Vodafone to sell 3G iPhone in India from Rs 31,000. Pricey?

August 20, 2008

It’s official. Vodafone will sell the 8GB 3G iPhone for 31,000 rupees ($712) and the 16GB model for 36,100 rupees ($828). And this for a 3G model when India does not even have 3G services yet.

The Apple iPhone 3G is displayed in Toronto July 11, 2008.Vodafone and Airtel will launch the 3G Apple iPhone in India on August 22. Airtel is yet to announce its price for the phones but it’s unlikely the pricing will differ much.

The price of the 8GB model in the U.S. is $199 and $299 for the 16GB model. So is buying the iPhone in India worth it or will the grey market rule?

Who will buy the new iPhone? All those who had pre-booked? The ones who want to get the latest gizmo on day one of its official launch in India or the geeks who cherish anything Apple?


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It’s stupid. I think people should wait till India gets 3G services – by that time Apple prices will fall too.

Posted by Vineet | Report as abusive

Total paagalpanti. A mark up of 250 pct on the 8GB model only. Will wait.

Posted by Samay | Report as abusive

The grey market in India is already flooded with iphones and its lookalikes. Instead the telecoms should concentrate more on improving their services, which are pathetic. Their attitude towards Indian customers is indifferent. Customer complaints are never paid any heed to and there is a perennial signal problem.

Posted by Pooja | Report as abusive

people are not fools to buy this.. u can buy 4 i phones for the original cost.. pagal kollai..

Posted by selvaganesh | Report as abusive

Freak pricing, are we discussing apples and oranges here???

Posted by Madhu | Report as abusive

r they crazy????31000.we can get loads of better phones for a much cheaper price and ones with better bluetooth services.
if it really is 31000.apple has lost a big market in india……….

Posted by pranathi | Report as abusive

Well the interesting thing is to see how many crazy people are there still ready to buy that. In US it costs 100$ though with a 2 years of pricey contract. I dont think iphone actually worths that many bucks where u will get a lot of features in any other phone.
bananas for Apple from me….!!!!

Posted by Niloy | Report as abusive

Apple never intented to sell iPhone in India as a common mans phone, hence the price. Gizmo freaks and Apple fans will definitely grab it.

The experience is unique and thats what Apple and Telco’s are selling. Very good media phone with decent enterprise capabilities to stay in touch, i think this fits my bill.

Unlocked sets in Europe were costing close to 709 Euro’s approx 47,000 Rs. This makes sense with less hassle.

Yes this is also a case of paagalpan only, Apple shtyle 😉

Posted by Jayakrishnan | Report as abusive

Unbelievable. 31 k for an iphone? if this is true then apple is pricing itself out of the Indian market.

Posted by yamal | Report as abusive

It just too expensive…….how could Vodaphone ask so much when the rest of the world is getting it at $200!!!! anyways its doesnt have bluetooth, FM, can’t use MP3 as ringtone or as modem, no 3.2/5 mp camera & above all u need iTunes……..will prefer HTC diamond(26K) / Moto Razr V9(12-14K) over this.

Posted by Abhijeet | Report as abusive

Joking! Do Steeve Job thinks Indians are fools? Too late, too pricey. Good bye jobs, we have better handsets for that price. Funny, this phone can’t evey copy or paste! Only 2mp camera. Already year old model. We don’t have even 3g. Get lost headless fellows.

Posted by srinivas | Report as abusive

Freaks. Don’t understand market. We don’t have 3g here. What to do with nonsense phone which has 2mp camera, can’t copy or paste. can’t forward messages. Apple bricked phone even before selling. Great!

Posted by srinivas | Report as abusive

Its poor pricing. A US$200 product at US$ 1500! I had registered to take one but I almost burst out laughing when I got the haughty message from Vodafone asking me to pay 10K to book my phone.

I am sure their salesguys must be groaning on seeing this price, as the quotas are already fixed for the numbers..he he.. this is called market disconnect.

So, all you guys out there, just ask your phoren cousin to get you one of the cheaper ones from abroad.

Posted by Rish | Report as abusive

O.K. You people are all being hard on Apple. If you all didnt know AT&T charges 2180 Rs/ (50$) month rental if you buy an iPhone at 8700 Rs (199$) so actually they end up paying more! We pay only 31000 Rs (708$) for one time and no change in rental besides, Apple is also offering an unlocked version for 599$ which is not locked with any carrier thats around 27000 Rs so whats the big difference? 3000Rs Vodafone swallows… so what! They atleast are getting this device to India!!! Dont be so sinical!

Posted by Aditya C.R | Report as abusive

In the US, the $700 iphone is without the AT&T contract. Here you still have to pay $700 and can’t stay out of Vodafone network :-(

Posted by Leo | Report as abusive

its so stupid thing
why we purcahse it in india if it cost is very high

Posted by Akash Ahuja | Report as abusive

its so so funny. Are they serious with these prices! somebody should file a PIL ( i cant because i m sh*t scared of courtrooms). how much of profit margin the vodafone / airtel want to eat. they will definitely end up with diarrhea. that too without water in the loo.

Posted by Chinmay Bhalke | Report as abusive

whoopsss^^^^^some kindda hell is it?? what ?? Apple has no problem in it ? they lost 70 percent of their market even two days before launching ,and last 30 percent will lose it once launched formally in India,,some stupid only pay 36k for only a beautiful phone with 3g that actually doesn’t work for at least next 1 year ,gr8 really they want to rob the customers and thats not all,what about the data and call charges..here the fish caught in the net,,right?? they are already robbing Indians who are regular customers(not like so rich and queer iphone buyers) ,so they never think to leave those heavy pockets in terms of Calling plans??
enjoy India,iPhone is here

Posted by YOGESH | Report as abusive

Indeed its pircey,,, 31K for iPhone.. which costs much less in Grey market.. and even lesser if get one from US. For me it makes sense to wait for few more months.. for prices to come down.. which will for sure.. and the 3G services to get started to get best out of iPhone.

Posted by Vidyabhushan | Report as abusive

[…] Vodafone to sell 3G iPhone in India from Rs 31000. Pricey? blogs.reuters.com […]

Posted by india gallery » iphone in India heavily priced at Rs. 31000 – Wait and buy | Report as abusive

Its hyped product in India..31k is 300% premium than its price in US…I dont think nokia needs to worry now..Ideal price could have been 17k just like the premium u r paying for the I-touch which is priced at 275USD..

Posted by saurabh | Report as abusive

iPhone, what a crap, i will never buy it…

Posted by Kumar | Report as abusive

31k!!!! I cant believe this… Iphone is cool but not that cool… I would go for N96 anyday if i had that budget.

Posted by bsin | Report as abusive

Pricing has let down all the hype which was created.
Even who can afford it will think twice about alternatives before buying.
Around Rs10K with carrier contracts would have been nice.

Posted by techboy | Report as abusive

This is nothing but daylight robbery. Let Airtel and Vodafone first improve their services and free us of the call drops!

Posted by vivek | Report as abusive

I think iphone price is little on higher side…could have been at 25K for 8GB and 30K for 16GB…i am in USA and i have been using 1st generation of iPhone…its the best cell phone i have seen so far…

Some of you are right that in USA it sells for 199 USD – 8GB and 299 USD – 16 GB, but please note that you have to sign 2yrs contract with AT&T (service provider) and if you break the contract you have to pay 175 USD…in all its bit expensive then USA, thats sure…

In case any one in India wants it then i can get new 3G iphone and sell to you at 29K (16GB) and 25K (8 GB). Please remember you have to unlock the phone to work on indian cell phone carrier.

You can mail me at mac_dosza@yahoo.com.

Posted by Manish | Report as abusive

The fact is probably that Apple doesnt have enough phones to satisfy the demand, so they might as well make the most out of the no. of phones that are available to them to sell to the market…its as simple, they arent pricing themselves out of the market….they are just gonna make supernormal profits!!

Posted by Abhishek | Report as abusive

skim the cream pricing?

dear steve, i will send you a congratulatory sms from your iphone when you become more realistic. of course, that would be an original message and not a forwarded one, you know why. your phone won’t let us enjoy our favourite pastime of forwarding mass messages. thanks for encouraging us to be creative.

Posted by Anup Roy | Report as abusive

I would rather buy an N90 communicator for 33 grands which gives me best of all the features and without any restrictions on sharing my pictures, my music, my videos. I am sure vodafone and Airtel will review the prices.

Posted by Gaurav | Report as abusive

31K…for a phone where quite a few apps will not even work in India. I did rather buy any high end Nokia or Moto instead. What was Apple, Vodafone & Airtel thinking?
Launch day will have NO long queues outside any vodafone or airtel gallery unlike the rest of world. India will be a rude awakening to Steve Jobs i’m sure
I had signed up for a phone…will not go there yet.

Posted by Radhika | Report as abusive

30K ????? Insane. I’m not gonna get that piece of brick of that price. I’ll go for grey market. Damn. Why’re Americans always lucky ?

I wish I wasn’t born in damn India. (Of course I’m a patriot but life sucks here as a tech-enthusiast)

Posted by iFreak | Report as abusive

iPhone is cute to toy with only the initial days. i dont see myself zooming in and out of a jpg image, with my fingertips, forever!.. later what you would really bother about is the features.. which iPhone doesnt have much and whatever it has (3G) cant be used in india for atleast a year! even later you dont know how much this greedy ppl will charge for 3g services.
These service providers want to cash in on initial hype..but, this is the extremely greedy… better wait for prices to drop down or opt or a better device with a lesser price with more features.
I hope atleast now, airtel and vodafone will invest their greedy iphone profit for betterment of their networks!!!

Posted by arun | Report as abusive

It’s a major let down as an Apple fan. How much ever I like their products and their feature rich products, I would not spend 31K – 36K for the iPhone.

Posted by Muralisk | Report as abusive

they are looting indian people with these price tags???
31k never planning have one

Drawbacks of iphone 3G

no MMS – Not even better than a old age phone.
no Video Recording – Ha? Unless third party application.
no front camera – it’s 3G, but no video conferencing.
no A2DP Bluetooth – Can’t listen stereo music via bluetooth.
still using old 2M pixels Camera

Finally not worthy to have untill price roll back to 20k
friends dont buy this stupid phone anymore

Posted by raj | Report as abusive

Hi guys, Iphone will be a big failure in India. Touch screen is not suitable in India. I was deleting my contacts in iphone but u have to do one by one!!!!!!!!! so annoying!! like hell!!! I just bought it from ATT in $200 bucks and now I will find and fan of Steve to sell it at $700 and will buy Nokia’s high end phone at Steve Jobs’s expense. This is an Indian.

Posted by arvin | Report as abusive

The golden rule is DO NOT buy this iphone. No FM, NO Bluetooth, NO video. Stupid phone!!!!!!! Americans are idiots. Do not follow them!!

Posted by arvin | Report as abusive

they are looting indian people with these price tag???
31k I never planning have one

Drawbacks of iphone 3G

1** no MMS – Not even better than a old age phone.
2** no Video Recording – Ha? Unless third party application.
3** no front camera – it’s 3G, but no video conferencing.
4** no A2DP Bluetooth – Can’t listen stereo music via bluetooth.
5** still using old 2M pixels Camera(cheaper phones price of 3k having same config)
6** No FM Radio (needs connect via web only)
7** Cant use MP3 as a ringtones(even 500 rupees spice mobiles having this feature)
8** Extra burden for the iTunes

Finally not worthy to have untill price roll back to 20k
friends dont buy this stupid phone anymore

Airtel and vodafone decided to loot the younger gen in India…
*** think billion times before purchase this ****

Posted by raj | Report as abusive

First of all, Airtel and Vodafone are not sure about their 3G licenses. Having a 3G iphone on a 2G network doesn’t make sense at this price. Too much dependency on stupid gizmos is eating into our precious GDP, it time for us Indians to wake up to situation and reject these sort of foolishness outright.

Posted by Harsha | Report as abusive

are the apple company mad . who buy at 31 k . if i have the power . i will flush out apple from india

Posted by Anurag | Report as abusive

if you feel iPhone is overpriced in India then go to http://overpricediphoneindia.wordpress.c om/ and register your Disappointment.
Please spread this news to your friends and make a difference for you and India.

Posted by ritesh | Report as abusive

its stupid to buy at this price at is avaiblable at just 8500 in usa why the cost is to much high wait till jan it will be cheaper

Posted by shaleen | Report as abusive

now I am happy.. I got my 2G 8GB iPhone 3 months back for 26k… now running 2.0.1 version.. its works well… have all the apps and hacks I needs.. :) sad for the indian market..

Posted by Sujahat | Report as abusive

iPhone is too highly priced. Beyond features it should be understood that iphone was never so expensive and hence was able to capture the market worldwide “Volume business”. As far as the contractual obligation in US with AT&T goes, please note that the phone from Vodafone or Airtel would be locked and you still need to buy a connection from them to use it. So look they are still earning after selling the phone for a mammoth amount !!!

Though I was waiting eagerly for iPhone looking at the price I would not opt for it, atleast for sometime now. Let us see if Vodafone and Airtel can sell these phones beyond few thousands :).

Posted by Mohan | Report as abusive

Dissapointing. Will buy a Moto or Sony Erricson now

Posted by will_buy_motto_now | Report as abusive

people, don’t get too exited about the high price!
let’s not forget that the US$ 199 price comes after a heavy (60% subsidy) from AT&T. but this is countered by their outrageous voice+data plan which comes to ~$75 a month.
& you simply cannot opt out of this data plan. you realize that US users aren’t really paying less, they’re just paying more in the long run. then the 31K doesn’t seem as bitter.

having said that, 31K is still a ridiculous figure for a phone.
no doubt there will be people who will still buy it – i remember, people even lapped up a stupid phone like the RAZR when it was launched for similarly amounts!! what more can i say?

& how many people enjoy mobile web browsing?
hell, lot of people don;t even have access to true broadband! mobile web is many years away. how many public wi-fi hotspots do we have in india? how many people actually use them? by the time all these are established 3G is going to be history! believe it or not, 3.5G & 4G are closer than you think!

finally, the iphone seriously lacks all the features that users in India are used to. the iphone is just too americanized for india.
they don’t realize that the indian market has a different set of needs & unless they cater to it, the iphone will not do well.
if the iphone flops in india, i hope that the company learns the lesson that everything american is not good (enough) for india!

Posted by ajay | Report as abusive

When I got the message from vodafone, I was shocked how this is possible. An year old phone, which sold for $199 in other country is to be sold at cost of $850.
I was fully prepared to this one, but now I am not going to get this.
Sorry Apple, your price is very much high, why????????

Posted by kamal | Report as abusive

Of course there is always grey market in China and India. If they price it too high, Indian’s too will adopt grey market route, which they are very fond of

Posted by Mahesh | Report as abusive

I am really surprised as to why launch of a phone is being so much hyped in the first case.
Most importantly, there are so many drawbacks with the iphone.
a) No Bluetooth (can use only for the headset and not for content transfer)
b) SMS feature isnt gr8 either (which indians use a lot)
c) Inbuilt battery and memory. (in case something goes wrong.. Queue up in front of Apple service center..)

Secondly a phone which is already available in the grey market for the price similar to the US price.. and that too the legitimate ones are given with no 3G services… its unreasonably expensive.. !!!

But given the fact that there are many who just use the latest gadgets to flaunt, the iphone in india may well find many takers!!!!

Posted by Gokul | Report as abusive

the day i heard iphone is going to be launched in india i was really excited and was planning to buy one for myself.i wud hav definately bought the iphone for anywhere b/w 20k, but i am not going to buy it for 31k, no doubt iphone is a great phone, but to be honest it lacks soo many features that even a 15k phone is having these days.. bye bye apple

Posted by Anas Khan | Report as abusive

31000 holy crap……….

Posted by pramod | Report as abusive

less features and high price…..i think apple is going to lose this gamble in india. good for nokia it can rule indian market for some more time

Posted by yugraj singh | Report as abusive

I’m not a Apple fanboy. But Apple is a cool company. iPhone is lightyears ahead of other phones. So what if it has only 2MP camera, or it can’t record videos, or cannot use 3G in India, or cannot share files via bluetooth, or can’t use it as external hard drive, or can’t use it as modem,or doesn’t have FM radio, or cannot have my own ringtones, or can’t send MMS or can’t forward messages,or have to use resource hogging iTunes. It is simply cool device. Anything that comes out of Apple, even if it’s a piece of shit, I would do anything to have it in my pocket. Apple is that awesome. Heck I would pay 50000 for this most advanced of all phones. Like I said before I’m not a Apple fanboy.

Posted by Mr. Sarcastic | Report as abusive

Its really foolish you just calculate 31000 divided by 47 Rs per bottle of King fisher Beer you will realize if it worthy the buy or value for money.

I recommend you all better go for some good Chinese mobile rather than getting duped by this 3G I pone which is also made in China :)


Posted by shankar | Report as abusive

I too read an article on UTVi (http://utvi.myrecourl.com) where the above prices were confirmed by an unknown Vodafone official. The biggest question is when the Iphone – 3G is priced at $199 (Rs 9k) in US, why is it so expensive in the Indian market?

Posted by Abhi | Report as abusive

Only Mr.Bean(s) will go for it at this price in India. People with better IQ will go for Better but Cheaper products like W902, C905, N95 etc…………..

Posted by yila | Report as abusive

well, what government is doing? simply sitting behind and watching this greedy idiots doing anything to make profits and that to upto such an extent, don’t they know we’re still a developing country, they should’ve priced it even lower than in US. Don’t we have a body which looks at this idiotic things coming from the minds which are considered to be management scholars. i don’t know about others but i am sure nobody from my family will buy this ticket to stupidity!

Posted by Abrar | Report as abusive

A monkey carrying a laptop in better than Voda carrying 3Giphone with out 3G services in India.

Posted by Vemulapalli Ravi Kumar | Report as abusive

31k..and 36k…..gotta be kidding right???
consider selling a hyped phone to a country of over a billion people….something like 25999 and 29999 would have sounded better but above 30k…..thats hell of a price an average Indian would shell out..i’d better stick to my nokia

Posted by Anirudh | Report as abusive

be realistic guys…..wait for couple of months after its release, price will come down. Dont rush to buy……

Posted by kiran | Report as abusive

Actually my spouse called me from INDIA, and was telling she really likes it and all the pros of it..Only after some 5 min appreciation of it she told me the price which was something at which a person can buy an PC back home..I just asked her to wait for some time so that we can get one from US…I think it is way cheap in US because the carriers give some subsidies to woo the customers which carriers in INDIA don’t.Maybe if you really like i-phone ask someone to get from US or get a similar one in the greymarket…I think it is not a good deal from AIRTEL / VODAFONE at this moment..

Posted by vimal | Report as abusive

i have booked iphone,but i am not crazy to buy in this price.

Posted by adnan | Report as abusive

Jokes a apart, when we don’t have 3g services what purpose does it serve. And people, spending money on mobiles is foolish, just have one which you can talk and listen to music. Many of our offices wont allow camera phones, and I dont thinkit is any fun to browse net through a mobile phone. And there are 100’s of models which are cheaper but of better quality than the rotten Apple.

Posted by Paul | Report as abusive

Guys, I gifted by iphone 3 weeks ago as it is an useless PDA. It is only an ipod with mobile abilities. I will prefer a Palm Treo anyday : free software…

Posted by Ramesh | Report as abusive

Its really stupid of Apple, Vodafone and Airtel to price the iphone @ Rs.31,000 and Rs.36,000 in India. I guess they are giving a chance to the grey market to grow. Well I’m not going for it in India as I can always get one from the US for a good bargain and that too an unlocked one. And there is still time for the 3G technology to come in India. Give us a break man!!!

Posted by Pritam | Report as abusive

hahahahaha ha. I am a die hard apple fan… but nevertheless, this price point is rib tickler.. they want us to pay full price of an unlocked phone for a locked version with either Airtel or Vodafone. hahahahaha these guys are so funny, no wonder i like apple so much. Btw i waited for iphone, but i will buy a nokia/sony ericsson now. thanks you apple, airtel and vodafone for this five mins of funny moments.

Posted by Mihir Shah | Report as abusive

iphone high price in india …………iphone price very low in block marker(8gp 13000rs)(16gp 16000)onely……….dnt buying airtel and vodafone stores,

Posted by kamaraj | Report as abusive

Whether these people joking.. A phone which is priced $200 overseas available here for $600 here.. .haha.. I actually booked one through texting… when I got the message.. I decided to continue with my Motorola.. with the pricing I made my so called Indian telephone giants is going to miss out. This is purely idiotic…. and there are lot of other phones in India which are available at that price which am sure is far better in features and compatablility.This one is not for me I am decided..

Posted by Arun | Report as abusive

KRAZY ….In marketing they call it SKIMMING Price. The iphone is probably following this policy. How they can charge more than double the US price although now body knows about 3G….

Posted by Raman Deep | Report as abusive

well, what government is doing? simply sitting behind and watching this greedy’s doing anything to make profits and that to upto such an extent, don’t they know we’re still a developing country, they should’ve priced it even lower than in US.
Even though no 3G in India & the phone is designed for Americans tastes…!
By the time 3G comes to India, other mobile company’s will release 4G, 3.5G is already available in market.
They call it 3G phone without a front camera for video conferencing….!aren’t they crazy….!
I wud suggest to go for a Nokia set(N95 or N96), or any chinese touch screen models….!
People Act Wisesly….and spread this message..!

Posted by sany | Report as abusive

Who told India is a poor country, never by those who try to introduce (I think withdraw is more correct) “i phone” to Indian markets! The price of the 8GB model in the U.S. is $199 but in India $828 amazing!!! Let them congratulate for their efforts. Some important points are, till now there is no 3G services in India, the phone have reported technical troubles while in the 3G network, after all there’s no external memory option on the i phone and the bluetooth feature—which most other high-end phones exploit for data transfer and wireless music—is configured to only allow handsfree calling (head sets connected with bluetooth).

Posted by SHIJI | Report as abusive

Friends …..those of you in India planning for iPhone… THINK TWICE BEFORE MAKING A DECISION… The short comings of iPhone are endless…

No video calling,

no AD2P on the Bluetooth,

CAN’T share ANY (mp3, images,videos. …) files via bluetooth,

can’t use as a wireless modem, (you pay ridiculous data charges to activate internet on your phone, but cannot connect it to your PC and browse when you are at home)

no copy and paste,(cannot copy a part of a…. say…. email & send it….have to type it out yourself)

no 3.2 or 5 megapixel camera,(the 2MP camera it carries is worst camera i’ve ever seen….. photos look like they have come out of a VGA camera)

no video recording with camera,

no front camera,

no flash.

no JAVA support

No physical keyboard (BELIEVE me! this alone is a dealbreaker. ..touch keyboard as good as it looks…once you use it then only you come to know about the importance of having a hard keypad)

No 3G network yet in India..so why pay for expensive 3G phone if you cant use its 3G services … so, for India, iPhone 2.0 is no better than its first version

No removable battery. (You cannot change battery. Have to send it to apple outlet.. Come on now!!!!…This is not an iPod. Its a phone. You cannot live without phone for 2-3 days)

No haptic feedback and

cannot send MMS,

can’t use as external storage device (16 GB of utter waste..next time you go to your friend’s house & find some interesting songs, movies, etc…sorry you cannot connect your ’16 GB’ phone and share it!!!! Apple apparently has a solution.. ” BUY MUSIC & MOVIES FROM iTUNES STORE “….. Give me a break will you APPLE!!!)

no FM radio,

can’t use your mp3 files as ringtones,(This is heights man!!!)

cannot insert any other SIM card….

completely tied to iTunes… Connect to your friend’s iTunes & you risk erasing everything on your phone.

list goes on & on & on….

We Indians are used to these features. Most of our phones already have these features. & we cannot do with out them…. i mean can you imagine paying so much for a phone with which you cannot transfer files via bluetooth. what age is this …STONE AGE???

Some features may be activated by jailbreak.. But why the hell should you risk losing your warranty after paying so much.

And want to add third party softwares??. . YOU HAVE TO BUY THEM FROM iTUNES STORE ONLY!!! . (Shell out more money). Apple is a control freak. Dont surrender your freedom to it.

Its good for american market (who have no idea what mobile freedom/choice is) which is in stone age compared to asian/european markets. When they want to buy a phone, they have to go to network operators and buy only those phones that are available on that network. & stick to that company till their contract expires. You want to change carriers? Not before paying damages, & buying another phone on the other network again.

On the contrary, we in India have so much freedom. We go to handset shops & buy which ever phone we like. Then go to carriers.. checkout the plans & buy SIM.. Dont like the plan or rival carrier came up with a better plan???? EASY .. just remove & replace the SIM.

Apple are trying to IMPOSE THEIR MODEL ON US riding on the hype iPhone has created in the US (yes it was a flop in Europe ..thats why Apple never talks about its sales in Europe).

Dont fall for the subsidized price of iPhone… CHECKOUT THE DATA PLAN ATTACHED TO ITS SIM ..they will recover the cost through ridiculous data plans. Bill might come to around Rs 2500/month.( ATLEAST AMERICANS PAY THAT MUCH)

Let me clear one thing though.. iphone is the best looking phone (its touch interface is nothing like you have ever seen ), & best browsing experience out there no doubt …. (& others are fast catching up..check out the android demo at Google IO 2008)…. BUT AFTER A FEW DAYS IT ALL COMES DOWN TO FUNCTIONALITY. ..

Those of who buy it… You will be most happy for atmost a week… & then, MARK MY WORDS…YOU WILL START REGRETTING IT!!!

Still not convinced by then…by all means go for iPhone…

So friends lets spread this info to all our friends and help them in making a wise decision…. . & those of you who have bought unlocked versions already please share your experiences with others

Posted by sourabh | Report as abusive

do these companies think Indians are Fools or What ? 3 times the price in US, illogical to buy a stuff like this. Even with some import duty etc, it should not cost more than $ 300. Too Greedy ! They will realise it soon.

Posted by swami | Report as abusive

It is just Crazy . Any lunatic will buy this ,i am all redy suffring of this iPhone which i am having .god save all

Posted by sandeep | Report as abusive

Plz dont buy this phone with a price of 31k coz u can get phones having same features in less price.Still if u want to buy this phone just know the limitations of this phone.

Posted by satyaki | Report as abusive

Only crazy people will buy this phone for such high price.

Posted by Ajay | Report as abusive

@ Sourabh :

what you have written should be an article in itself….

If someone is holding an iPhone to show off to others, he’ll be laughed at as a fool. It’s not your status symbol anynore but a symbol of you IQ.

Posted by Mr. Realistic | Report as abusive

So what CAN I buy for the price of one 16GB iPhone by Vodafone or Airtel? Let’s see….
A Compaq laptop OR
A 80GB iPod + Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism OR
A high-end Sony Music System OR
A home theatre system

… who do Vodafone and Airtel think they are selling this iPhone to? People who have been loyal and ethical enough to wait for the official piece rather than buy from the grey market? Is this really the kind of “Happy to Help” they want to spread around?
The saddest thing in all this is that everyone who booked the iPhone 3G knows what price Apple was launching it at internationally and Vodafone/Airtel haven’t so much as sent out a one-line explanation on why its so overpriced?!
This is the point where I want even my Rs. 6/- back of the Premium SMS rates that I paid for the booking SMS!!! Really really sad to see a company like Apple lose the plot in such a lucrative market!

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Less than three hours to go for the launch and we are geared to cover the event. Would be interesting to see if there are queues in front of the stores similar to what we had seen around the world.

Interesting too will be the comment from the first buyer.

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Buying an accessory that has feature that are not currently supported in the country is an old sad story. I see no point in going for a white elephant.

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These stupid foreign corporates still feel they can fool us as in the olden times .31000 for 8 GB & 36000 for 16 GB. Why would a person buy such a thing when the same thing is available in US for just 8000. Why would one pay for if he can do much better things then buying Uphone3G( coz i’ll not buy Iphone3G at any cost specially when there are no 3g services in India.Better to call it a

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Check this if ur worried about iPhone’s allegation chain mail.
http://woikr.com/woikr-clarifies-allegat ions-on-the-iphone-3g-in-india-chain-mai l/

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These are the missing features of the most awaited iPhone. Surprisingly most of the multimedia/smart phones in the market have better features than this for a reasonable price. Do you still want to spend 31000 Rs/-????????????

–>Just 2MP camera(photos look like they have come out of a VGA camera)

–>There is no video recording feature(Ha? Unless third party application)

–>Cannot send MMS and Forwards text msgs & cannot send to multiple recipients.

–>No front camera – it’s 3G, but no video conferencing.

–>No voice dialing(we had this feature in first gen Noika 3310 mobile)

–>Cannot cut, copy & paste like other multimedia smart phones.

–>No multiselect for emails. You have to delete them one by one.

–>Cannot replace battery on your own. Always you have to go to Apple stores and in INDIA it takes a week.

–>No WIFI, so cannot interact with your wireless modem. So, heavy internet charges.

–>iPhone can’t sync with Bluetooth stereo or in-car Bluetooth handsfree. It lacks A2DP on Bluetooth. A2DP audio devices, such as stereo Bluetooth headsets, offer high quality listening ability. Also, surprisingly it you cannot share MP3, images and video files via Bluetooth.

–>Cannot view multimedia flash video/animations. There is no support for adobe flash.

–>YouTube allowed only certain videos (H.264 coded). And you cannot share your videos.

–>No ringtone customization. i.e you can’t have your fav MP3 song as a ringtone

–>You cannot use all the features till the operator sets up your apple email account and the syncs with the phone.

–>Airtel and Vodafone Essar don’t have licences to provide 3G Services in India and they are not gurantee about this service(Having a 3G iphone on a 2G network doesn’t make sense at this price)

–>No FM Radio (needs connect via web only and Web FM Streaming is very Slow )

–>Completely tied to iTunes… Connect to your friend’s iTunes & you risk erasing everything on your phone.(Extra Burden to Your Pocket)

–>No JAVA support(i.e., Fav/Famous Java based games you can’t download from web)

Apple is a control freak. Dont surrender your freedom to it.
Its Just another white Elephant to your pocket and Post Paid Bills min 2500 Rs/PM with ridiculous data plans

*** think billion times before purchase iPhone 3G ****

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@ Rajgopal

couldn’t agree more…

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guys go 4 n95.4 ur info nokia 6th famous brand in worjd way ahead of apple.nokia cn b trusted.iphone s nt true 3g no video cal,no w cdma,2mp camera wd sm cheap lens,no java,no flash,useless bluetoth,cant play games,no fm,no video recording, no mms, and the list goes on…..
nokia is a brand 4 al 4 p�ors(1100) and 4 rich(n95)
plz note n95 s a true 3p phone.briliant 5mp camera wd carl zeiss lens even awarded the TIPA award,sexy looks,hspda,wcdma,wifi,ful bluetoth,there s nothen u cn thnk thats nt in n95,gud gps,maps beter than gogle map,voip and so many features.
does apple thnks ppl r fool iphone s nothen b4 a n95,i usd both,nokia s king apple s out 2 cheat evn my gal frnds n73 beter than iphone.aple s a cheat,3rd grade phone wid nothen other than d tch scrn …apple sucks

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Summary of features missing in I-phone:

Would be a freak..to buy it at such a high price for such a big list of no’s

No video calling
No AD2P on the Bluetooth-Cannot share data using bluetooth
Can’t share ANY (mp3, images,videos….) files via bluetooth
Can’t use as a wireless modem, (you pay data charges to activate internet on your phone, but cannot connect it to your PC and browse when you are at home)
No copy and paste, (cannot copy a part of a…. say…. email & send it….have to type it out yourself)
No 3.2 or 5 megapixel camera, (has a 2MP camera)
No video recording with camera
No front camera
No flash
No JAVA support
No 3G network yet in India…so why pay for expensive 3G phone if you can’t use its 3G services… for India, iPhone 2.0 is no better than its first version.
No removable battery. (You cannot change battery. Have to send it to apple outlet..can you live without your phone for 2-3 days?)
Cannot send MMS
Can’t use as external storage device
No FM radio
Can’t use your mp3 files as ringtones
Cannot insert any other SIM card/only GSM

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Fact: In usa price for 8g iphone-3g is $199 but you have to buy a contract for 2 years which costs aprox $90 per month that too without SMS.

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Many of our offices wont allow camera phones, and I dont thinkit is any fun to browse net through a mobile phone. And there are 100’s of models which are cheaper but of better quality than the rotten Apple.
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