gets back on the track starting with you.

Posted by john abraham | Report as abusive

every indian prouds on you.

Posted by roopesh | Report as abusive

This is the best news I’ve heard all day. Don’t need an excuse to party now. Rock on Bindra.

Posted by Vineet | Report as abusive

atleast u have done it atlast!
and all the best for the upcoming events.

india is damn proud of u!

Posted by shivgan | Report as abusive

What a delightful surprise! Unexpected, yes, but extremely appreciated. Finally, an Indian with a shiny yellow metal on his neck in front of the Olympic logo. Congrats Abhinav.

Posted by Dave | Report as abusive

Great Job !!! You really brings the proud to India.
Keep it up.

Posted by Brundaban | Report as abusive

congratulations bindra….!!!!

we are proud on you…

Posted by bala | Report as abusive

Bindra has lived up to the promise and the expectations of a really desperate country starved for sporting glory.He is inded a super achiever.

Posted by vijit tripathi | Report as abusive

Congratz Abhinav, You have made our country proud…

Posted by Abhilash | Report as abusive

Congratulations bindra and India….!!!!

Posted by kantharaja mp | Report as abusive

India Rocks with the your effort, We are proud of you!!!

Posted by Kalidass | Report as abusive

We are proud of You. Congragulations. You made our day with one happy moment

Posted by Annu | Report as abusive

hi brother, congradulation. am so happy to seeing this msg. GOD BLESS U.

Posted by mugundan | Report as abusive


Posted by indian | Report as abusive

Thanks for making us feel Proud.

Posted by Neetu Singh | Report as abusive

Abhinav ……….u rocks ……………..
u r real proud of India……….

Posted by Swapnil Tiwari | Report as abusive

Hume tum per naaz hai abhinav
tum bharat ke sacche laal ho…………Jai Hind

Posted by Avinesh Tiwari | Report as abusive

This is awesome. Coming from someone who was not even known of in the mainstream media and news. Hats off to the young man!

Posted by Raj | Report as abusive

Superb! very well done Abhinav Bindra – you are a bigger hero now than Tendulkar & Dhoni put together… Win us more Gold in upcoming events if any!

Posted by Akshay | Report as abusive

Abhinav – congrats – you have proved urself. all the best for the future.

Posted by yojana | Report as abusive

congratulations bindra it finally seems the efforts of indian olypians are bringing colours ogf joy to one n all.

Keep up the good work sir

Posted by Sanket | Report as abusive

You have made us proud.We wish you all the success in your just started carrier for rest of your life.

Posted by Ranjeet Virdi | Report as abusive

Congratulations Abhinav… you make us proud to be an Indians!

Posted by arama iverson | Report as abusive

Abhinav – awesome, you have proved that Saare Jahan se Achaa, Hindustan Hamara, – Super Dupper. This should be the start of your magic, long way, we would be with you

Posted by Sarabjit Singh | Report as abusive

Abhinav you have made every Indian proud today…it’s was a very proud moment for all of us to hear the National Anthem play.
This Gold mean a new road ahead for Indian Sports…I would be glad that cricket can take a back seat
Thanks Abhinav for making us all proud.

Posted by Mrinal Sharma | Report as abusive

Thanks and Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Reji | Report as abusive

Great!!, its a motivation for remaining indians and them to be in a pressure.

Posted by Reji Ramachandran | Report as abusive

I have been dying to hear our national anthem from the podium, thank you Abhinav for making this dream a reality. I’m extremely PROUD of you.

Posted by Nagesh | Report as abusive

Abhinav you have made every Indian proud today…it’s was a very proud moment for all of us to hear the National Anthem play

Abhinav – congrats – you have proved urself. all the best for the future

Posted by pankaj nikkumbh | Report as abusive

Proud to say King of INDIA

grate job Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jai HIND ………………..

Posted by Shivana Gouda | Report as abusive

congrats dear…now you are the honor of india….have a good life.
we proud of you.

Posted by rahul sahu | Report as abusive

congratulations bindra it finally seems the efforts of indian olypians are bringing colours ogf joy to one n all.

Posted by pankaj nikkumbh | Report as abusive

Great Bindra!!!!!
This is a true gift to the nation on its 61st Independence day.
U r a true national hero, and we are more happy to find that India beat China to gain the gold.
God Bless u!!!!!

Posted by Bioinformatics group of Bengal Engg &Science university | Report as abusive

This is a start of many for India in world sports and thanks to Abhinav for initiating this marvellous thing for the country. At the age of 25 we feel proud of you not only because of the achievement you did for your country but also held our tri-color flag high in the podium. Thanks Abhinav and hearty wishes for your success.

Posted by Rajadurai Kitchappan | Report as abusive

Abhinav………..I’m so happy to be alive to see India finally having won the gold. This is what legends are made of

Still sinking in.. but what a fantastic start to a gloomy Monday morning.. Congrats Abhinav

Posted by pankaj nikkumbh .. fromBhilai | Report as abusive

balle shera…..


Posted by inderpreet | Report as abusive

u r fantastic abhinav
it just like a miracle for all of us
but sorry its not miracle its indias determination towards sports
at last but not least u feel us to proud 2 b n indian
thank u so much


Posted by ARPIT | Report as abusive

you rock !!

Posted by viji skariah | Report as abusive

Congratulations to the Golden Boy and the Lion of India Abhinav S.Bindra for his grand victory in 10 m Mens Air Shooting on August11,2008 in the 29th Summer Olympic Games at Beijing in China.
May Good Luck be with him.

Posted by Ranjan Kumar Amritnidhi | Report as abusive

thanks buddy.. for giving all of us somthing to proud on..

Posted by dharmendra | Report as abusive

Abhinav what feat bro. you made reuters mention india in the main page of US edition. ( thanks reuters ). Your feat is no mean Abhinav, it helped me break Bubka’s pole vault record without the pole. such was teh excitement you brought in on a monday morning. Bravo and keep up that calmness. sorry the chinese runner up.

Posted by vivek | Report as abusive

I know abhinav set up an early diwali in India. It can be better than winning in beijing beating a chinese to tears. no offence to the chinese. job well done abhinav.

Posted by Vikram | Report as abusive

It’s sheer joy to the entire Indian community of Sportspersons. You really done our country proud that too
in a sport which does not get much encouragement in India.

It’s a Red Letter Day for Indian Sports. Your shy and unassuming face clearly showed today how much grit and determination with which you shot the final rounds. 10.9 on the inner circle bull is just tremendous.

You deserve all the accolades, the prize money and finally as your mother puts it, you should get the best girl of in your life.

With affectionate regards,
R Guruprasad, Scientist, NAL, Bangalore, India
94483 58210

Posted by Ramachandan Guruprasad | Report as abusive

Hey Abhinav

A Great Gift for the Indian Independence Day .. You made INDIANS realise that every Sport has its prospects not Just CRICKET.


Hearty Congrats Dear ….


Posted by Santhosh Tholakoppula | Report as abusive

Dear Abhinav,

Congrats! Great job. We are all proud of you. God bless you.

Posted by K R Nair | Report as abusive

Congratulations abhinav!!!!! ur make proud for evey indian………

Posted by seenivasan | Report as abusive

Great Achievement Abhinav!

Come on other athletes. Just make us Indians proud the way Abhinav did. Need any tips – simply follow Abhinav and get more medals.

Amit Kabotra

Posted by AMIT KABOTRA | Report as abusive

Hey Abhinav,you have given the perfect Answer to all those who thought India can never make it. You are the true reflection of the “Youth of India” and what we are capable of. Thank you for inspiring so many by your fabulous performance.
Congratulations! God Bless!!

Posted by Priyesh | Report as abusive

Yes, you have done it. Congratulations for being the first Indian to win individual Gold at Olympics. We hope & pray for more Indians to start winning in sports.

Posted by Amardeep | Report as abusive


Posted by AMIT KABOTRA | Report as abusive


Posted by chandu | Report as abusive

Abhinav, You are the Abhiman of Great India……

Posted by abdul mujeeb | Report as abusive

well-done……… we are proud of you..

Posted by SHYAM PATHAK | Report as abusive

well done you have done it
its a proud to see you.
you will be an inspiration for indian youth

Posted by prittam | Report as abusive

You’ve done a billion Indians proud Abhinav……….Keep it going……..It just makes my hair stand up when wver i see that medal ceremony……

Posted by karteek kesani | Report as abusive

It just goes to show how much hard work an athlete has to put in for winning the ultimate prize……….Its an apt reward for the 12 years of undivided attention that you’ve put in for the sport……….HATS OFF………

Posted by karteek kesani | Report as abusive

Congrats !

Posted by Sameer | Report as abusive

u hav made all the Indians proud Abinav…..hats off for u…….as Milka singh says u should be awarded with the bharat ratna…….thats the least indian govt can do for u……thanx again

Posted by Abhishek | Report as abusive

you are the one who creates their own reality to prove the metal. Bravo :)

Posted by sanjeev | Report as abusive

Hi Abhinav,
Congrats and wish you win all the medals and recognition we sought as true Indian in any championship. As an Indian, you made us Happy and given us a hope to believe in Olympics again.
Many Congrats to you and your family members too..

Posted by Ajay | Report as abusive

I am very happy because of your success in olympics. I wish you all success in your future. I am very proud of you. Wish you all the best for our participants.


Posted by Sankara Reddy. Dasari | Report as abusive


Congratulations, well done!
After all the negative news on every other competitions, it feels so nice to hear that we are world champion in this sport! i am following it from Canada.

Keep it up.


Posted by Bhargav | Report as abusive

Congratulations Abhinav! You have made us all Indians happy & proud with your achievement & consistent hard work.

Posted by Prakash Nagaraju | Report as abusive


Posted by Andrew | Report as abusive

guess what the anti spam word required to fill by me was “love ” ,, this is what i actually wanna say to you
Love you Abhinav.. U did a wonderful job …
and nothing cud be a better gift for Indians with Independence Day approaching …


Posted by Anushree | Report as abusive

wonderful. so proud.

Posted by Ram | Report as abusive


Posted by Ram | Report as abusive

At last..!

Thanks a ton, Abhinav! Not only you are a history-maker, your success would keep the candle of hope alive..

Posted by Milind | Report as abusive

Congrats and Great work Abhinav

Every Indian should take time & think what Abhinav Bindra first said after winning gold medal:

“I sincerely hope this win will change the face of Olympic sport in India. In India, Olympic sport is not really a priority, so I hope Olympic sports in general can get more attention.”

– GP Singh

Posted by GP Singh | Report as abusive

Mr. Bindra. Good Job. We are very proud of you. I hope this is the begining of Gold for India. Atleast we have one Gold out of 1.2 Billion people. Keep it up

Posted by Jai | Report as abusive

every Indian is proud of you……what a great achievement…..congratulations….keep it up…

Posted by kranthi | Report as abusive

For an Indian living outside the country, this is a proud moment in my life. Well done

Posted by Vikas shetty, UK | Report as abusive

Congratulations !!!

Hope this medal really changes the Indians fate…

Posted by Rajesh | Report as abusive

Hearty Congratulations Abhinav for winning Olympic Gold.

All the best in your future.


Posted by Ramineni | Report as abusive

Very nice attempt every Indian is proud of you……what a great achievement…..congratulations….keep it up…

Posted by G.Thirugnanam | Report as abusive


Posted by G.Thirugnanam | Report as abusive

You have done the Nation proud. You are worth your weight in Gold.

Posted by MGS | Report as abusive

A marvelous achievement Abhinav and heartiest congratulations on this achievement and many more to come.

Posted by Khushru Daruwala | Report as abusive

Hi Abhinav,Heartly Congratulations to you..You made all Indians to get Proud…All the Very Best for ur Future.

Posted by Mahesh Kumar.L | Report as abusive

Hi Abhinav, You have made us proud with your commendable victory. Thanks for conveying the message that india is there in the OLYMPICS. Wishing you all the best for your future.

Posted by Jaidev | Report as abusive

its going to change Mr.BINDRA!!!!your this win will change the face of Olympic sport in India!thanks for doing so!!thanks for making us feel proud.

Posted by dipen shah | Report as abusive

well done Abhinav.. we all are proud of u..
keep doing…

Posted by Binu G Lal | Report as abusive


In this moment Indian youths proud and inspiration for your achievement. This will be the begining of gaining Olympic medals from this moment of summer 2008 Beijing Olympic. This was the most wonderfull moment of breaking the hard stone by shooting out all the Indians perception and this will be a courageous moment for the upcoming Olympians from India. Personally and the youth congress legislative committee Mavelikara Congratulate you for the most wonderfull moment in gaining the Gold Medal and Keeping India on the Top of the World.


Mavelikara, Alleppey Distrcit, Kerala.

Posted by Suraj storil | Report as abusive

Hello Abhi…

Congrats man….it is the best gift you can give to your country. Hope to see again this in next olympic games. Best gift for Independence Day to all Indians.

Thanks once again.

Posted by Surabhi | Report as abusive

keep it up wel done thanq

Posted by hepsiba | Report as abusive

well done!congratulations

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Very Very Congratulations my dear brother, The day you won the Gold I just landed at Dubai airport and on radio when i heard about india winning gold first time ever except Hockey, I felt like on 9th sky. Thank you Thank very much for this feat we were dying for you really made “Chak De India”

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A great gift for indipendence day. Always get gold whenever you participate in games.

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Congratulations for Winning Olympic Gold, Abhinav…
We had lots of faith that our shooters will bring kilos of gold from china, some has disappointed us, but u dint..

Hope we will get lots more medals from China for this olympics..


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First of all I would like to congratulate your father who made this possible. Provided you with all the facilities required to become a winner.

You deserve a heartiest congratulations all of us as your HARD WORK and SELF CONFIDENCE has given the results!!!

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Congratulations !!
i love u…..
i hope that i can meet u ….
its my dream….
plz godddd

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Congratulations Abhinav Bindra.

You are proved yourself to be a sharp shooter.

Congrats once again….

Proud to be an Indian.

Sivanandam Balasubramanian

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Abhinav, many congratulations!!!
You have given the perfect gift to Indians on the occasion of Independence Day.

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Congratulations Abhinav, this GOLD is happiest movement for all Indians, we all proud of you.

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WOW! YES! AT LAST! Abhinav win is India’s win. Well done young man, what a fantastic acheivement. Only the other day I was lamenting India’s performance in the Olympics, you have given us all a reason to hold our heads up high. A nation is indebted to you, especially us Punjabi’s, thank you so much and may India now work together in producing winning Olympiads in the future.

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Congratulations Abhinav! From Chinatown, NYC. Chinese friend and neighbor.

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Heartiest congratulations Abhinav.
Indian sports ministers, managers, politicians it is time to change the attitude towards other sports. Cricket is not the only game for us. We can excel in any sport provided you people support the cause with dedication without any bias.

Pick the really talented persons coach them irrespective of their caste creed and religion.

Our only aim is to excel and top the list in international arena.

I humbly request you people to provide good infrastructure, facilities for all sportsmen.

At last spend 10% of what is the turn over of game cricket it will definitely make a huge difference.

I am sure Mother India has innumerable Abhinavs and sportsmen who can be groomed to better the best of international sportsmen.

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Someone had already the same comment though,
When the Indian National Anthem played at the Olympics and the Indian flag was raised, tears were running down my cheecks!

This is NEWS!

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You are finest jewel in the Olympic history of a nation of 1200 million Indians.Congratulations from all of us at Lucknow.It should be luck-now every where.

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CONGRATULATION!!!!!! to you and your family. Thanks to feel us Proud

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Balle Balle Punjab de Puttar. Chak de Phatte. Mai kya ji, tussi toh Beijing vich cha gaye. KKKKKKongrats.

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Who would have thought a cricket-crazy nation like ours would react with so much heart and enthusiasm on Bindra’s amazing feat. If the authorities are listening out there, can we now look beyond cricket and pay more attention to other neglected sports?

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Truely “CHAK DE” performance.Thanks for giving Indians proud moment of listening national anthem in Olympics.

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Congratulations! hope your success encourages more government funding for sports in India.

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stop speaking for others, I am Indian and I’m not yet proud.

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Congrats Abhinav u r our nations pride .U did a great job in keeping our national flag high in the air.Hats off to u.

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Way to go! Hope this fires up the country [just like what Kapil Dev & co did in 1983 for Cricket] to win many more gold medals.


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Congratulations ABHINAV SINGH BINDRA, you have really proved that SINGH IS KING. Keep up the good work. The whole Sikh community world-wide is very proud of your achievement, THANKS.

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Abhinav Singh is King, Chake de Punjabi Mundiya, khush kita hai, Bahut Bahut Vadhian. Lakh Khushian Pathshian je Sat guru Nadar kare.

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Proud of you Abhinav, our nation needs more like you, please continue to lead by example and change the world’s perception that Indians are among the best, wish you more success in the future

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Congratulations Abhinav!!

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Hi Abhinav Bindra,India is proud of you,you are a role model of every indian……chak de..

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Heartly Congratulations Abhinav,
With your success you makes this year Independence day as unforgettable day in Indian History
You have fulfilled the dream of 100+ crore Indians
All the best for your future endeavors

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His success shows that in India to win a Gold Medal it takes personal investment. After reading how he won its clear that if he did not have the money and means he could have never won this gold. India still has very poor facilities for its players to prepare for OLYMPICS. No wonder so few have ever won any medals. A nation of a Billion plus people and only 1 Gold.
Bindra has shown that Indians can win Golds provided they are given the right tools to practice. India needs to learn from China as their Gov takes so much pride and invests heavily in all Olympics.

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I congratulate Bindra. But being an NRI myself, I think he should have shown more sense of humility when being congratulated by HRH Princess Nora of Liechtenstein and VP of Shooting Association. Also, his look of being sleepy and uninterested when the national anthem was playing was quite rude. The Chinese silver medalist, for 2nd place cried like a gold medalist! MANY congrats, dont get me wrong, but he coolness during the medal podium was cocky.
Just my opinion.

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I agree with Raj, I saw his NDTV interview. The anchor asks are you excited about being an Olympic Champion. He says I’m unphased its ok. How rude! I understand confidence, but his manner is like a rude little brat.

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Finally!!! 108 years in the making! Congrats!

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India proudly boasts to be the biggest importer/consumer of gold by importing approx 800 tons but this 6 grms gold medal has taken our country to a different level keep it up .JAI Hind

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hey Bindra, congratulations. i’m not an indian, but in no way does it diminish my ability to acknowledge what an amazing athlete you are. your final round was nothing short of brilliant, and was just amazing to watch. what you did, was pretty awesome. you and your country have totally earned it. cheers,

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Well done!!
congratulate Abhinav,
India is proud of you.
An Indian living outside the country,
this is a proud moment.

Sudhir Shinde


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only due to his hard work more value and importance will be given to this game

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i proud that our friend abinov get good apearance of our nation to the world

he achive that hsrd work make good result…..

i congratu Mr.Abinov for ever…

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i luv ur spirit .keep it up abhinav
i congratulate u4 evr

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hello Abinov bindra
how are you feeling? so many people congrats you.So my comment will not impress you so much.but it’s a duty to every Indian citizen to wish you. best of luck for your job.you have made a great job.your great work should be continued.

an important thing:by you, other players got motivated.so you made a master stroke.

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